Seussical the Musical (2008)

Keefe Auditorium
November 7, 8, 9, 2008

Actorsingers Proudly Present

Seussical the Musical

Book by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty

Co-conceived by Erick Idle

Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens

Music by Stephen Flaherty

Directed by Marc Murai
Musical Direction by Judy Hayward
Choreography by Martha Daniels Holland

Seussical The Musical is presented through special arrangement with
Music Theatre International, (MTI). All authorized performance materials
are also supplied by MTI, 421 West 54th St., New York, NY 10019

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Meet the Cast

Horton the Elephant Zach Bencal

Cat in the Hat Rachel Cerullo

JoJo Thomas Mitsock

Gertrude McFuzz Renee Lawrence

Mayzie Elizabeth Armano

Bird Girls Chelsea de Lacy, Mollie Hayward, Rachel Ihde

General Genghis Kahn Schmitz Bob Frasca

Sour Kangaroo Emily Pipilas

Young Kangaroo Samantha Migneault

Wickersham Brothers Alyssa Dumas,
Eric Berthiaume,
Kenny Gray,
Mark Lawrence,
Ben Levine

Thing 1 Trisha Mahoney

Thing 2 Emma Benson

Cindy Lou Who Grace Conard

Mayor Dave Fordyce

Mayor’s Wife Cindy Fisher

Yertle the Turtle Christopher Cohen

Vlad Vladikoff Jason Standley

Grinch Jon Fisher

The Lorax Alex Reardon

Whos Christopher Cohen,
Danielle Demanche,
Carol Gorelick,
Ben Iuliano,
Anita Kelly,
Alice Pascucci,
Tom Ritrovato,
Bob Sears,
Jason Standley,
Caitlin Thistle

Who Children Sam Cohen,
Angela Demanche,
Ben Gorelick,
Erin Harper,
Samantha Harper,
Rebecca Holland,
Emma Joanis,
Stephen Koehler,
Sarah Scott

Jungle Creatures Molly Bruckman,
Tina Cassidy,
Bailie de Lacy,
Dana Dixon,
Katrina Fisher,
Andrew Holland,
Christina Kent,
Rachel Koehler,
Crystal Lewis,
Melody Miller,
Katie Poulin,
Jen Sassak,
Leah Schwartz

The Orchestra

Gar Dinker (Conductor) Judy Hayward

Floo Floobers (Flute, piccolo) Linda True

Sloo Slonkers (Woodwinds) Rob Daisy, Kevin Smith

Who Hoobers (Trumpets) Deb Walz, Craig Neth

Who Honker (Trombone) Michael Steadman

Jing Tingler (Guitar) Adam Gray

Blum Blooper (Bass) Rich Loomer

Trum Tookers (Percussion) Judy Bruneau, Alison Siegmann

Electro Who-Carnio Flook (Keyboard) John Carey

The Seussical Production Team extends Special Thanks to

Taggart Ice

Kasia Grossman

Martha Benson

Peacock Players

Lou Duhamel

David Migneault

The Production Crew

Director Marc Murai

Musical Director Judy Hayward

Choreographer Martha Daniels Holland

Producers Val Levesque, Steve Pierpont, Martha Daniels Holland

Stage Manager Steve Pierpont

Assistant Stage Manager Beth Schwartz

Technical Director Dennis Schneider

Set Designer John McAllister

Lighting Designer Craig Brennan, Rick Brooks

Sound Designer Mike O’Keefe

Costumers Kim Spaziani, Tina Crawford

Hair/Makeup Special Effects Jonathan Fisher

Properties Gretchen Gray

Properties Assistants Leo Choquette, Laura Franzini

Elephant Bird Design and Construction Erik Von Troy

Slide Artwork Erin Fandozzi

Publicity Silvia Harper,
Kerry Schneider,
Rachel Scott,
Pam Thornhill

Tickets Kerry Schneider, Dan Pelletier, David Miller

Set Construction Larry Doiron, Warren Tomasian,
John McAllister,
Tom Ritrovato

Scenic Artist John McAllister

Set Painting Kristen Amrein,
Patty Breault,
Nicole Breault,
Leo Choquette,
Kathy de Lacy,
Donna Demanche,
Katy Jean,
Melissa Jean,
Lorraine Louie,
Kathy Lovering,
Jackie Malbouef,
John McAllister,
Steve Pierpont,
Rachel Scott,
Kelly Frasca

Spot Operators John Franzini

Sound Crew Rhonda O’Keefe, Michael D O’Keefe

Stage Crew Kristen Amrein,
Heather Barela,
Leo Choquette,
Barb Amaral,
John Close,
Katy Jean,
Melissa Jean,
Jackie Malbouef,
Alex Reardon,
Tom Whalen

Cast Photography Judy Tarr, Bill Goleman

Poster Design Zach Bencal

Program Silvia Harper

Lobby Design David DuCharme

House Manager Kathy de Lacy

Ushers/Concessions Martha Benson,
Doreen Berthiaume,
Nicole Brault,
Ed de Lacy,
Donna Demanche,
Bob & Sue Dumas,
Silvia Harper,
Nancy Koehler,
Kathy Lovering,
Carolyn Mahoney,
Sandy Merrell,
Debbie Migneault,
Charlie & Starr Pipilas,
Howie & Jackie Levine,
Irene Cohen,
Steve & Debbie Grass

Subscriptions Kerry Schneider

Webmaster Jared Holland

Cast Coordinator Jason Standley

Afterglow Brian Mehlman

Audition Board Chuck Emmons (Chair),
Marc Murai,
Martha Daniels Holland,
Judy Hayward,
Val Levesque,
Beth Fenske,
Keith Weirich

Audition Accompanist John Carey

Auditions Dance Coach Val Psoinos

Auditions Helpers Dave Ducharme,
Kim Spaziani,
Tina Crawford,
Pam Bruckman,
MaryEllen Stafford,
Dave Kasok

Rehearsal Accompanist Judy Hayward, Jed Holland

From the Director…

Last year marked the 50th anniversary of the first publication of The Cat-in-the-Hat
by Dr. Seuss (a.k.a. Theodor Seuss Geisel). That in itself is evidence of
the significant impact and timeless nature that the Dr. Seuss stories have
brought to the last several generations of readers, both young and young-at-heart.
In recent years, many of these iconic Dr. Seuss characters have been
brought to life in major motion picture films, yet even more proof that the life
lessons that Dr. Seuss has so brilliantly woven into seemingly simple tales,
transcends time, culture and socioeconomic status.

With Seussical, Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens have done an amazing job
of combining over 18 of the Seuss books into one seamless, heartwarming
story of unconditional love and commitment, sprinkled with laughter and tears.

It’s taken over 50 volunteer actors, over 70 volunteer production crew members
and literally hundreds of hours of their time so that we, the Actorsingers
could bring this magical story to life. As creative artists we are often asked,
“How can you dedicate so much of your time just to put on one show?” and I
believe our long-time technical director Dennis Schneider puts it best when he
says, “We do it all for the audience.” So, on behalf of the Actorsingers volunteer
cast and crew of Seussical, we want to say a big “Thank you!” to You, our
beloved audience. We hope that if you like what you see that you will bring
even more wonderful audience members for us to thank the next time.

– Marc Michael Murai

The Actorsingers…

The Actorsingers is a nonprofit charitable organization,
incorporated under the laws of the State of New
Hampshire. We are located at 219 Lake Street, Nashua,
New Hampshire, with a mailing address of PO Box 91,
Nashua, New Hampshire 03061.

Board of Directors for 2007-2008

President Craig Neth
Vice-President Mike Bradbury
Corresponding Secretary (e-mail) Pat Silva
Recording Secretary Pam Bruckman
Treasurer Glen Grimard
Dave Fordyce
Donna O’Bryant Metzger
Kathy LeClair-Rand
Deb Walz
Val Levesque
Silvia Harper
Ex Officio Rich Glynn

Seussical: The Musical


Oh, the Thinks You Can Think Company

Horton Hears a Who Cat, Boy, Sour Kangaroo, Young Kangaroo, Mayzie, Horton, Bird Girls, Wickersham Brothers, Citizens of the Jungle

Here On Who Mayor, Mrs. Mayor, Horton, Citizens of Who

It’s Possible Jojo, Cat, Fish

How to Raise a Child Mayor, Mrs. Mayor

The Military Mayor, Mrs. Mayor, Jojo, General Genghis Kahn Schmitz, Cadets

Alone in the Universe Horton, Jojo

One Feather Tail of Miss Gertrude McFuzz Gertrude

Amazing Mayzie Mayzie, Gertrude, Bird Girls, Wickersham Brothers

Amazing Gertrude Gertrude, Cat, Bird Girls

Monkey Around Wickersham Brothers, Horton

Chasing the Whos Sour Kangaroo, Cat, Horton, Bird Girls, Wickersham Brothers, Things, Citizens of the Jungle, Whos

How Lucky You Are Cat, Jojo, Whos, Horton, Things

Notice Me, Horton Gertrude, Horton

How Lucky You Are Reprise Mayzie, Cat

Act I Finale Company


Seussical Entr’Acte Orchestra, Cat, Things

Our Story Resumes Cat, Horton, Jojo, Gertrude, Bird Girls

Egg, Nest, and Tree Sour Kangaroo, Cat, Horton, Bird Girls, Wickersham Brothers, Citizens of the Jungle

Circus McGurkus Cat, Horton, Circus Members, Circus Animals

Mayzie in Palm Beach Mayzie, Cat, Things

Mayzie at the Circus Mayzie, Horton

Amayzing Horton Mayzie, Horton

Alone in the Universe Reprise Horton

Solla Sollew Horton, Jojo, Mayor, Mrs. Mayor, Ensemble

Green Eggs and Ham General Schmitz, Cadets

The Butter Battle General Schmitz, Jojo, Cadets

Into the Whos’ Christmas Pageant Whos, Grinch

A Message From the Front/Solla Sollew Reprise General Schmitz, Cadets, Mayor, Mrs. Mayor

Jojo Alone in the Universe Jojo, Mayor, Mrs. Mayor, Horton

Havin’ a Hunch Cat, Things, Hunches, Jojo

All For You Gertrude, Cat, Horton, Bird Girls

The Whos Return Horton, Mayor, Mrs. Mayor, Jojo

The People Versus Horton the Elephant Company

Yopp!/ Alone in the Universe Reprise Company

Oh, the Thinks You Can Think Company

Green Eggs and Ham Company