Jesus Christ Superstar (2005)

Keefe Auditorium
April 29, 30; May 1, 6, 7, 2005

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The Cast of Jesus Christ Superstar

Judas Iscariot Kevin Roberge

Jesus Christ Brian Waldron

Mary Magdalene Jessica Scalese

Caiaphas, High Priest Tim Judd

Annas Mark Mirabella

Simon Zealotes Jonathan Fisher

Pontius Pilate Jeffrey Prescott

Peter Steven Damboise

King Herod David Cote


Scott Hall

Ed Hinton

W. Nash Klardie


Thomas Alan Amaral

James Major Jeff Caron

Thaddeus Bobby Fonacier

James Minor Dan Merriman

Andrew Dylan Gamblin

Bartholomew Jim Maloney

Philip Mike Ryder

John Robert Paige

Matthew Tom Ritrovato

Ensemble Malennda Anderson,
Laura Babb,
Mike Bradbury,
Amanda Davis,
Tajoura Davis,
Deborah Emmons,
Kathleen Goreham,
Sarah Houghton,
Elizabeth Krahenbuhl,
Brian Mehlman,
Donna O’Bryant,
Laura Patterson,
Lanéa Ritrovato,
Rachel Scott,
Tracy Smith,
Patrick Verhoff,
Gail Ward,
Faythe Webster,
Kirsten White

Children in “Hosanna” Elizabeth Batchelder,
Katrina Fisher,
Mark Lawrence,
Meghan O’Keefe,
Jennifer Nicole Ryder,
Hayleigh Scott,
Vienna Scott


Judas, Jesus Mark Mirabella

Annas Alan Amaral

Caiaphas David Cote


Trent Austin — trumpet

George Stevens — trumpet

Bron Wright — trombone

William Buonocore — guitar

Matt Comstock — drums

John Stykluanis — bass

Julie Oliver-Babb — keyboard

Janet Roma — keyboard

Special Thanks to…

Preston Productions for their generous technical support

HP Corporation for their Matching Gifts Program

Paul Barham and Bryan Stewart of Advanced Interactive Systems
( for the loan of the surrogate weapons

and to…

Jed Holland

Gordon Mehlman

Dan Pelletier

Tony Taranto

Jon Crandall

Panera Bread

Domino’s Pizza


The Production Crew

Producers Glen Grimard,
Rich Glynn,
Sue Koczarski,
Val Levesque,
John Liljeberg (mentor)

Director Paul Metzger

Musical Director Julie Oliver-Babb

Choreographer Martha Daniels Holland

Stage Manager Deb Ritrovato

Technical Directors John McAllister,
Mike O’Keefe

Lighting Design Dennis Schneider

Sound Design Mike O’Keefe

Set Design John McAllister

Costumes Sue Lewis (chair),
Jessica Snow (apprentice),
Lorraine Louie,
Kevin Roberge,
Martha Daniels Holland,
Tracy Smith

Props Barb Asketh (chair),
Alan Amaral,
Lauren Bradbury

Publicity Kerry Schneider (chair),
Rich Glynn,
Dennis Schneider,
Pat Verhoff,
Glen Grimard

Dance Assistant Valerie Psoinos

Tickets Howie &
Jackie Levine

Set Construction John McAllister,
Larry Doiron, Joe Reilly,
Geoffrey McAllister

Scenic Artist John McAllister

Set Painting Glen Grimard,
Martha Daniels Holland,
Laura Patterson, Jessica Snow,
John McAllister,
Joe Reilly,
Pat Verhoff,
Rich Glynn,
Geoffrey McAllister, Mike O’Keefe

Photography Michael Ryder

Lighting Crew Joe Reilly,
John Franzini

Sound Crew Bob McIlvaine,
Marc Englander

Stage Crew Craig Brennan,
Lauren Bradbury,
Rich Glynn,
Dave Fordyce,
Jeff Bernard,
Joe Reilly,
Josh Friedman

Flies Rich Glynn,
Dave Fordyce,
Jeff Bernard,
Dave Cote

Makeup & Hair cast

Makeup Special Effects Jon Fisher (chair),
Paul Metzger

Poster Design Maryann Haraldsen

Graphic Arts Maryann Haraldsen,
Mike Ryder,
Paul Metzger

Program Prill McGan (chair),
Mike Ryder,
Rich Glynn

Concessions Bernadette Boardman

Lobby Design Mike Ryder

Ushers Ellie Morrill (chair),
Catherine Andruskevich,
Cheri and Craig Birch,
Bernadette Boardman,
Alene Bonner,
Pam and Ron Bruckman,
Janet Christie,
Lorraine and Bill Cote,
Chuck Emmons,
Amy and Joshua Friedman,
Norma French,
Marie Hanley,
Raelene Liljeberg,
Terri O’Keefe,
Ann Siglin, Cheryl Stocks,
Cara Yara

Permits Pam Bruckman

Subscriptions Kerry Schneider

Webmaster Jared Holland

Afterglow Glen Grimard (chair)

Audition Board Chuck Emmons (chair),
Paul Metzger,
Julie Oliver-Babb,
Martha Daniels Holland,
Cheryl Stocks,
Ann Siglin,
David Fordyce

Audition Helpers Val Levesque,
Cheri Birch,
Amy Friedman,
Tommi Hall

Notes from the Director

Our production of Jesus Christ Superstar sets the timeless story of the last seven days in
the life of Jesus of Nazareth in the present day. By placing the production in contemporary
times, we hope to have you, our audience,
personally relate to the story, the characters,
and the choices they make.

One of the primary themes in this show is
that of “choice” — how every human being
eventually confronts difficult choices in their life.
Judas is faced with the choice of whether to
betray Jesus or not. Mary is faced with the
choice of whether she’ll open up emotionally
and let herself love a man… for the first time
in her life. Pilate has to deal with the choice of
whether to concede to the mob and crucify
Jesus, who he knows has done no wrong.
Jesus faces many choices, not the least of
which is whether to continue the path to his
ultimate sacrifice.

Our production not only deals with the
issue of making choices, but the consequences
of them. This is highlighted by the songs
“Peter’s Denial” and “Judas’ Death.” Peter
confronts the fact that three times he denied knowing
Jesus. In “Judas’s Death,” Judas expresses
his remorse for betraying Jesus, leading to his
eventual inability to deal with those
consequences, resulting in his suicide.

If Jesus had come today instead of 2000
years ago, how would he be received? Would
he be seen as a Messiah, or a mere cult leader
looking for 15 minutes of fame? Would you
believe in his message? If so, would you quit
your job, sell all your belongings, and leave
your family to follow him? When Jesus is
arrested and faced with execution, would you
stand firm by those beliefs or would you too
deny him, as Peter did? These are the questions
we pose with our production of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Enjoy the show!

Paul Metzger