42nd Street (2005)

Edmund Keefe Auditorium
November 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 2005

Music by Harry Warren

Lyrics by Al Dubin

Book by Michael Steward and Mark Bramble

Based on the novel by Bradford Ropes

Original direction and dances by Gower Champion

Originally produced on Broadway by David Merrick

The use of all songs is by arrangement with Warner Bros., the owner of music publisher’s rights.


(In Order of Appearance)

Andy Lee, Pretty Lady choreographer Ron Williams

Oscar, Pretty Lady piano player Jed Holland*

Frankie, Pretty Lady dance captain Stephen P. Cote

Maggie Jones, Pretty Lady co-writer Beth Fenske

Bert Barry, Pretty Lady co-writer David R. DuCharme

Mac, Pretty Lady stage manager Rich Glynn

Millie, Pretty Lady costumer Pamela Bruckman

Susie, Pretty Lady assistant costumer Stephanie Stetson

Phyllis Dale, Pretty Lady chorus girl Valerie Psoinos

Lorraine Flemming, Pretty Lady chorus girl Rachel Scott

Diane Lorimer, Pretty Lady chorus girl Kathy LeClair

Ann Reilly, Pretty Lady principal Jennifer Sue Mallard

Ethel, Pretty Lady chorus girl Elizabeth Krahenbuhl

Billy Lawlor, Pretty Lady leading man Tom Caron

Peggy Sawyer, Pretty Lady chorus girl Alexandra Socha

Julian Marsh, Pretty Lady producer/director Dave Fordyce

Dorothy Brock, Pretty Lady leading lady Joy Douville

Abner Dillon, Pretty Lady financial backer David White

Pat Denning, Dorothy’s suitor David Cote

Waiter at the Teahouse Ryan Murphy

Thugs Ed Hinton, Jim Maloney

Young Man Chris Collupy

Regency Club bartender Michael Ryder

Company Doctor Mike Bradbury

* Rich Lyle (understudy) performing Nov 11 & 12

[as printed; actually, Jed made all performances and Rich didn’t go on]

Pretty Lady Dance Company

Barb Asketh

Amy Bailey

Sheilah Bell

Cheri Birch

Pat Bonfanti

Mike Bradbury

Denis Brunelle

Chris Collupy

Lindsay Corkum

Amanda Davis

Bobby Fonacier

Patsi Forrester

Laura Franzini

Pat Gage

Kenny Gray

Crystal Lewis

Theo Martinez

Heather MacLeod

Ryan Murphy

Donna O’Bryant

Laura Patterson

Meghan Ross

Michael Ryder

Jessica Scalese

Shaina Schwartz

Brittney-Lynne Stanley

Stephanie Ross-Sauri

Heather Tinkham

Kirsten White


Reeds –
Kevin Smith,
Suellen Davidson,
Don Conley,
Jody Leach,
Arthur Smith,
Greg Hackney*

Trumpet –
John Perko,
Craig Neth,
Deb Walz,
Tom Erickson*

Trombone – Ed Stromski, Glen Walant

Bass – Craig Fowler

Percussion – Judy Bruneau

Piano – Hillary Brooks

* Substitute


Director Dana Bissett

Musical Director Kathy Cooney Redman

Choreographer Martha Daniels Holland

Producers Brian Mehlman (Lead),
Susan Koczarski,
Beverly Frasca

Stage Manager Steve Pierpont

Assistant Director Michael Ryder

Assistant Choreographer Valerie Psoinos

Assistant Stage Manager Beth Schwartz

Rehearsal Pianist Betsy Smentek, Hillary Brooks

Technical Director John McAllister

Lighting Design Dennis Schneider

Sound Design Mike O’Keefe

Set Design John McAllister

Props Gretchen Gray (chair)

Costumes Penny Tamulonis (co-chair),
Raelene Liljeberg (co-chair),
Elizabeth Strycharz (co-chair),
Alene Bonner,
Janet Christie,
Lorraine Louie,
Beth Schwartz,
Linda Stanley,
Susan Cassidy

Dance Captain Valerie Psoinos

Publicity Brian Mehlman (chair),
Kerry Schneider,
Amy Friedman,
Dylan Gamblin,
Jed Holland

Tickets Howie & Jackie Levine,
John Liljeberg

Set Construction John McAllister,
Larry Doiron, John Franzini,
Paul Metzger,
Craig Brennan,
Josh Friedman,
Leo Choquette,
Mike O’Keefe

Curtain Crew Leah Schwartz,
Linnie McAllister

Scenic Artist Steve Pierpont,
Leo Choquette

Set Painting Brian Burke,
Kathy Goreham,
Tracy Smith,
Pat Gage,
Russ Gage,
Theo Martinez,
Dave Fordyce,
Larry Doiron, John Franzini,
Dave Cote,
Rachel Scott,
Alan Amaral

Lighting Crew Alan Amaral, Kevin Rhodes

Sound Crew Alyssa Dillon

Stage Crew Craig Brennan,
Paul Metzger,
John Franzini,
Tracy Smith,
Christopher Franzini,
Kathy Goreham,
Leo Choquette

Makeup & Hair cast

Cast Photography Michael Ryder, Paul Coppens

Poster Design Jed Holland

Program Prill McGan

Concessions Susan Koczarski (chair)

Lobby Design Gretchen Gray

Ushers Ellie Morrill (chair)

Permits Pamela Bruckman

Subscriptions Kerry Schneider

Webmaster Jed Holland

Afterglow Val Levesque (chair)

Audition Board Charles Emmons (chair),
Dana Bissett,
Kathy Cooney Redman,
Martha Daniels Holland,
Deb Ritrovato,
Elizabeth Kennedy,
Michael Ryder

Board of Directors Charles Emmons (President),
Martha Daniels Holland (Vice-President),
Pam Bruckman (Corresponding Secretary),
Cheryl Stocks (Recording Secretary),
Stan Polan (Treasurer),
David Cote,
Donna O’Bryant,
Val Psoinos,
Rich Glynn,
Mike Ryder,
Barb Asketh

In Memory of Mr. Albin R. Tamulonis


Fifty years ago, a handful of dedicated individuals, interest in sharing
their love of musical theatre, established the Nashua Actorsingers.

On March 10, 2005, Actorsingers lost our last charter member of the
organization, past president, dedicated supporter, dear friend, Albin “Al”

We are indebted to Al for his vision of bringing musical theatre to the
Nashua audience, and we will always be grateful to him for opening the
doors to so many artists eager to show their talents on stage or behind
the scenes, in the orchestra, or directing. Thank you, Al.

Our condolences to his loving wife, Penny, and the entire Tamulonis

Notes from the Director

Welcome to 42nd Street — the well-known story of an enthusiastic chorus
girl from Smalltown USA who (almost!) auditions for her first New York show
and finds herself a Broadway star overnight! It is also the story of the
somewhat jaded and worn director of Pretty Lady, the fictional production within
the production of 42nd Street, who is touched by the pure joy and enthusiasm of
this young starlet and finds a renewed passion for his own love of musical

A very special thank you to Actorsingers for inviting me to share in the
telling of this special story and for giving me the opportunity to work with this
amazingly gifted cast and production team. You have made me feel most
welcome, and I am honored by your endless enthusiasm, dedication and

Special heartfelt thanks to Martha, Kathy, Mike and Steve for making the
journey such a joy and the destination a Broadway dream come true. Not all the
specs of dust taht make a stage shine are found on stage!

And finally, thanks to YOU, the audience, for allowing us the opportunity to
do what we love best. So come and hear those dancin’ feet… on the avenue
we’re taking you to… 42nd Street!!

Enjoy the show!

Dana Bissett, Director



Scene 1 42nd Street Theater, New York City

Audition Andy, Billy, Frankie, and Dancers

Young And Healthy Billy and Peggy

Shadow Waltz Maggie, Dorothy, and Girls

Scene 2 Gypsy Tea Kettle (The same day)

Go Into Your Dance* Maggie, Peggy, Annie, Lorraine, and Phyllis

Scene 3 42nd Street Theater (Later that week)

You’re Getting to be a Habit with Me Dorothy, Billy, Frankie, Peggy, and Dancers

Scene 4 Dorothy Brock’s Dressing Room (A few moments later)

Scene 5 42nd Street Theater (Several weeks later)

Getting Out Of Town The Company

Scene 6 Arch Street Theater, Philadelphia (Pretty Lady dress rehearsal)

Dames Billy and Company

Scene 7 Regency Club and Dorothy Brock’s Suite (Later that night)

I Know Now Dorothy

Scene 8 Arch Street Theater (Pretty Lady opening night)

I Know Now (reprise) Billy

We’re In the Money Annie, Peggy, Lorraine, Phyllis, Billy, and Dancers

42nd Street Dorothy and Company


Scene 1 Outside the Arch Street Theater (Ten minutes later)

Sunny Side to Every Situation The Company

Scene 2 Broad Street Station, Philadelphia (A few minutes later)

Lullaby of Broadway Julian and Company

Scene 3 42nd Street Theater (The next day)

Montage Julian, Andy, Frankie, Peggy, and Dancers

Scene 4 Peggy’s Dressing Room (Pretty Lady opening night>

About a Quarter to Nine Dorothy and Peggy

Scene 5 42nd Street Theater (Later that night)

Shuffle Off to Buffalo Annie, Bert, Maggie, and Girls

42nd Street Peggy and Company

Scene 6 42nd Street Theater (Immediately after)

42nd Street (reprise) Julian

Finale The Company

*Choreographed by Valerie Psoinos