Brigadoon (2003)

Edmund Keefe Auditorium
May 2-4, 2003

Book and Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner

Music by Frederick Loewe

Produced through arrangement with, and the music and dialogue
material furnished by, Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc.

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The Cast of Brigadoon

(in order of appearance)

Tommy Albright Steven Barbas

Jeff Douglas David R. DuCharme

Fiona MacLaren Pat Lawrence

Meg Brockie Martha Daniels Holland

Andrew MacLaren Sal Lizard

Jean MacLaren Hilary Hughes

Mr. Lundie Geoff McAllister

Charlie Dalrymple Peter Lasonde

Angus McGuffie John Hickey

Archie Beaton Mike Bradbury

Harry Beaton *Colin Bradbury

Maggie Anderson *Dana Rodgers

Stuart Dalrymple Jeff Bernard

Frank the Bartender Rich Glynn

Jane Ashton Elizabeth LaFlamme

Sandy Dean Mike Kane

John MacGregor Glen Grimard

Ensemble Catherine Z. Andruskevich,
Lynda Aramento,
Cheri Birch,
Bernadette Boardman,
Deborah Bonfanti*,
Naomi Bonfanti*,
Sarah Bonfanti*,
Tom Caron*,
Emily Chrusciel*,
David Cote,
Joy Douville,
Emily Dowd,
Roberta Dubick,
Allison Duhamel,
Cindy Fisher,
Katrina Fisher,
Beth Fowler,
Laura Franzini*,
Scott Hall,
Rebecca Holbrook,
Katie Ierardi,
Christine Kann,
Susan Larkin,
Linnie McAllister,
Bruce Mebbot*,
Brian Mehlman,
Tom Ritrovato,
Jennifer Ryder,
Michael Ryder,
Cheryl Stocks,
John Tamanakis,
Barbara Webb,
Ron Williams

* featured dancers

The Orchestra


Violins Alison Bailey, Matthew Demeusy, Jessica Eberiel

Viola Courtney Bonifant

Cello Kristin Leigh

Bass Robert St. Cyr

Flute/Piccolo Diane Fallier

Oboe/English Horn Sharon Juhasz

Clarinet Suellen Davidson

Bassoon Chris Juhasz

French Horn Stephen Taylor

Trumpets Craig Neth, Deb Walz

Trombone Glen Walant

Percussion John Taylor

Keyboard Nancy Eberiel

Orchestra Co-ordinator Deb Walz


Palace Theatre

Preston Productions


Souhegan HS

Stage One Productions


Chuck Lyons

The Production Clan

Director Kathy Lovering

Music Director Alene Bonner

Choreography Coordinator Beth Fenske

Choreographers Beth Fenske,
Colin Bradbury,
Alicia Lekas,
Jennifer Micarelli,
Betsy Parke,
Val Psoinos,
Dana Rodgers

Producer Kerry Schneider

Assistant Producer Michele Bossie

Technical Director Mike O’Keefe

Special Effects Co-ordinator John McAllister

Stage Manager Deb Ritrovato

Lighting Designer Dennis Schneider

Lighting Crew John & Geoff McAllister

Spotlight Operator Ricky Brooks

*Susan Lewis,
Lorraine Louie,
Penny Tamulonis,
Elizabeth Strycharz,
Victoria Witt

Properties *Elizabeth Ierardi, Chuck Emmons

Sound Kevin & Barbara Lawler

Scenic Artists
*Annie M. L. Ducharme,
Susan Larkin,
Jillian & Axel Mitchell

Scenic Art Crew Pat Bonfanti,
Ellie Morrill,
Nicky Dubick,
Gayle Bridgford,
Elizabeth Clark,
Glen Grimard,
Kerry Schneider,
Debbie & Steve Grass,
Sarah Groleau

Scenic Carpenters Larry Doiron,
Lou Duhamel

Stage Crew Bob Lovering,
Dave Fordyce,
Kathy Goreham,
Kevin Rhodes

Hair & Make-up
*Jon Fisher,
Brandon J. Mallard,
Joshua Gagnon,
Pat Bonfanti

Publicity Pam Gilpatrick,
Kerry Schneider,
Jed Holland,
Amy Friedman,
Deb Walz,
Chuck Emmons

Ticket Sales Betty Badeau,
Howard & Jackie Levine

Membership & Subscriptions Kerry Schneider

Program Ads & Content *Bernadette Boardman, Barbara Webb

Program Layout Brian Mehlman,
Sal Lizard,
Cheryl Stocks

Poster/Program Cover Design Jed Holland

Cast Photos & T-shirts Aaron Ritrovato,
Mike Ryder,
Lou Duhamel

Afterglow Denis Brunelle,
Barb Asketh,
Glen Grimard (DJ)

Audition Board
*Chuck Emmons,
Kathy Lovering,
Alene Bonner,
Beth Fenske,
Kathy LeClair,
Peter Bonaccorsi,
Suellen Davidson

Rehearsal Pianist/Audition Accompanist Nancy Eberiel

Rehearsal Refreshments Dan Pelletier

Dog Wrangler Lanéa Ritrovato

WebMaster ( Jed Holland

* Denotes Chairperson

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers


Overture Orchestra

Once in the Highlands Ensemble

Scene 1 A forest in the Scottish Highlands, about 5, on a May morning

Brigadoon Ensemble

Scene 2 A road in Brigadoon, then the Village Square, later the same morning

Vendors’ Calls/Down on MacConnachy Square Ensemble

Waitin’ for My Dearie Fiona & the Ladies

I’ll Go Home With Bonnie Jean Charlie & Ensemble

Heather on the Hill Tommy & Fiona

Scene 3 The Brockie Shed, just past noon

The Love of My Life Meg Brockie

Scene 4 The MacLaren House, mid-afternoon

Jeanie’s Packin’ Up Ladies

Come to Me, Bend to Me Charlie

Ballet Harry, Maggie, Ballerinas

Almost Like Being in Love Tommy & Fiona

Scene 5 Outside Mr. Lundie’s House, immediately following

Scene 6 Wedding site, outside the Kirk ruins, at dusk

Entrance of the Clans/Wedding Ceremony Ensemble

The Sword Dance Harry, Sword Dancers, Ensemble


Scene 1 Forest near Brigadoon, later that night

The Chase Men’s Ensemble

Scene 2 Road on the way to the Forest, later

There But For You Go I Tommy

Scene 3 The Glen, soon after

My Mother’s Weddin’ Day Meg & Ensemble

Funeral Dance Maggie

From This Day On Tommy & Fiona

Brigadoon Ensemble

Scene 4 A bar in Manhattan, four months later

Reprises Fiona, Charlie, Ensemble

Scene 5 Brigadoon forest, three nights later

Brigadoon Finale Ensemble