NH Theatre Awards won by Actorsingers

2023 (NHTA 19)

Best Supporting Actress- Youth - Bryn Steinmetz as Emberly - Firebringer
Best Lighting Design - Community - Rick Brooks - The Hunchback of Notre Dame

2019 (NHTA 18)

Best Actress - Youth - Paige Boyon - The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
Best Supporting Actor - Youth - Shane Gillis  - The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
Best Scenic Design - Don Smith-Weiss, Lauren May, Erin Maitland - The Addams Family

2018 (NHTA 17)

Best Production - Musical – Community - Pippin
Best Director - Musical – Community - Donna O'Bryant  - Pippin
Best Musical Director - Musical – Community - Amanda Morgan - Pippin 
Best Choreography - Community -  Donna O'Bryant  - Pippin 
Best Costume Design - Community -  Jake Egan -  Pippin 
Best Actor - Musical - Community - Eric Berthiaume as Pippin - Pippin 
Best Actress - Musical - Community - Aly Aramento as Leading Player - Pippin 

2017 (NHTA 16)

Best Supporting Actress – Youth - Kelli Loughlin as Mary Magdalene in "Jesus Christ Superstar"

2015 (NHTA 14)

Best Production - Musical – Community - Crazy For You

2014 (NHTA 13)

​Best Supporting Actress - Musical – Community - Rachel Cerullo as Frau Blucher in "Young Frankenstein"  

2013 (NHTA 12)

Best Production - Musical – Community - Les Miserables 
Best Director - Musical – Community - Will McGregor - Les Miserables  
Best Actor - Musical – Community - Max McGrath as Jean Valjean in "Les Miserables"  
Best Supporting Actor - Musical – Community - Joseph Paoni as Marius in "Les Miserables"  
Best Supporting Actress - Musical – Community - Sheree Owens as Eponine in "Les Miserables"  
Best Music Director – Community - Judy Hayward - Les Miserables  
Best Sound Designer – Community -  Michael D. O'Keefe - Les Miserables
Best Lighting Designer – Community -  Dennis Schneider, Craig Brennan - Les Miserables  
Best Supporting Actress – Youth - Hannah Benson as Little Sally in "Urinetown"  

2012 (NHTA 11)

Best Actress - Musical - Community - Sophie Linkroum as Roxie Hart in "Chicago" 
Best Supporting Actress - Musical - Community - Kerry Schneider as Miss Hannigan in "Annie"  

2010 (NHTA 9)

Best Musical Director, Judy Hayward, Elton John and Tim Rice's Aida
Best Supporting Actress (Musical), Jessica Williams, Elton John and Tim Rice's Aida

2009 (NHTA 8)

Best Musical, Anything Goes
Best Director (Musical), Dana Bissett Siegal, Anything Goes
Best Musical Director, Jared Holland, Anything Goes
Best Choreographer, Martha Daniels Holland, Anything Goes
Best Lighting Designer, Craig Brennan, Anything Goes
Best Costume Designer, Mary Selvoski, Anything Goes
Best Actor (Musical), Ron Bourque, Anything Goes
Best Supporting Actress (Musical), Laura Prior, Anything Goes

2008 (NHTA 7)

Best Musical, Disney's Beauty and the Beast
Best Director (Musical), Brett Mallard, Disney's Beauty and the Beast
Best Actress (Musical), Lanéa Ritrovato, Disney's Beauty and the Beast
Best Supporting Actor (Musical), Josh Dennis, Disney's Beauty and the Beast
Best Music Direction, Michele Henderson, Disney's Beauty and the Beast
Best Sound Design, Michael O'Keefe, Disney's Beauty and the Beast

2007 (NHTA 6)

Best Musical, Thoroughly Modern Millie
Best Music Direction, Judy Hayward, Thoroughly Modern Millie
Best Choreography, Donna O'Bryant, Thoroughly Modern Millie
Best Costumes, Suzanne Cady & Susan Cassidy, Thoroughly Modern Millie

2006 (NHTA 5)

Best Choreography, Donna O'Bryant, Cats
Best Costumes, Tracy Smith & Kathleen Goreham, Cats
Best Scenic Design, John McAllister, Dennis Schneider & Paul Metzger, Cats

2005 (NHTA 4)

Best Musical, 42nd Street
Best Director (Musical), Dana Bissett, 42nd Street
Best Actor (Musical), Brian Waldron, Jesus Christ Superstar
Best Supporting Actress (Musical), Joy Douville, 42nd Street
Best Choreography, Martha Daniels Holland, 42nd Street
Best Lighting, Dennis Schneider, Jesus Christ Superstar

2004 (NHTA 3)

Best Original Play - Musical, Boomers - Promises Made Not Kept

2003 (NHTA 2)

Best Musical, Ragtime
Best Actress (Musical), Barbara Lawler, Ragtime
Best Supporting Actor (Musical), Michael McCarthy, Ragtime
Best Set Design, Dennis Schneider, Brett Mallard, Jillian Mitchell, Ragtime
Best Lighting, Dennis Schneider, Ragtime

2002 (NHTA 1)

Technical Achievement, Dennis Schneider, Titanic
Best Lighting, Craig Brennan, Titanic