Cats (2006)

Edmund Keefe Auditorium (and Concord City Auditorium)
May 5, 6, 7 (and June 9-10), 2006

Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber

based on “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats” By T.S. Eliot

Cameron Mackintosh, The Really Useful Company and David Geffen

First Performance at the New London Theatre, London May 11, 1981

Presented by Cameron Mackintosh and the Really Useful Theatre Co. Ltd.

Original Broadway Production Directed by Trevor Nunn

Associate Directed and Choreographed by Gillian Lynne

Designed by David Cullen and Andrew Lloyd Webber

The Cast of CATS

Adelina * Melissa Morin

Admetus Thomas Hebert

Alonzo Adam Hayward

Andromeda * Faythe Webster

Asparagus David White

Bombalurina Elizabeth Perrin-Vigil

Bustopher Jones Larry Seiler

Carbucketty W. Nash Klardie

Cassandra Katherine Proulx

Coricopat Mike Spaziani

Demeter Jessica Scalese

Electra Lanéa Ritrovato

Exotica Shawna O’Brien

George Steve Damboise

Griddlebone Mary Reilly

Grizabella Barbara Lawler

Growltiger Bob Frasca

Incognita * Cheri Birch

Jellylorum Deborah Emmons

Jemima Alexandra Socha

Jennyanydots Bethany Cassidy

Kalyptica * Shaina Schwartz

Kumquatikus * Macaela Sears

Macavity Tom Ritrovato

Mr. Mistoffelees Bobby Fonacier

Mungojerrie Alex Goleman

Munkustrap David Cote

Old Deuteronomy Brett Mallard

Panthera * Ashley Love

Plato Steve Riley

Quaxo Dylan Gamblin

Rum Tum Tugger Kevin Roberge

Rumpleteazer Rachel Scott

Sillabub Brittney-Lynne Stanley

Skimbleshanks Tim Stanley

Tantomile Tracy Smith

Victor Tom Caron

Victoria Tina Cassidy

* Jellicle Cat Ensemble


Old Deuteronomy Steve Damboise


Reeds – Kevin Smith,
Suellen Davidson

Oboe and English Horn – Don Conley

Trumpet – Deb Walz, Craig Neth

French Horn – Amy Allen

Trombone – Michael Steadman

Bass – Bob St. Cyr

Drums – Judy Bruneau

Percussion – Michael Newman

Keyboard – Kei Maeda, Judy Hayward

The Production Crew

Director Paul Metzger

Musical Director Judy Hayward

Choreographer Donna O’Bryant Metzger

Producer Rich Glynn

Stage Manager Deb Ritrovato

Assistant Stage Manager Steve Harper

Technical Director Dennis Schneider

Set Designers John McAllister (lead),
Dennis Schneider,
Paul Metzger

Sound Designer Mike O’Keefe

Lighting Designers Craig Brennan, Dennis Schneider

Costumers Tracy Smith (lead),
Kathleen Goreham,
Elizabeth Perrin-Vigil,
Kevin Roberge

Costume Assistants Alan Amaral,
Linda Stanley,
Joanne Duhamel,
Tina Cassidy,
Cheri Birch

Wig Design and Creation Tracy Smith

Makeup Linda Stanley (lead),
Bethany McMahon,
Beth Schwartz,
Kirsten White

Costume Airbrushing Elizabeth Perrin-Vigil

Properties Gretchen Gray (lead),
Barb Asketh,
Kirsten White

Publicity Martha Daniels Holland (lead),
Amy Friedman

Tickets Bob Frasca,
Dave Cote,
Kerry Schneider

Set Construction John McAllister,
Larry Doiron,
Joe Reilly,
Geoff McAllister,
Maureen Keller,
Alan Amaral,
Ed Hinton

Scenic Artist Jillian Mitchell

Set Decorator Elizabeth Perrin-Vigil

Set Painting Maureen Keller,
Gail Ward,
Kathy Lovering,
Kathi Martinage,
Meghan Brooks,
Joe Reilly,
Kerry Schneider,
Jonathan McDowell,
Kirsten White,
Barb Asketh,
Louisa Asketh,
Chuck Emmons,
Kathi Roy

Lighting Crew Joe Reilly

Sound Crew Kevin Lawler,
Mac McIlvaine,
Dan Murphy

Stage Crew Tom Ritrovato,
Lorenzo Vigil,
John McGrath,
Barb Asketh,
Laura Franzini,
Val Psoinos,
Kirsten White

Flies Bob Lovering

Cast Photography Lorenzo Vigil

Poster Design Paul Metzger

Program Prill McGan

Program Cover Design Paul Metzger

Lobby Design Lorenzo Vigil,
Elizabeth Perrin-Vigil,
Gretchen Gray

Matinee Face Painting Tajoura (TJ) Davis

Ushers Ellie Morrill (chair)

Permits Pamela Bruckman

Subscriptions Kerry Schneider

Webmaster Jared Holland

Afterglow Denis Brunelle

Audition Board Paul Metzger,
Judy Hayward,
Donna O’Bryant Metzger,
Dave Ducharme,
Val Psoinos,
Deb Ritrovato,
John Campanello

Audition Helpers Rich Glynn,
Ron Williams,
Martha Daniels Holland,
Linda Stanley,
Brittney-Lynne Stanley,
Lanéa Ritrovato,
Kellie Haigh,
Tracy Smith,
Laura Patterson

Board of Directors Charles Emmons (President),
Martha Daniels Holland (Vice-President),
Pam Bruckman (Corresponding Secretary),
Cheryl Stocks (Recording Secretary),
Stan Polan (Treasurer),
David Cote,
Donna O’Bryant,
Val Psoinos,
Rich Glynn,
Mike Ryder,
Barb Asketh

In Memory of Mr. Albin R. Tamulonis


Fifty-one years ago, a handful of dedicated individuals, interest in sharing
their love of musical theatre, established the Nashua Actorsingers.

On March 10, 2005, Actorsingers lost our last charter member of the
organization, past president, dedicated supporter, dear friend, Albin “Al”

We are indebted to Al for his vision of bringing musical theatre to the
Nashua audience, and we will always be grateful to him for opening the
doors to so many artists eager to show their talents on stage or behind
the scenes, in the orchestra, or directing. Thank you, Al.

Our condolences to his loving wife, Penny, and the entire Tamulonis

Notes from the Director

About a year ago, when Donna and I discovered the community theater rights
for CATS were available, we began this journey to produce one of the world’s
most beloved musicals. Some called us crazy… perhaps we were! Many said
we could never pull it off — we wouldn’t get enough people to audition, we
wouldn’t find enough dancers, we couldn’t handle the costumes and makeup, we
wouldn’t have enough time or money to build the set, and that nobody would
wear a unitard! We proved them all wrong. We had almost 90 people audition,
and we now have an extremely talented cast of 40, gorgeous costumes and
makeup, a little bit of magic, and a fabulous show in store for you.

Some people say CATS has no plot. Although the plot is a bit light, loosely
tying together the poems of T.S. Eliot, it tells thes tory of the annual gathering of a
special tribe of cats (the Jellicles) who meet once a year at the Jellicle Ball where
their leader (Old Deuteronomy) choose one cat to ascend to the Heaviside
Layer and come back — reborn — as a new Jellicle cat. The plot showcases cats
telling their stories, hoping to be the one chosen. The challenge in presenting
this plot is that many productions have actors play 2 or 3 different roles, so you
often see a specific character in only one song, making CATS appear to be a
musical review instead of a show with a story line. In our production, cats show
up for the Jellicle Ball, they tell their stories, and everyone stays to the very end to
see who gets chosen. We hope you appreciate our interpretation. Enjoy the

Paul Metzger, Director