The Penny Award

The Nashua Actorsingers was proud to establish the "Penny" award in 1978. This award was created to honor members of the Actorsingers who have served above and beyond the call of duty. It is with deep pride that the Actorsingers announced, at that time, the first recipient of the "Penny Award" was Mrs. Margaret (Penny) Tamulonis.

The Actorsingers was extremely proud to have Penny Tamulonis as an active and dedicated member of their group, and we hope that she inspired others to aspire to achieve the "Penny Award".

The plaques include a Lincoln penny for the year of the award, the name of the recipient, the phrase "recipient of the Actorsingers," then the date, then "Penny Award" and the phrase "for constant personal commitment to the organization"

Historically The Penny Award was selected by a committee which was always chaired by Penny Tamulonis herself and included (depending upon availability) the last one or two award recipients.

Since the passing of Penny Tamulonis in 2009 the Penny Award is selected by a committee of the most recent 5 Penny Award winners.

1978 Penny Tamulonis
1979 Linnea McAllister
1980 Dan Pelletier
1981 —
1982 Elaine Duhamel
1983 John Liljeberg
1984 Kathy Lovering (nee Raby)
1985 John McAllister
1986 —
1987 Don Jeffrey
1988 Betty Badeau
1989 Shirley Coutu
1990 —
1991 Ted Rusomanis
1992 Catherine Andruskevich
1993 —
1994 Bernadette Boardman
1994 Valerie Levesque
1995 —
1996 Dennis & Kerry Schneider
1997 Betty Thomson
1998 Alene & Barry Bonner
1999 Raelene Liljeberg
2000 —
2001 David Miller
2001 Stan Polan

2002 —
2003 Lou Duhamel
2004 Barbara Webb
2005 —
2006 Glen Grimard
2007 Mike Ryder
2008 Tom Ritrovato
2009 —
2010 —
2011 Bill Wenrich
2012 Evelynn Decker
2013 Craig Brennan
2014 Michael O'Keefe
2015 Jennifer Morton
2016 Cheryl Stocks
2017 Jed Holland
2018 Chris Wenrich

Note: Certain years are blank; this is not an error. The Penny Award is not intended to be given automatically every year.