The Producers (2009)

Keefe Auditorium
May 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 2009

Under the right circumstances, a producer could make

more money with a flop – than he could with a hit…

The Actorsingers

proudly present


Book by Mel Brooks and Thomas Meehan

Music and Lyrics by Mel Brooks

Directed by Kathy Lovering

Musical Direction by Judy Hayward

Choreography by Val Psoinos

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The Cast

Max Bialystock Craig Howard

Leo Bloom Michael Coppola

Franz Liebkind Dan Desmarais

Roger DeBris Stuart Harmon

Carmen Ghia Josh Dennis

Ulla Lisa Owen

Usherettes Katie Proulx, Stephanie Hogan

Hold Me-Touch Me Catherine Z. Andruskevich

Mr. Marks Bob Frasca

“I Wanna Be” Tappers Elizabeth Armano,
Tina Cassidy,
Rachel Cerullo,
Stephanie Hogan,
Renee Lawrence,
Donna Metzger,
Katie Proulx,
Stephanie Ross,
Rachel Scott,
Brittney Lynne Stanley,
Mercy Zaveri

Bryan, the set designer Michael Trilling

Kevin, the costume designer Allan Hunter

Scott, the choreographer Jordan Meehan

Shirley Markowitz Cheri Birch

Sabu Russell Cannon

The Indian Ron Williams

The Motorcycle Cop Peter Lasonde

Jack Lapidus Jeffrey Prescott

Donald Dinsmore Peter Lasonde

Jason Green Paul Metzger

3 Old Ladies Catherine Z. Andruskevich,
Anita Kelly,
Alice Pascucci

Tenor Soloist – “Springtime for Hitler” Zachary Bencal

Ensemble Elizabeth Armano,
Laura Babb,
Cheri Birch,
Tina Cassidy,
Rachel Cerullo,
Irene Cohen,
Dana Dixon,
Stephanie Hogan,
Anita Kelly,
Elizabeth Krahenbuhl,
Renee Lawrence,
Kathy LeClair,
Crystal Lewis,
Donna O’Bryant Metzger,
Alice Pascucci,
Katie Proulx,
Stephanie Ross,
Rachel Scott,
Brittney Lynne Stanley,
Linda Stanley,
Caitlin Thistle,
Lisa Volonte,
Gail Ward,
Mercy Zaveri,
Zach Bencal,
Russell Cannon,
Cam Croteau,
Bob Frasca,
Rich Glynn,
Glen Grimard,
Allan Hunter,
Peter Lasonde,
Bill Mauser,
Jordan Meehan,
Paul Metzger,
Ben Pascucci,
Jeff Prescott,
Jason Standley,
Michael Trilling,
Ron Williams

The Orchestra

Judy Hayward, Conductor

Linda True, Flute

Rob Daisy, Reeds

John Tejada, Reeds

Deb Walz, Trumpet

Craig Neth, Trumpet

Amy Allen, French Horn

Michael Steadman, Trombone

Rich Loomer, Bass

Kei Maeda, Keyboard

Judy Bruneau, Drums

Michael Newman, Percussion

The Production Team

Director Kathy Lovering

Musical Director Judy Hayward

Choreographer Val Psoinos

Producer Silvia Harper

Business Manager Kathy LeClair

Stage Manager Steven Harper

Assistant Stage Manager Deb Ritrovato

Technical Director Dennis Schneider

Set Designer John McAllister

Lighting Designer Rick Brooks

Sound Designer Michael D. O’Keefe

Costumer Raelene Liljeberg

Costume Assistants Alene Bonner, Janet Christie,
Joanne Duhamel,
Wendy Dumont,
Elizabeth Ieradi,
Maggie Kerkhoff,
Lorraine Louie,
Carolyn Marineau,
Sopheavy Miller,
Elizabeth Strycharz,
Sue Warren

Hair/Wig Design Catherine Z. Andruskevich
and the Cosmetology students at Nashua High School North

Properties Gretchen Gray, Leo Choquette, Steve Pierpont

Publicity Silvia Harper, Kerry Schneider

Tickets Kerry Schneider,
Silvia Harper,
David Miller,
Mike Ryder,
Howie Levine,
Jackie Levine

Set Construction Larry Doiron,
Lou Duhamel,
Joe Reilly,
Warren Tomasian

Set Painting Catherine Andruskevich, Russ Cannon,
Lorraine Louie,
Jordan Meehan,
Phillis Rondeau,
Kerry Schneider,
Jason Standley,
Caitlin Thistle

Pigeon Maker Alene Bonner

Drop Seamstress Mercy Zaveri

Spot Operators Dyanne Perkins, Joe Reilly

Lighting Crew Craig Brennan,
Rick Brooks,
John Franzini,
Steven Harper,
Tom Ritrovato

Sound Crew Michael D. O’Keefe,
Alan Amaral

Stage Crew Barb Amaral,
Mike Bradbury,
Ally Duhamel,
Lou Duhamel,
Tom Ritrovato,
Gus White

Flys Lou Duhamel, Bob Lovering

Cast Photography Mike Ryder

Poster Design Jeff Prescott

Program Silvia Harper

Ushers Ellie Morrill (chair);
Joshua Friedman (Saturday)

Subscriptions Kerry Schneider

Webmaster Jared Holland

Cast Coordinators Rachel Cerullo, Jason Standley

Cast Refreshments Dan Pelletier

Cast Party David Beauchamp,
Maddie Lovering,
Lanéa Ritrovato,
Jason Lamountain

Audition Board Chuck Emmons (Chair),
Kathy Lovering,
Judy Hayward,
Val Psoinos,
Beth Fenske,
Dave Fordyce,
Don Smith-Weiss

Audition Accompanist Jed Holland

Auditions Dance Coach Lanéa Ritrovato,
Jennifer Ryder,
Rachel Scott,
Brittney-Lynne Stanley

Auditions Helpers Evelynn Decker, Dave Ducharme,
Silvia Harper,
Steven Harper,
Raelene Liljeberg,
Bob Lovering,
Tom Ritrovato,
Mike Ryder

Rehearsal Accompanist Judy Hayward

Dear Audience:

Welcome to THE PRODUCERS. If you enjoy this show half as much as I have
enjoyed working on it, you’re going to hurt yourself laughing! Mel Brooks, who is
well known for his in-your-face kind of humor pulled out all the stops in this show.
He created a bunch of Runyon-esque characters and threw them into a plot that
the normal mind could not conceive. In addition, he wrote an incredible score
and if you listen carefully to it, you will hear all sorts of hints from other Broadway
classics. THE PRODUCERS has been referred to as an “equal opportunity offender.”
It pokes fun at just about everyone… but in Mel’s words… “We want to
get people laughing; we don’t want to offend anybody.”

Putting this show on has been quite a fete. There is a lot to it: lots of sets & props,
lots of costumes, and lots of cast. I was so thankful to be teamed up with two of
the best co-directors in this area, Judy Hayward and Valerie Psoinos. My luck
prevailed when all of the folks listed on the production and tech teams signed on
– as far as I’m concerned, they are the best of the best, and the hardest-working
folks you will ever come across! Then we were truly blessed with the group of
folks that were cast… they have continued to blow us away throughout this whole

Thanks for coming to see us. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks, JTL!!

Kathy Lovering, Director

“Hope for the best, expect the worst. Life is a play. We’re un rehearsed.”
Mel Brooks

The Actorsingers…

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incorporated under the laws of the State of New
Hampshire. We are located at 219 Lake Street, Nashua,
New Hampshire, with a mailing address of PO Box 91,
Nashua, New Hampshire 03061.

Board of Directors for 2008-2009

President Craig Neth
Vice-President Mike Bradbury
Corresponding Secretary Pam Bruckman
Recording Secretary Deb Walz
Treasurer Glen Grimard
Dave Fordyce
Silvia Harper
Kathy LeClair-Rand
Val Levesque
Donna O’Bryant Metzger
Pat Silva
Ex Officio Rich Glynn

The Producers


Overture Orchestra

Scene 1 Outside of the Shubert Theatre

It’s Opening Night Usherettes, Ensemble

The King of Old Broadway Max, Ensemble

Scene 2 The Office of Max Bialystock

We Can Do It Max, Leo

Scene 3 The Office of Whitehall and Marks Accountants

I Wanna Be a Producer Leo, Accountants, Showgirls

Scene 4 A street

We Can Do It (Reprise) Max, Leo

Scene 5 The Office of Max Bialystock

I Wanna Be a Producer (reprise) Max & Leo

Scene 6 The Rooftop of an Apartment Building in “The Village”

In Old Bavaria Franz

Der Guten Tag Hop-Clop Franz, Max, Leo

Scene 7 The Elegant Foyer of Renowned Theatrical Director, Roger DeBris

Keep It Gay Roger, Leo, Carmen, Max, Roger’s Team

Keep It Gay Conga Roger, Leo, Carmen, Max, Roger’s Team

Scene 8 The Office of Max Bialystock

When You’ve Got It, Flaunt It Ulla

Along Came Bialy Max

Scene 9 Old Lady Land

Along Came Bialy, Finale Entire Company


Entr’acte Orchestra

Scene 1 The Office of Max Bialystock

That Face Leo, Ulla

That Face (Reprise) Max, Leo

Scene 2 The Bare Stage of the Shubert Theatre

Auditions Carmen, Jack Lapidus, Donald Dinsmore, Jason Green, Hitler Auditioners

Have You Ever Heard the German Band Franz

Scene 3 Outside of the Shubert Theatre

It’s Opening Night (Reprise) Usherettes

It’s Bad Luck to Say “Good Luck” On Opening Night Roger, Carmen, Franz, Max, Leo

Scene 4 The Stage of the Shubert Theatre

Springtime For Hitler Company

Scene 5 The Office of Max Bialystock

Where Did We Go Right? Max, Leo

Leo Goes To Rio Leo, Ulla

Scene 6 A Holding Cell

Betrayed! Max

Scene 7 A Downtown City Courtroom

‘Til Him Leo, Max, Little Old Ladies

Scene 8 Sing Sing/Broadway/Shubert Theatre Exterior

Prisoners Of Love Company

Finale Company