Guys and Dolls (1998)

Edmund M. Keefe Auditorium
November 6-8, 1998

A Musical Fable of Broadway

Based on a Story and Characters of Damon Runyon

Music and Lyrics by Frank Loesser

Book by Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows

Guys and Dolls is presented through special arrangement with and all
authorized performance materials are supplied by Music Theatre International,
421 West 54th Street, New York, N.Y. 10019

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In Order of Appearance

Nicely-Nicely Johnson John D. Phipps

Benny Southstreet Jason Woolf

Rusty Charlie Greg Tarsa

Newspaper Vendor Sue Bechard

Sarah Brown Susan Chanen

Arvide Abernathy Ed Wall

Mission Band Barb Asketh,
Pam Bruckman,
Chuck Emmons,
Karin Harvey

Drunkard R.G.DeRusha III

Harry the Horse Andy Birr

Lt. Brannigan Bill Mauser

Nathan Detroit Robert Gual

Angie the Ox David White

Miss Adelaide Ginny Bomil

Sky Masterson Bob Frasca

Joey Biltmore Phil Scontsas

Master of Ceremonies Cliff Lo Verme

Waiter Joshua Friedman

Mimi Kellie Fisher-Cardin

General Matilda B. Cartwright Mary Beth Lyon

Big Jule David R. Ducharme

Havana Specialty Dancers Kellie Fisher-Cardin, Bobby Fonacier

Maitre D’ Jonathan Fisher

Hot Box Girls Andrea Albright,
Michele Bossie,
Monica Charpentier,
Deborah Comire,
Anne Marie Doll,
Kellie Fisher-Cardin,
Michelle Guerette,
Donna O’Bryant,
Tracy Smith,
Lynne Wifholm

Gamblers Denis Brunelle,
Brian Burke,
Jonathan Fisher,
Bobby Fonacier,
Dave Fordyce,
Jeffrey Goumas,
John Kenyon,
Mike Kosteva,
Derek R. Levesque,
Cliff Lo Verme,
William Prest,
David White


conducted by Jed Holland

Violin Alison Bailey, Betty Stewart, Susan Streiff

Cello Valerie Matthews

Bass Erik Thomas

Trumpet Deb Walz, Craig Neth

French Horn Jason Gerraughty

Trombone Michael Steadman

Reeds Gillian Hinkle, Sandy Stickney, Liza Root

Percussion Steve Tamulonis


MAD Company

Michael and David LoVerme

Nashua Senior Center

Network Publications

Barry Bonner Graphic Design Services

Temple Beth Abraham Sisterhood

Production and Technical Staff

Producers Martha Daniels Holland, Tricia Baker

Dramatics Director Kathy Lovering

Music Director Jed Holland

Choreographer Betty Thomson

Cast Coordinators John Liljeberg, Val Levesque

Stage Managers Bob Lovering, Sue Bechard

Set Designers Kevin Olson, Andy Woodfin

Set Construction Bob Lovering,
Kevin Pelchat,
Dennis Schneider,
Danny Pelchat,
Craig Brennan,
Dave Gidge,
Adam Mermer

Set Painting Annie Ducharme*,
Tara Prairie*,
Dave Kim*,
Jon Fisher,
Cindy Fisher,
Katrina Fisher,
Brian Schmitt,
Traci Bisaillon,
Dave Gidge,
Madeline Lovering,
Emily Lovering,
Matthew Frasca,
Mary Beth Lyon,
Michelle Guerette,
Mike Blondin,
Josh Friedman,
Bob Frasca,
Chuck Emmons,
Rob Albright,
Ryan Albright,
Kellie Fisher-Cardin,
Jaye Gowans,
Tricia Baker,
Brian Mehlman

Stage Crew Kevin Olson,
Tara Prairie,
Adam Mermer,
Craig Brennan,
Tajoura Davis,
Dave Gidge,
Catherine Andruskevich,
Brian Schmitt,
Barry Bonner

Props Steve Pierpont*,
Tajoura Davis,
Eileen LoVerme,
Chuck Emmons

Sound JSL Productions

Lighting Dennis Schneider*,
John McAllister

Hair Jerry Caruso,
Wendy Kneeland,
April Bohaker,
Rob LeRoy

Make-up Jerry Caruso*,
Sheila Arlen,
Rachel Salzman,
Kristen DiGrigorio

Costumes Alene Bonner*,
Raelene Liljeberg,
Karin Harvey,
Penny Tamulonis,
Cindy Fisher,
Ellie Morrill,
Barbara Webb

Publicity Tricia Baker*,
Melissa Groff,
Nina Jones,
Kerry Schneider,
Barry Bonner,
Michelle Bossie

Tickets Betty Badeau, John Liljeberg

House Catherine Poulin*

Concessions Sue Koczarski*

Afterglow Steve Brunelle*, Sandy Brunelle, CZA, Brian Mehlman

Lobby Display & Cast Photos Anne Townsend

Program Design and Layout Barry Bonner

Program Ads and Copy Bernadette Boardman

Rehearsal Refreshments Dan Pelletier

* indicates chairperson

The Producers also wish to thank all the contributors to this production
whose names were omitted or submitted too late to be included in this program.

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers

Act I

Scene 1 Broadway

Opening Ensemble

Fugue for Tinhorns Nicely-Nicely, Benny, Rusty Charlie

Follow the Fold Sarah, Arvide and the Mission Band

The Oldest Established Nathan, Nicely-Nicely, Benny, Ensemble

Scene 2 Interior of the Save-A-Soul Mission

I’ll Know Sarah and Sky

Scene 3 A Phone Booth

Scene 4 The Hot Box

A Bushel and a Peck Adelaide and Hot Box Girls

Scene 5 Adelaide’s Dressing Room

Adelaide’s Lament Adelaide

Scene 6 Off Broadway

Guys and Dolls Nicely-Nicely and Benny

Scene 7 Interior of the Mission – noon, the next day

Scene 8 Off Broadway

Scene 9 Havana, Cuba

Havana Specialty Dancers and Ensemble

Scene 10 Outside El Cafe Cubano – immediately following

If I Were a Bell Sarah

Scene 11 Exterior of the Mission

My Time of Day Sky

I’ve Never Been in Love Before Sky and Sarah

Act II

Scene 1 The Hot Box

Take Back Your Mink Adelaide and Hot Box Girls

Adelaide’s Lament (reprise) Adelaide

Scene 2 The West Forties

More I Cannot Wish You Arvide

Scene 3 The Crap Game

The Crap Game Dance Ensemble

Luck Be a Lady Sky and Crapshooters

Scene 4 Off Broadway

Sue Me Nathan and Adelaide

Scene 5 Interior of the Mission

Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat Nicely-Nicely and Ensemble

Follow the Fold (reprise) Ensemble

Scene 6 Near Times Square

Marry the Man Today Adelaide and Sarah

Scene 7 Broadway

Guys and Dolls (reprise) Entire Company