Camelot (2002)

Edmund Keefe Auditorium
May 3-5, 2002

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Book and Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner

Music by Frederick Loewe

Produced by arrangement with, and the music and dialogue material furnished by
Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc.

Cast of Characters

(in order of appearance)

Sir Dinadan Reed Mangino

Merlyn Mark J. Ferman

King Arthur Scott E. Kendall

Guenevere Nicole E. Coelho

Nimue Rebecca Holbrook

Lancelot du Lac Ariel Heller

Dap Chad Sandford

King Pellinore C. William Chappell IV

Horrid Bradley Divernieri

Sir Sagramore Alan Witt

Sir Lionel John Hickey

Mordred Daniel Merriman

Morgan Le Fey Gail Angellis

Tom of Warwick Oliver Judd

Knights and Ladies of Camelot Jeffrey Bernard,
Mike Bradbury,
John Disario,
Scott Hall,
Darius Harper,
David Kasok,
Neil Lewis,
Jim Maloney,
Michael S. O’Keefe,
Shawn O’Malley,
Rich Rothbell,
Traci Bisaillon,
Alene Bonner,
Michele Bossie,
Tina Brannen,
Chris Chance,
Tajoura Davis,
Emily Dowd,
Allison Duhamel,
Cindy Fisher,
Jennifer Holbrook,
Jean Ihm,
Sarah Langan,
Kari Levesque,
Linnea McAllister,
Sally Nutt Morger,
Cheryl Stocks


Director Michele Henderson

Co-ordinator Deb Walz

Violin Matthew Demeusy

Cello Andrew Demeusy

Flute Diane Fallier

Clarinet Suellen Davidson

Oboe Sharon Lee

Bassoon Nancy Tong

Trumpet Deb Walz, Craig Neth, Dave Caputo

French Horn Harlan Feinstein, Suzanne Feinstein, Trishadee Newlin

Trombone Michael Steadman and Tom Jarvis

Keyboard Jan Bordeleau

Percussion Steven Tamulonis

Ye Acknowledgments

Nashua Symphony

Spartans Drum & Bugle Corps

Preston Productions

Regis College

Special thanks to Bob Haas for swords, and to all others who helped produce this show.

Ye Production Staff

Producer Michele Bossie

Director Jed Holland

Assistant Director Amy Winograd Friedman

Music Director Michele Henderson

Stage Manager Deb Ritrovato

Technical Advisor John McAllister

Scenic Designers Lou Duhamel,
Tom Ritrovato,
Doug Penney,
Sandra Jessop

Set Builders Larry Doiron,
Tom Ritrovato,
John McAllister

Scenic Artists Terri O’Keefe,
Maureen Keller,
JoAnn Duhamel,
Tim Frost,
Lauren Duffy,
Stacie Cassio,
Tara Prairie,
Pam GilPatrick,
Beth Fenske,
Jonathan Fisher,
John McAllister,
Michael D. O’Keefe,
Tim GilPatrick

Lighting Designer Mike Bromberg

Lighting Board Operator Aaron Ritrovato

Master Electrician John McAllister

Lighting Crew Geoff McAllister,
Dan Merriman

Sound Designer Michael D. O’Keefe

Sound Crew Aditya Ranade,
Mark Keller,
Dennis Schneider

Sound Effects John Sauter

Special Effects Tim Judd, Jonathan Fisher

Properties Barb Asketh

Costumers Raelene Liljeberg and
Penny Tamulonis with
Betty Badeau,
Alene Bonner,
Susan Cassidy,
Tresa Jones, Lorraine Louie,
Carolyn Marineau,
Alice Plummer,
Elizabeth Strycharz,
Victoria Witt

Makeup Jonathan Fisher,
Lauren Cassidy,
Bernadette Boardman,
Margaret Rondeau

Hairstylist Catherine Andruskevich

Rehearsal Pianist Jan Bordeleau

Stage Crew Lou Duhamel,
Tom Ritrovato,
Barb Asketh,
Bob Lovering,
Tim Frost,
Maureen Keller,
Tara Prairie,
Sue Koczarski,
Marty Milkovits

Dance Consultant Martha Daniels Holland

Dog Wrangler Lanéa Ritrovato

Publicity Rebecca Holbrook and Sally Nutt Morger

Tickets Betty Badeau,
John &
Raelene Liljeberg,
David Miller

Poster/Program Cover Bert deWaters

Program Ads & Content Bernadette Boardman with
Chuck Emmons

Program Layout Matty Gregg

Lobby Display Anne Tremblay

House (Ushers) Kathy Lovering with
Emily &
Madeline Lovering,
Ed & Mary Wall,
Janet Christie,
Jean Stefanik, Judy Burnett,
Bill Koczarski

Concessions Kerry Schneider

Afterglow Val Levesque with Sue Koczarski

Rehearsal Refreshments Dan Pelletier

Audition Board Amy Friedman,
Jed Holland,
Deb Ritrovato,
Cheri Birch,
Beth Fenske,
Craig Neth,
A. Robert Dionne

Audition Staff Chuck Emmons

Audition Tally-o-Matic Engineer Michael D. O’Keefe

Audition Tally-o-Matic Operator Michael C. O’Keefe

Synopsis of Musical Numbers

1. A hilltop near Camelot – a long time ago

I Wonder What the King is Doing Tonight Arthur

The Simple Joys of Maidenhood Guenevere

Camelot Arthur

2. Near Camelot – immediately following

Follow Me Nimue

3. Arthur’s Study – five years later

4. A countryside near Camelot – a few months later

C’est Moi Lancelot

5. A garden near the Castle – a week later

The Lusty Month of May Guenevere

Take Me to the Fair Guenevere with Dinadan, Sagramore and Lionel

6. A Terrace of the Castle – a week later

How to Handle a Woman Arthur

7. The Jousting Field – a few days later

The Jousts Ensemble with Arthur and Guenevere

8. The Terrace – early evening of the same day

Before I Gaze at You Again Guenevere

9. The Grand Hall – imeediately following

10. The Main Terrace of the Castle – a few years later

If Ever I Would Leave You Lancelot

The Seven Deadly Virtues Mordred

11. The Terrace – a month later

What Do the Simple Folk Do? Guenevere and Arthur

12. The Forest of Morgan Le Fey – a few days later

The Persuasion Mordred and Morgan Le Fey

13. Inside the Castle – later that night

Fie on Goodness Mordred and Knights

14. The Queen’s Bedchamber – immediately following

I Loved You Once in Silence Guenevere

15. Camelot

Guenevere Ensemble

16. A Battlefield Ouside Joyous Gard – a few weeks later

Reprise of “Camelot” Arthur

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