Covid-19 - Actorsingers Official Statement

June 18, 2021

Hello Actorsingers members and friends,

It has been an interesting 15 months for all of us. It may seem to you that we have been a little quiet, but we are still here and the Board of Directors continues to meet monthly to discuss the business of Actorsingers. What we originally thought might be a few months of intermission, turned out to be much more than we could have foreseen, but we had no doubt that we would be able to come out on the other side and return to the stage, As in the early days of the pandemic, things are changing rapidly and considerations that we talked about even a month ago, are now different. While it might seem that many things are back to normal, that is not completely the case. Out theatres are opening back up in the Fall, but licensing companies are taking weeks or as much as a couple of months to reply to rights requests. We are looking to the Spring of 2022 to mount a comeback Mainstage show. This will give us the time to take care of some needed renovations and clean out at the Hall, apply for show licensing, and generally get organized. We also continue to talk about our Junior and Teen Actorsingers and the Fringe show and what lies ahead for them. While the Covid lockdown has taken its toll, we hope to return recharged, rejuvenated, and ready to get to places. We have some Actorsingers social events planned for the summer, the aforementioned Hall clean out days, and would encourage you to get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine!

We are getting closer, so stay tuned!

Gretchen Gray, President