The Sound Of Music (1997)

Edmund Keefe Auditorium
November 14-16, 1997

Music by Richard Rodgers

Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II

Book by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse

Suggested by “The Story of the Trapp Family Singers”

THE SOUND OF MUSIC is presented through special arrangement with

The Rodgers & Hammerstein Theatre Library.

229 West 28th Street, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10001


in order of appearance

Maria Rainer Kathleen S. Meehan

Mother Abbess Cherie Trenholme-Pihl

Sister Berthe Kerry Schneider

Sister Margaretta Anne S. Harvey

Sister Sophia Susan Delorey

Captain Georg Von Trapp Eric Robert Eastman

Franz Robert Frasca

Frau Schmidt Pamela Bruckman

Liesl Von Trapp Raelyn Racicot

Friedrich Von Trapp Jared Nathan

Louisa Von Trapp Karen Goodno

Kurt Von Trapp Jim Ierardi

Brigitta Von Trapp Liz DeJulio

Marta Von Trapp Tess Amodeo-Vickery

Gretl Von Trapp Alexandra Socha

Rolf Gruber Jeff Caron

Elsa Schrader Ginny Bomil

Max Detweiller Glen Grimard

Herr Zeller Charles Emmons

Baron Elberfield Dan Pelletier

Baroness Elberfield Diane Galvin

Admiral Von Schreiber Bob Foster

Women’s Ensemble
(Nuns, Novices, Postulants, Party/Wedding guests, Festival Contestants and Goatherd Characters)
Catherine Andruskevich,
Barb Asketh,
Bernadette Boardman,
Alene Bonner,
Michele Bossie,
Anne M. L. Ducharme,
Cindy Fisher,
Diane Galvin,
Karin Harvey,
Martha Daniels-Holland,
Kathy Lovering,
Tahni Adams Morell,
Ellie Morrill,
Allison Pfeiffer,
Valerie Psoinos

Men’s Ensemble
(Party/Wedding Guests, Nazis, Goatherd Characters, Festival Contestants)
Brian Burke,
Jonathan Fisher,
Paul Jette,
David A. Kasok,
Christopher Leblond,
Paul Morell,
Stanley Polan,
Dave Swart,
David White

Additional Goatherd Ensemble Matt Charon,
Casey Elsass,
Jamie Feinberg,
John Guilmartin,
Garett Hawe,
Michael Lo Verme,
Svea Dellea-Messner,
Mallory Muller,
Steven Sickles,
Kyle Szen

Understudies Robert (Bob) Frasca as Captain Georg Von Trapp,
Barry Bonner as Franz


Piano David Gidge

Flute Linda True

Clarinet Greg Hackney

Trumpet Daniel Wendel

French Horn Kristin Olsen

Trombone Michael Steadman

Violin Lee Harvey

Bass Kathy Descheneaux

Percussion Steve Tamulonis


American Stage Festival

Stage One Productions

Jed Holland

Sister Carol & Sister Lucy of Presentation of Mary Academy

Harvey Family

Poulin Family

Kasok Family

The King’s Florist

Radio Shack (Nashua Mall)

Collins Florist

Marklin Candle Design

St. Christopher’s Parish

St. Patrick’s Parish

Sebastian Salvo

Darrell’s Music Hall

Jim Travers

Barry Bonner Graphic Design Services

Funding for Signing for the Deaf at Thursday’s dress performance was provided
by Gidge Insurance Services, Inc.

The producer also wishes to thank all those contributors to this production
whose names were omitted or submitted too late to be included in print.

Production and Technical Staff

Director/Musical Staging Bobby Fonacier

Producer Kerry Schneider

Assistant Director/Cast Stage Manager Amy Winograd Friedman

Music Director Kathy Redman

Choreographer Donna O’Bryant, Valerie Psoinos (dance captain)

Rehearsal Pianist David Gidge

Technical Director Craig Brennan

Construction Stage Manager Tara Prairie

Production Stage Manager Sue Bechard

Set and Scenic Design Dick BeaupreCraig Brennan

Set Construction Craig Brennan (master carpenter),
Larry Doiron (assistant),
Charles Emmons,
Ellie Morrill,
Brian Schmitt

Scenic Painting Annie M.L. Ducharme and Dave Kim (co-chairs),
Kevin Olson (assistant),
Charles Emmons,
Tricia Baker,
Suzanne Duhamel,
Kerry Schneider,
Bobby Fonacier,
Ellie Morrill,
Kathleen S. Meehan,
Brian Mehlman,
Jared Lester,
Diane and Michael Galvin,
Kathy, Madeline, and Emily Lovering,
Ben, Rebecca, and Kathy Redman

Costumes Karin Harvey (chair),
Raelene Liljeberg and Penny Tamulonis (assistants),
Gloria Smith,
Dora DeJulio,
Nancy Szen,
Cindy Knapton

Properties Charles Emmons (chair),
Cindy Knapton,
Wayne Picard,
Tracy Smith

Publicity Trish Baker (chair),
Michele Bossie,
Glen Grimard,
Annie M.L. Ducharme

Lighting Brian Schmitt,
David Kasok,
John McAllister,
Dennis Schneider

Running Crew Tara Prairie,
Bob Lovering,
Various Cast Members

Hair Catherine Andruskevich (chair),
Denise Jette,
Ellen Johnston,
Barbara Webb

Makeup Toni Camp (chair),
Jonathan Fisher,
Denise Jette,
Catherine Andruskevich,
Carrie Pelchat,
Alene Bonner

Masks Jim Travers

Poster Design Scott Blanchard

House Bill and Sue Koczarski

Audience Services Linnea McAllister

Tickets John LiljebergBetty Badeau

Program Bernadette BoardmanBarry BonnerBarbara Webb

Subscriptions David Ducharme

Rehearsal Refreshments Dan Pelletier

Cast Party Val LevesqueBarbara Webb

Lobby Display/Photos Thad Socha

Sound JSL Productions

Auditioning Board/Staff David Ducharme (chair)

Board Bobby Fonacier,
Amy Friedman,
Kathy Redman,
Donna O’Bryant,
Joanne Fortier,
Barbara Webb

Staff Ron Grenier,
Jennifer Williams,
Phil Krasinski,
Betty Badeau,
Valerie Levesque,
Sue Koczarski,
Kathleen Meehan,
Sue Bechard,
Raelyn Racicot,
Gail Bridgford,
David Gidge,
Ray DeRusha

Musical Synopsis

Act I

Overture The Orchestra

Scene 1 The Nonnberg Abbey (Austria, 1938)

Preludium The Nuns of the Nonnberg Abbey

Scene 2 A Mountainside Near the Abbey

The Sound of Music Maria

Scene 3 The Office of the Mother Abbess, the next morning

Maria Sister Berthe, Sister Sophia, Margaretta and Mother Abbess

My Favorite Things Maria and Mother Abbess

Scene 4 A Corridor in the Abbey

Reprise: My Favorite Things Maria

Scene 5 The Living Room of the Trapp Villa, that afternoon

Do-Re-Mi Maria and the Von Trapp Children

Scene 6 Outside the villa, that evening

Sixteen Going On Seventeen Rolf and Liesl

Scene 7 Maria’s Bedroom, later that evening

The Lonely Goatherd Maria, the Children, Goatherd Ensemble

Scene 8 A Hallway in the Villa

Scene 9 The Terrace of the Villa, six weeks later

How Can Love Survive? Max, Elsa, and Capt. Von Trapp

Reprise: Sound of Music Children, Capt. Von Trapp, Maria

Scene 10 A Hallway in the Villa, one week later

Scene 11 The Living Room, the same evening

Party Waltz Party Ensemble

Laendler Capt. Von Trapp and Maria

So Long, Farewell The Children

Scene 12 A Corridor in the Abbey

Morning Hymn The Nuns

Scene 13 The Office of the Mother Abbess, three days later

Climb Ev’ry Mountain Mother Abbess

Act II

Scene 1 The Terrace, the same day

Reprise: My Favorite Things The Children and Maria

No Way To Stop It Elsa, Max and Capt. Von Trapp

Scene 2 A Corridor in the Abbey, two weeks later

Scene 3 The Office of the Mother Abbess, immediately following

Gaudeamus Domino The Nuns

Scene 4 The Chapel, immediately following

Reprise: Maria The Nuns

Confitemini Domino The Nuns

Scene 5 The Living Room, one month later

Reprise: Sixteen Going On Seventeen Maria and Liesl

Scene 6 The Concert Hall Stage, three days later

Reprise: Do-Re-Mi Capt. Von Trapp, Maria and the Children

Edelweiss Capt. Von Trapp, Maria and the Children

Reprise: So Long, Farewell Capt. Von Trapp, Maria and the Children

Scene 7 The Garden of the Abbey, that night

Finale Ultimo The Nuns