GREASE (school version)


Friday, July 20 at 7:30pm
Saturday, July 21 at 2:00pm and 7:30pm
Sunday, July 22 at 2:00pm

Janice B. Streeter Theatre
14 Court Street, Nashua NH






Production Team

  • Director  Brad Fernald
  • Musical Director  Amy St. Louis
  • Choreographer  Brittney-Lynne Stanley
  • Mentors to the Directors  Kathy Lovering, Jared Holland
  • Producer  Evelynn Decker
  • Stage Manager  Kathy Lovering
  • Assistant Stage Manager  Bob Lovering
  • Set Designer  Kathy Lovering
  • Technical Consultant   John Franzini
  • Lighting Designer  Susannah Baron
  • Lighting Consultant   Craig Brennan
  • Sound Designer  Chris Drury
  • Sound Consultant   Mike O’Keefe
  • Costumers  Tina Crawford, Kim Spaziani
  • Costume Assistants   Martha Benson, Kellie Cook, Raelene Liljeberg
  • Hair and Makeup   Linda Stanley, Tim Stanley
  • Properties  Kathy Lovering, Gretchen Grey, Catherine Andruskevich
  •   Mike Ryder, Bill Wenrich
  • Publicity   *Mike Ryder, Evelynn Decker, Kathy Lovering
  • Tickets   *Martha Holland, Martha Benson, Evelynn Decker, Mike Ryder
  • Ticket Software Engineer   Dennis Schneider
  • Lead Set Construction   Bill Wenrich
  • Set Construction   Bob Lovering, Kathy Lovering
  • Scenic Artist   John Adie
  • Set Painting  John Adie, Emma Benson, Martha Benson,Sam Broadwater,
  •   Amber Cossette, Brad Fernald, Allison Kraus, Martha Holland,
  •   Loraine Louie, Kathy Lovering, Bob Lovering,John McAllister, Amy St. Louis,
  •   Chris Wenrich, Bill Wenrich
  • Spot Operator Lou Duhamel
  • Stage Crew  Allison Kraus, Kristen Madden, Brian Mehlman,
  •   Catherine Wenrich, Bill Wenrich
  • Cast Photography Mike Ryder
  • Poster and Program Cover Design John Adie
  • Program Jennifer Morton
  • Sponsor and Program Ad Coordinator  Chris Wenrich
  • Lobby Display  Evelynn Decker, Mike Ryder
  • Ushers  Kate & Chris Degenhardt, Bob & Christine Fitzgerald,
  •   Carol & Ken Page, Sue & George Weis
  • Concessions  Alicia Fernald, Michael Fernald
  • Concessions Helpers  Gail Hebert, Kate & Chris Degenhardt
  •   Carol & Ken Page, Sue & George Weis
  • 50/50 Teen Scholarship Fundraiser  Chris Wenrich
  • Silver Knights Fundraiser  Linda Stanley
  • Subscriptions  Kerry Schneider
  • Webmaster  Jared Holland
  • Cast Party  *Melissa Masson, Martha Holland, Pam Rausa, Madeline Lovering
  • Candygrams  Lorraine Louie
  • Audition Board Chair  Rachel Cerullo
  • Audition Board  Steven Damboise, Beverly Frasca, Brad Fernald,
  •   Amy St. Louis, Brittney-Lynn Stanley, Kathy Lovering
  • Audition Accompanist  Jared Holland
  • Auditions Dance Coach  Amanda Gaudette
  • Auditions Helpers  Evelynn Decker, Kelly Frasca, Bob Lovering
  •   Linda Stanley, Chris Wenrich
  • Rehearsal Accompanist  Jared Holland

Grease Cast

  • Danny  Nick Page
  • Sandy  Amber Cossette
  • Rizzo  Sarah Wenrich
  • Frenchy  Braley Degenhadrt
  • Marty  Natasha Rodriguez
  • Jan Katie Masson
  • Kenickie Nate Healey
  • Doody  Adam Harding
  • Roger Justin Page
  • Sonny  Nicholas Masson
  • Patty Simcox  Jennifer Ryder
  • Cha-Cha  Anna Rausa
  • Eugene  Alex Hebert
  • Vince Fontaine  Brandon Feliciano
  • Johnny Casino   Marc McClure
  • Teen Angel  Ethan Kraus
  • Miss Lynch  Maggie St. Louis


  •  Alyssa Jean
  •  Samantha Weis


  •   Hannah Benson
  •   Mike Derryberry
  •   Sean Fitzgerald
  •   Jordan Friedman
  •   Andrew Holland
  •   Becca Holland
  •  Tom Lessard