The Unsinkable Molly Brown (1998)

Edmund M. Keefe Auditorium
May 1-3, 1998

Lyrics and Music by Meredith Willson

Book by Richard Morris

THE UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN is presented in cooperation with Music Theatre International, 421 West 54th Street, New York, NY 10019


In Order of Appearance

Molly Tobin Susan DeLorey

Michael Tobin David R. Ducharme

Alysius Tobin Paul Jette

Patrick Tobin Lucas Hinckley

Father Flynn Matthew Barre

Shamus Tobin Ed Wall

Johnny “Leadville” Brown John Tulipani

Charlie Brian Schmitt

Christmas Morgan Sue Bechard

Burt Raymond G. DeRusha III

Denver Policemen Barry Bonner, Derek Levesque, David R. Ducharme

Mrs. McGlone Monica Charpentier

Monsignor Ryan Charles Emmons

Roberts Robert Frasca

Professor Gardella Paul Jette

Germaine Karin Harvey

Princess DeLong Kim Bernhardt

Prince DeLong Jonathan Fisher

Royalty Alene Bonner,
Cindy Fisher,
Paul Jette,
Lorraine Cote,
William P. Cote,
David R. Ducharme

Malcolm Broderick Barry Bonner

Mrs. Wadlington Barbara Webb

Mr. Wadlington Charles Emmons

Waiter William P. Cote

Maitre D’ Matthew Barre

Male Passenger Derek Levesque

Mother Abby Evans

Wounded Sailor Christopher Leblond

(Please note – This talented group of people wear many character hats
including those noted below.)
Barb Asketh (Maschiche),
Carol Babel,
Matthew Barre,
Mary Sue Beyer,
Cheri Birch (Hop-A-Long Peter),
Alene Bonner,
Barry Bonner (Maschiche),
Lorraine Cote (Maschiche),
William Cote,
Raymond G. DeRusha III (Maschiche),
David R. Ducharme (Maschiche),
Abby Evans (Maschiche),
Cindy Fisher,
Elizabeth Hammond (Hop-A-Long Peter),
Karin Harvey,
Katie Harwood (Maschiche),
Lucas Hinckley (Hop-A-Long Peter),
Paul Jette (Maschiche),
Christopher Leblond,
Derek Levesque (Maschiche),
Kari Levesque,
Lauren Meehan (Maschiche),
Donna O’Bryant (Maschiche),
Allison Pfeiffer (Hop-A-Long Peter),
Jessica Poisson (Hop-A-Long Peter),
Brian Schmitt (Maschiche),
J. J. Stapleton (Maschiche)


Bb Clarinet Shelly Goren

Piano David Gidge

Violin Robin Warren

Trumpet Stan Whitlock

Flute/Piccolo Linda True

French Horn Vincent R. Duval

Bass Trombone Bob Weller

Percussion Steve Tamulonis


Jared Holland

Holiday Inn (Nashua)

Barry Bonner Graphic Design Services

D.J. Glen Grimard


Production and Technical Staff

Director Moe Coutu

Producer/Assistant Director Glen Grimard

Music Director Ellie Morrill

Choreographer Peter Strand

Dance Captain Donna O’Bryant

Costumes Alene Bonner (Co-chair),
Karin Harvey (Co-chair),
Raelene Liljeberg,
Penny Tamulonis,
Cindy Fisher,
Mary Sue Beyer,
Cecile Poisson

Lighting Dennis Schneider

Sound JSL Productions

Stage Managers Tara Prairie, Kevin Olson

Set Designers Annie Ducharme, Kevin Olson, Tara Prairie

Stage Crew Kathy Meehan,
David Kim,
Jon Grant,
Larry Doiron,
Adam Mermer,
Cathy Andruskevich,
Bob Lovering,
Michelle Bossie,
Denis Brunelle,
Kim Hurd,
Martha Holland,
Candace DeRusha

Set Construction Tara Prairie,
Adam Mermer,
Jon Grant,
Brian Schmitt,
Matthew Barrie,
Larry Doiron

Scenic Painting Tara Prairie,
Annie Ducharme,
Kevin Olson,
David Kim,
Kathy Meehan,
Michelle Bossie,
Charles Emmons,
Jon Grant,
Adam Mermer,
Tricia Baker

Properties Mayer Lipman

Poster Design Barry Bonner

Publicity Kerry Schneider, Michelle Bossie

Program Advertising Bernadette Boardman

Program Layout and Design Barry Bonner

Make-up Jonathan Fisher

Hair Design Jill Gidge

Tickets John Liljeberg, Betty Badeau

House Gloria Smith,
Catie Poulin,
Cindy Butler

Afterglow Val Levesque, Harry Meehan, Glen Grimard

Concessions Sue Koczarski,
Shirley Coutu

Rehearsal Pianist David Gidge

Rehearsal Refreshments Dan Pelletier

Audition Staff Glen Grimard (chair);
Jeff Caron,
David Gidge,
James Ravan,
Moe Coutu,
Ellie Morrill
and Peter Strand (board);
Kathy Meehan,
Amy Friedman,
Kerry Schneider,
Val Psoinos,
Donna O’Bryant,
Jared Holland
and Val Levesque

The Producer also wishes to thank all the contributors to this
production whose names were omitted or submitted too late to be
included in this program.

Musical Synopsis

Act I

Scene 1 Exterior of the Tobin Shack, Hannibal, Missouri. Early 1900’s

I Ain’t Down Yet Molly and her three brothers

Scene 2 Exterior of the Saddle Rock Saloon, Leadville, Colorado

Colorado, My Home Johnny and several miners

Scene 3 Interior of the Saddle Rock Saloon. Weeks later.

Belly Up To the Bar, Boys Molly, Christmas and Ensemble

Scene 4 Exterior of the Saddle Rock Saloon. Sunday night. Three weeks later.

I’ve Already Started In Johnny, Christmas and two miners

Scene 5 Johnny’s Cabin. A month later.

I’ll Never Say No Johnny and Molly

My Own Brass Bed Molly

Scene 6 A Road on the Way to Johnny’s Cabin. Three weeks later.

Scene 7 Johnny’s Cabin. Immediately following.

Scene 8 Pennsylvania Avenue, Denver, CO. An evening six months later.

The Denver Police Three Policemen

Scene 9 Mrs. McGone’s Denver Mansion Terrace. Immediately following.

Beautiful People of Denver Molly

Are You Sure? Molly, Monsignor and Ensemble

Scene 10 Pennsylvania Avenue. Immediately following.

Scene 11 The Red Parlor of the Browns’ Denver Mansion. Evening, a month later.

Reprise: I Ain’t Down Yet Molly and Johnny


Scene 1 The Browns’ Paris Salon. Years later.

Happy Birthday, Mrs. J.J. Brown Prince, Princess and Royalty

Bon Jour Molly, Prince and Royalty

If I Knew Johnny

Scene 2 The Red Parlor. Evening, a month later.

Chick-A-Pen Johnny and Molly

Scene 3 The Red Parlor. Immediately following.

Scene 4 Pennsylvania Avenue. Immediately following.

Scene 5 The Red Parlor. The next morning.

Scene 6 Exterior of the Saddle Rock Saloon. An evening, months later.

Hop-A-Long-Peter Johnny, Christmas and Ensemble

Leadville Johnny Brown Johnny

Scene 7 Outside a Club in Monte Carlo. Early Spring 1912.

Scene 8 Inside the Club. Immediately following.

Maschiche Dance Ensemble

Dolce Far Niente Prince and Molly

Scene 9 Outside the Club. A moment later.

Reprise: Dolce Far Niente Prince

Scene 10 The Mid-Atlantic. Shortly after 2:30 AM, April 15, 1912.

Scene 11 The Red Parlor. Late April.

Scene 12 Leadville, Colorado. A week later.

Scene 13 Curtain Call.

Reprise: I Ain’t Down Yet Entire Cast