Oklahoma (2007)

Edmund Keefe Auditorium
May 4, 5, 6, 2007

Music by Richard Rodgers

Book and Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein

Based on the play “Green Grow The Lilacs” by Lynn Riggs
Original Dances by Agnes de Mille

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Curly McLain Michael Coppola

Laurey Williams Mandy O’Neil

Will Parker Thomas Caron

Ado Annie Carnes Rachel Scott

Aunt Eller Judi Mitchell

Jud Fry Tom Ritrovato

Ali Hakim Gary Vago

Dream Laurey Tina Cassidy

Gertie Cummings Rachel Cerullo

Cord Elam Rudy Borkowski

Andrew Carnes Allan Hunter

Ike Skidmore David Corliss

Slim Alan Witt

Territory Folks! (Ensemble)

John Barsoian

Mike Bradbury

Beth Fowler

Laura Franzini

Al Graceffa

Kenny Gray

Steve Harper

Elizabeth Hoermann

Alex MacIntyre

Melissa Morin

Ellie Morrill

Mallory Muller

Laura Patterson

Amanda Picardi

Mary Reilly

Lanéa Ritrovato

Emily Snodgrass

Jason Standley

Corey Sulzen

Katie Tocci

Julie Vago

Ryan Warren

Bruce Williams

Terry Zoda

Featured Dancers Laura Franzini & Lanéa Ritrovato


Alison Bailey,
Tom Benson,
Robert Tabachnikoff

Viola: Elana Tabachnikoff

Cello: Andrew Demeusy

Bass: Craig Fowler

Flute/Piccolo: Linda True

Clarinet: Suellen Davidson

French Horn: Tara Rousselle

Trumpet: Craig Neth, Deb Walz

Trombone: Michael Steadman

Percussion: John Taylor

Keyboard: Heather MacRobie

Conductor: Peter Bonaccorsi

The Production Crew

Director Daniel Barth

Assistant Director Mary Ellen Stafford

Musical Director Peter Bonaccorsi

Choral Director Henry Kopczynskie

Choreographer Jessica Scalese

Producer Charles M. Emmons

Stage Manager Deb Ritrovato

Assistant Stage Manager Mary Ellen Stafford

Cast Coordinator Tom Ritrovato, Julie Vago

Fight Coordinator Robert Haas

Technical Director Dennis Schneider

Set Design Kathy Lovering

Lighting Design Craig Brennan

Sound Design Mike O’Keefe

Lead Costumers Kathy Goreham (Chair), Raelene Liljeberg (Mentor)

Costume Assistants Penny Tamulonis,
Jan Christie,
Elizabeth Strycharz

Makeup & Hair Catherine Andruskevich,
Alene Bonner

Properties Gretchen Gray (lead),
Liz Ierardi,
Warren Tomasian

Set Construction Warren Tomasian,
John McAllister,
Larry Doiron, Mike Ryder,
Dennis Schneider

Set Painting Kathy Lovering,
Mike Ryder,
Kathy Roy

Spot Light Operator John Franzini,
Josh Friedman

Lighting Crew John Franzini,
Rick Brooks,
Josh Friedman,
John McAllister,
Steve Harper,
Tom Ritrovato,
Lanéa Ritrovato,
Laura Franzini,
Chris Franzini

Sound Crew Mike O’Keefe, Jr., Kevin Lawler,
Alan Amaral

Stage Crew Barb Amaral,
Josh Friedman,
Christopher Franzini,
Dana Barsoian,
Kathy Lovering,
Gretchen Gray,
Kelly Dexter,
John Hickey,
Val Psoinos

Cast Photography Paul Sandler

Program Brian Mehlman (Chair)

Program Ad Coordinator Rachel Scott

Publicity Beverly Frasca (Chair),
Kathy Lovering,
Peggy Harris,
Martha Daniels-Holland,
Kerry Schneider,
David Miller,
Silvia Harper,
Mike Ryder,
Angela Connolly

Poster Design Brian Mehlman

Tickets Rich Glynn (Chair),
Kerry Schneider,
Dave Miller,
John Liljeberg,
Betty Badeau,
Martha Daniels-Holland

Rehearsal Accompanist Henry Kopczynskie

Orchestra Coordinator Deb Walz

House Manager David Ducharme

Transportation Lou Duhamel

Permits Jim Maloney, Val Levesque

Rehearsal Refreshments Dan Pelletier

Subscriptions Kerry Schneider

Webmaster Jared Holland

Afterglow Denis Brunelle (Chair),
Val Levesque,
Charles M. Emmons,
Glen Grimard

Audition Pianist John Carey, Heather MacRobie

Audition Board David Ducharme (Chair),
Daniel Barth,
Henry Kopczynskie,
Peter Bonaccorsi,
Jessica Scalese,
Deb Ritrovato,
Martha Daniels-Holland

Audition Helpers David Kasok,
Tom Ritrovato,
Chuck Emmons,
Mary Ellen Stafford,
Donna O’Bryant Metzger,
Val Psoinos

The Actorsingers…

The Actorsingers is a nonprofit charitable organization,
incorporated under the laws of the State of New
Hampshire. We are located at 219 Lake Street, Nashua,
New Hampshire, with a mailing address of PO Box 91,
Nashua, New Hampshire 03061.

Board of Directors for 2006-2007

President Charles Emmons
Vice-President Martha Daniels Holland
Corresponding Secretary Jim Maloney
Recording Secretary Dave Ducharme
Treasurer Stan Polan
Donna O’Bryant Metzger
Val Psoinos
Rich Glynn
Kathy Lovering
Kathleen Meehan Goreham
Craig Neth

Director’s Notes:

I’ve often heard the debate: Are there any purely American art forms? Many
would agree there are at least two: Jazz music being one and what we commonly
refer to as Musical Theater being the other. Theater experts and historians
will undoubtedly continue to debate but few would argue that the formula
for the American Broadway Musical was perfected from the 1940s into the
1960s. Of all the many talents of that time, none were more accomplished
than Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II. Their body of work is rich
with critical acclaim and roundly loved by generations of theater goers everywhere.
The team created many historic shows and broke new artistic ground
with their combined talents.

Oklahoma was the team’s first collaboration and arguably their most important.
Oklahoma opened on Broadway on March 31, 1943 and immediately redefined
what musical theater would be for decades to come. The nation was
coming out of the Great Depression and engaged in the Second World War.
Most Broadway shows were effectively revues with well known singing stars.
They were not stories of challenge and drama. Patrons of the theater wanted
to escape the real world. They did not want to watch a story of struggle and
risk. In his book Rodgers and Hammerstein, author Ethan Mordden writes; “By
the rules of its day, Oklahoma was bizarre, but Oklahoma changed the rules.
These (rules) now read one: Don’t start with a star, start with a story. Two:
Don’t paste fun onto the show; find the fun within the action. Three: The songs
and dances define the characters or further the action.” Oklahoma interpreted
ballet in a whole new way for a musical. It focused on acting as a key performance
skill in staging a musical (not just song and dance). It ran for a then unprecedented
2,212 performances before closing in 1948. With all this, the
show boasts some of the best known and most loved music in theater history.
The show was a true artistic innovation and groundbreaking event in theater.

Oklahoma is truly a theatrical diamond. Like a precious keep sake or family
tradition that is passed from one generation to the next generation. It is a story
of simple people with simple goals. And though there is uncertainty and risk, a
story of people willing to put aside their differences and gather together to form
a community for their common good. They face the challenges together. And
isn’t that at the heart of what makes American and our people great?

This is my first project with Actorsingers. It has been my great fortune to work
with this extremely talented cast, these highly professional co-directors and all
the crew and resources of this accomplished and acclaimed organization. It
has been a tremendous experience. Special thanks to my lovely wife Mary for
helping me create the time to go play in the theater and my beautiful daughters
Kate and Rachel who make being a dad one of the great joys in my life!

Now go find that cowboy or cowgirl inside you and enjoy the show!

Daniel Barth