Thoroughly Modern Millie (2007)

Edmund Keefe Auditorium
November 9, 10, 11, 2007

Book by Richard Morris and Dick Scanlan

New Music by Jeanine Tesori

New Lyrics by Dick Scanlan

Original story and screenplay by Richard Morris for the Universal Pictures film

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The Cast of Thoroughly Modern Millie

Millie Dillmount Marisa Roberge

Miss Dorothy Brown Lauren Cassidy

Jimmy Smith Julian Smith

Trevor Graydon David Cote

Mrs. Meers Suellen DeVito

Bun Foo David DuCharme

Ching Ho Peter Lasonde

Miss Flannery Martha Daniels Holland

Muzzy Van Hossmere Sandra Vitti

Ruth Shawna O’Brien

Alice Melissa Runde

Gloria Julie Vago

Ethel Peas Rachel Cerullo

Rita Kristen McCusker

Lucille Tina Cassidy

Cora Crystal Lewis

Stenographers (featured tappers) Rachel Cerullo,
Christin Clohosey,
Rachel Fairbanks,
Beth Fenske,
Crystal Lewis,
Jan McTeague,
Alice Pascucci,
Stephanie Ross,
Jen Sassak,
Shaina Schwartz

Male Office Clerks (featured tappers) Allan Hunter,
Thomas Caron,
Chris Collupy

Dorothy Parker Catherine Z. Andruskevich

George Gershwin Jim Maloney

Mathilde Cheri Birch

Kenneth John Close

Dexter Allan Hunter

Daphne Elizabeth Krahenbuhl

Rodney Thomas Caron

Policeman Rich Glynn

Ensemble Cheryl Condon,
Cameron Croteau,
Kathy LeClair,
Lindsay Vago,
Gail Ward,
Terry Zoda

Cameo appearance by Dana Bissett as Mama


Conducted by Judy Hayward

Linda True — Flute

Debbie Franks — Flute

Kevin Smith — Reeds

Suellen Davidson — Reeds

Matthew Demeusy — Violin

Deb Walz — Trumpet

Craig Neth — Trumpet

Amy Allen — French Horn

Sam Reynolds — Trombone

Rich Loomer — Bass

Jed Holland — Piano

Judy Bruneau — Percussion

The Production Crew

Director Paul Metzger

Music Director Judy Hayward

Choreographer Donna O’Bryant Metzger

Producers Martha Daniels Holland (Lead), Paul Metzger

Stage Manager Dana Bissett

Assistant Stage Manager Janet Sousa

Cast Coordinator Rachel Cerullo

Technical Director Dennis Schneider

Set Design John McAllister (lead),
Dennis Schneider,
Paul Metzger

Lighting Designers Craig Brennan (lead), Dennis Schneider

Sound Design Mike O’Keefe

Sound Crew Michael C. O’Keefe

Tap Choreographer Valerie Psoinos

Properties Gretchen Gray

Lead Builder John McAllister

Set Construction Larry Doiron, Joe Reilly,
Dennis Schneider,
Geoffrey McAllister,
Ellie Morrill,
Ed Siegal

Scenic Artist Donna O’Bryant Metzger

Set Painters Phyllis Rondeau,
Lorraine Louie,
Denise Lieberman,
Ben Pascucci,
Leo Choquette,
Steve Pierpont

Spot Light Operators Joe Reilly, Joshua Friedman

Costumes Susan Cassidy (lead),
Beth Schwartz,
Suzanne Cady,
Lindsay Vago,
Stephanie Ross,
Alice Pascucci,
Sandra Vitti,
Lauren Cassidy,
David Kimball

Stage Crew Dana Angellis,
Barb Amaral,
Leo Choquette,
Glen Grimard,
Steve Harper,
Bob Lovering,
Kathy Lovering,
Jen Mallard,
Brian Mehlman,
Steve Pierpont,
Mike Ryder,
Jeremy Sandler,
Ed Siegal,
Joshua Friedman

Cast Refreshments Daniel Pelletier

Business Manager Kathy LeClair

Publicity Jeremy Sandler (co-lead),
Alanna Vancor (co-lead),
Angela Connolly,
Actorsingers’ Publicity Committee

Makeup Marilyn Arseneau,
Jon Fisher

Hair Annie Chaput,
Jess Scalese,
Catherine Andruskevich

Program Silvia Harper

Photography Mike Ryder

House Manager Ellie Morrill, Ben Pascucci

Afterglow Steve Pierpont

Tickets Kerry Schneider

Lobby Display Melissa Runde

Concessions Val Levesque

A special THANK-YOU to all who worked on this production but whose names
were inadvertantly omitted from the program.

Audition Board Chuck Emmons, Paul Metzger,
Judy Hayward,
Donna O’Bryant-Metzger,
Peter Bonaccorsi, John Campanello, Dana Bissett

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Recording Secretary Pam Bruckman
Treasurer Glen Grimard
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Val Levesque
Ex Officio Chuck Emmons

Director’s Notes

Performing comedy is one of the most difficult forms of theater.
There’s a fine line between overdoing it and not putting enough inflection
into the delivery. If the timing’s not right, the show drags and the humor is
lost. If the actor tries too hard to get a laugh, that doesn’t work either. But
when all of the ingredients are just right, it’s the perfect recipe for amazingly
fun live theater! We hope that you’ll agree that this performance of Thoroughly
Modern Millie
is one of those special productions where we seem to
have gotten the recipe right.

For those of you not familiar with Thoroughly Modern Millie, it’s a
fairly new musical (2002 Tony Award winner for “Best Musical”) and the
surprising thing is that it’s a good, old-fashioned book musical! Unlike the
Broadway operetta megashows of recent years (Phantom of the Opera,
Wicked, The Producers… even CATS) — in Millie there’s spoken dialogue
interspersed with the musical numbers, just like the shows of Broadway’s
golden years.

Millie is set in New York City in the year 1922, as a young Millie
Dillmount arrives from Kansas to make her mark on the Roaring Twenties
and marry her boss (as soon as she finds one). It’s a story about love and
romance, though not always with the person you expect! There’s also a
sprinkling of an evil villainess, a pinch of mistaken identity, and generous
dashes of jazz, catchy tunes, and incredible tap-dancing!

And in the wise words of E. E. Cummings, “the most wasted of all
days is one without laughter.” We hope to ensure that your day isn’t wasted,
so loosen up those funny bones and get ready to laugh out loud, ’cause here
comes Thoroughly Modern Millie… now!

Paul Metzger, Director