Boomers (2004)

Edmund Keefe Auditorium
February 27-29, 2004

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An Original Musical by Peter Baron

Musical Direction and Arrangement by Mark Sensinger


(in order of appearance)

Joey Spinelli Kevin Roberge

Will Vantage William Hartery

Leif Vantage Bob Frasca

Greg Butterworth Casey Elsass

Brad Williams Dan Merriman

Lance Hoover Eric Eastman

Aura Kelly Pat Lawrence

Leslie Vantage Alene Bonner

Beth Jennings Allison Duhamel

Mrs. Spinelli Rosalind Sandler

Tammy Laurel Eastman

Principal Kelly Pat Verhoff

Rock Concert Announcer Tom Caron

Mr. Spinelli Sal Lizard

University President David Ryan

Captain of the Guard David Cote

Tom Andrew George

Rev. Butterworth Jeff Bernard

Mrs. Jennings Catherine Andruskevich

Joey Vantage (1 Week) Aidan Eastman

Joey Vantage (Age 5) Jimmy Lawrence

Joey Vantage (Age 16) Shawn Koczarski

Captain Grailly Tom Caron

Football Players Thaddeus Bell,
Jeff Bernard,
Ricky Brooks,
Tom Caron,
David Cote,
Andrew George,
Shawn Koczarski,
Mike Ryder

Marines Thaddeus Bell,
Jeff Bernard,
Ricky Brooks,
Tom Caron,
David Cote,
Andrew George,
Shawn Koczarski,
Mike Ryder

Dancers Cheri Birch,
Michele Bossie,
Laurel Eastman,
Elizabeth LaFlamme,
Rosalind Sandler,
Erin Schumann,
Tracy Smith,
Julie Sutton,
Elly Zeira

Adults Catherine Andruskevich,
Pam Bruckman,
Linda Lizard,
Sal Lizard,
Ellie Morrill

Ensemble Catherine Andruskevich,
Thaddeus Bell,
Jeff Bernard,
Cheri Birch,
Deborah Bonfanti,
Sarah Bonfanti,
Tina Brannen,
Ricky Brooks,
Pam Bruckman,
Christine Cable,
Tracy Cable,
Tom Caron,
Joelle Coleman,
David Cote,
Tajoura Davis,
Emily Eastman,
Miriam Eastman,
Emily Ellett,
Andrew George,
Shawn Koczarski,
Elizabeth LaFlamme,
Crystal Lewis,
Linda Lizard,
Sal Lizard,
Matthew Magennis,
Ellie Morrill,
Mike Ryder,
Tracy Smith,
Julie Sutton,
Pat Verhoff,
Sarah Ward,
Ellie Zeira


Conductor Robert C. Babb

Reed 1 Mark Pinto

Reed 2 Peter Cokkinias

Trumpet Richard Given

Trombone Walter Bostian

Guitar Scott Johnson

Bass Greg Holt

Keyboard 1 Jed Holland

Keyboard 2 Joe Rojek

Keyboard 3 Julia Oliver

Drums Mike Ambroszewski

Greg Newton/Kristin Olsen, Muddy Brook Music, Contractors


Production Crew

Producer Lou Duhamel

Director/Choreographer Tony Salamone

Music Director Julie Oliver-Babb

Conductor Robert Babb

Stage Manager Steve Harper

Asst Stage Manager Craig Brennan

Lighting Design Dennis Schneider

Set Design Shawn Tumpney,
Jillian Mitchell,
Dennis Schneider,
Tony Salamone

Scenic Artist Jillian Mitchell

Props Maureen Keller,
Lizzette Estrada,
Gabrielle Zeira,
Katie Farina

Creative Consultant for the Script Ann Sorvari

Arranger/Orchestrator Mark Sensinger

Costume Coordinator JoAnn Duhamel

Dance Captain Tracy Smith

Rehearsal Pianist Joe Rojek

Sound Technician Michael D. O’Keefe

Special Effects Mike O’Keefe,
Dennis Schneider,
Tony Salamone,
Shawn Tumpney

Publicity Lou Duhamel,
Peter Baron,
Amy Friedman,
Mike Ryder,
Pam Gilpatrick,
Patty McCafferty,
Tim Frost,
Jared Holland

Tickets Howie Levine,
Jackie Levine,
Betty Badeau

Audition Board Chair Barbara Webb

Audition Board Barbara Webb,
Tony Salamone,
Julie Oliver-Babb,
Ann Sorvari,
Lou Duhamel,
Jared Holland,
Peter Baron,
Cheri Birch,
Tony Rizzo

Audition Helpers JoAnn Duhamel,
Jeff Bernard

Set Construction Lou Duhamel,
Jim Karatelis,
Mark Chantal,
Geoff McAllister,
John McAllister,
Maureen Keller,
Lizzette Estrada

Set Painting Jillian Mitchell,
Axel Mitchell,
Gabrielle Zeira,
Ellie Morrill,
Joe Long,
Brian Lambert,
Lauren Lambert,
Maureen Keller,
Lizzette Estrada,
Tracy Smith,
June Marsilia,
Catherine Andruskevich,
Eric Eastman,
Sal Lizard,
Cheri Birch,
Sarah Ward,
Pat Verhoff,
Matthew Magennis,
Alene Bonner,
Kevin Roberge,
Dustin Daws

Lighting Crew Craig Brennan,
John McAllister

Stage Crew Ricky Brooks,
Tara Prairie,
Geoff McAllister,
John McAllister,
Rich Glynn,
John Hickey,
Donna Hayden,
Gabrielle Zeira,
Chuck Bennett,
Bill Atkinson,
Liz Ierardi,
Dustin Daws

Make-up Amy, Emily, & Katie Farina

Posters Jennie Leach,
Peter Baron

Progam Ads & Content Bernadette Boardman,
Mike Ryder,
Sal Lizard,
Jennifer Spaziani

Cover & Program Layout Jennifer Spaziani

Photography Mike Ryder,
Evelynn Decker

Lobby Display Design/Construction Mike Ryder

Concessions Kathy Lovering,
Maddy Lovering,
Emily Lovering

Ushers Bernadette Boardman,
Rich Glynn,
Debbie Grass,
Steve Grass,
Glen Grimard,
Sue Larin,
Kari Levesque,
Susan Lewis,
Danielle Melillo,
Kerry Schneider,
Ed Wall,
Mary Wall

Hall Babysitter Laura Babb

AfterGlow David Boulia,
Ken Boulia

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers

Act One

Overture Orchestra

Scene 1 Boy’s Locker Room, Bakerville High School, November 1967

Celebrate Our Victory Ensemble

Mud Heroes Joey, Will & football players

Where Would We Be Without Comedy Joey & Will

No More Football Will & Leif

Scene 2 The Park, immediately following

Brilliant Smile Will & Aura

Fill My Own Shoes Will, Leslie & Aura

Scene 3 Lief & Leslie’s House, May 1968

My House, My Rules Leif

Scene 4 Bakersville High School Graduation Barn Dance, June 1968

Oh Bakersville Students

I Have Something to Tell You Greg

Shoot ‘Em Up Joey & Ensemble

Push All Your Dreams Will

Scene 5 Bakerville High School Graduation, the next day

Celebrate Our Graduation Aura & Ensemble

Scene 6 The Jungle of Vietnam, August 1969

Da Nang, Da Nang Joey & Marines

Scene 7 An Outdoor Rock Concert, August 1969

Louder Than the Guns Will & Ensemble

To Whom It May Concern War Department Official

Scene 8 An Administration Building of a large University, May 1970

Five-Minute Opera

{under construction}

Act Two

Scene 1 Two Wedding Suites, June, 1976

Where Are All My Heroes Will

Mirror, Mirror Will & Aura

Scene 2 Church, immediately following

It Ain’t So Bad Joey

First Waltz Will & Aura

The Toast Will & Joey

Disco Push Greg, Brad & Ensemble

Scene 3 Will & Aura’s Dining Room, several days later

You Can Be Anything Will & Aura

Scene 4 Will & Aura’s House, the scene spans 11 years and is broken out into stages of Joey Vantage’s life

Stage 1 – age 5 – May 1981

Stage 2 – age 6 – June 1982

Stage 3 – age 12 – September 1988

Stage 4 – age 16 – August 1992

My House, My Rules – reprise Will

Money Is Your Mistress Aura



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