The Pirates of Penzance (2000)

Edmund M. Keefe Auditorium
May 5-7, 2000

Music by Sir Arthur Sullivan
Words by W. S. Gilbert

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Dramatis Personae

Major-General Stanley Greg Tarsa

The Pirate King Laurence Weissbrot

Samuel Joshua Friedman

Frederic Jay Lawrence

Ruth Alfa Bishop

Mabel Patricia Lawrence

Edith Cindy Fisher

Kate Elizabeth Perrin

Sergeant of Police Glen Grimard

Chorus of Pirates, Police, and General Stanley’s Wards

Pirates Scott Carta,
Bill Cote Sr.,
Steven Damboise,
Robert C. Haas,
John Kenyon,
Bill Mauser,
Paul Metzger,
Wim Prest,
Bryan Williams

Police Jeff Bernard,
Bob DeGange,
Charles M. Emmons,
Jonathan Fisher,
Dave Fordyce,
Jon S. Jaques,
Daniel Ouellette,
Warren Small

General Stanley’s Wards Alene Bonner,
Michele Bossie,
Lorraine E. Cote,
Michelle Emmond,
Martha Daniels Holland,
Sandra Jessop,
Anne E. Tremblay,
Diana Wirzburger

Cameo Appearance [as Queen Victoria] Ed Wall


Violin Betty Stewart,
Tom Benson,
Dwight Breen,
Matthew Demeusy,
Anne Egan,
Martha Jaffe,
Stephanie Pyle,
Lee Story

Viola Roger Hall, Ashley Carlson

Cello Gary Hodges, Andrew Demeusy

Bass A. Joseph Soucy

Flute Diane Fallier, Gillian Hinkle

Oboe Diane Veloso

Clarinet Suellen Davidson, Sandy Stickney

Bassoon Antonio Figueiredo

Trumpet Deb Walz, Craig Neth

French Horn Jean Butler, Trishadee Newlin

Trombone Michael Steadman, Tom Jarvis

Percussion Steve Tamulonis

Production Staff

Director Kathy Lovering

Musical Director Jared Holland

Choreographer Donna O’Bryant

Producer Charles M. Emmons

Assistant Producer Martha Daniels Holland

Fight Director Robert Haas

Orchestra Coordinator Deb Walz

Cast Coordinator Lorraine Cote

Tickets John Liljeberg, Betty Badeau

Program Ads Bernadette Boardman,
Barbara Webb,
Assisted by the Cast & Crew

Program Layout Jay Lawrence,
Pat Lawrence,
Bernadette Boardman

Poster/Program Cover Design Laurie Chadbourne

House Carol Courage,
Janet Christie,
Emily Lovering,
Madeline Lovering

Publicity Amy Friedman, Martha Daniels Holland, Gary Locke, Tricia Baker, Pat Lawrence

Photographers Tom Gallo,
Bill Koczarski,
Glen Grimard,
Jeff Bernard

Auditioning Board Barbara Webb (chair),
Amy Friedman,
Jim Ravan,
Jared Holland,
Kathy Meehan,
Kathy Lovering,
Donna O’Bryant

Concessions Kerry Schneider,
Linnea McAllister

Rehearsal Refreshments Dan Pelletier

T-shirts Greg Tarsa

Afterglow Denis Brunelle,
Tricia Baker,
Beth Fenske,
Sandy Brunelle

The producers also wish to thank all those whose names were inadvertantly omitted
or were submitted too late for inclusion in the program.

Technical Staff

Stage Managers Craig Brennan, Bob Lovering

Scenic Designer Craig Brennan

Scenic Construction Larry Doiron,
Ron Carbary,
Louis Duhamel,
Rich Lemoine

Scenic Artists Traci Bisaillon, Dave Jedlinsky, Ruth Jedlinsky, Craig Brennan, Tara Prairie

Properties Barb Asketh

Lighting Design Dennis Schneider

Sound Kevin Lawler,
Barbara Lawler

Stage Electricians Ellie Morrill,
Dave Kasok,
Tom Ritrovato,
Aaron Ritrovato,
Doug Clougher,
John McAllister,
Joe Flores,
Josh Friedman,
Bob Frasca,
Matt Frasca,
Catherine Andruskevich

Costumes Margaret Tamulonis

Costume Team Raelene Liljeberg,
Michelle Laplante,
Denise Miles,
Alene Bonner,
Pam Gilpatrick,
Ellie Morrill,
Lorraine Cote,
Barbara Webb,
Elizabeth Strycharz,
and Daughters of the Major-General

Hair Design Bonnie Spooner,
JoAnn Duhamel, Kathy Meehan

Make-up Marilyn Arseneau, Jon Fisher

Synopsis / Musical Numbers