Damn Yankees (1997)

Edmund M. Keefe Auditorium
May 9-11, 1997

Words and Music by Richard Adler and Jerry Moss

Book by George Abbott and Douglass Wallop

Based on the novel by Douglass Wallop “The Year The Yankees Lost The Pennant”

Presented in cooperation with:

Music Theatre International

421 West 54th Street, New York, NY 10019

All copyrights reserved


In Order of Appearance

Joe Boyd Glen Grimard

Meg Boyd Alene Bonner

Mr. Applegate Al Lindquist

Sister Cindy Knapton

Doris Michele Bossie

Joe Hardy John Gilboy

Henry S. Bechard

Sohovik Tom Hebert

Smokey Ray DeRusha III

Linville Denis Brunelle

Van Buren Barry Bonner

Rocky David Ducharme

Gloria Thorpe Donna O’Bryant

Lynch Kevin Guimond

Welch Dan Pelletier

Bryan Brian Schmitt

Lola Tracy Smith

Mickey Mitchell Fortier

Miss Weston Barb Asketh

Eddie Bobby Fonacier

Commissioner Kevin Guimond

Baseball Players Derek Levesque,
Josh Friedman,
Brian Schmitt

Ensemble Carol Babel,
Tricia Baker,
Jan Bennicoff,
Taylor Bossie,
Rebecca Brunelle,
Judy Bruno,
Chuck Emmons,
Karen Goodno,
Karin Harvey,
Jenny Hassey,
Steven Sickles,
Gloria Smith

The role of Joe Hardy – played by John Gilboy, and a
Baseball Player – played by Derek Levesque, were inadvertantly omitted
from the “Cast in Order of Appearance” on page 9 of this program.
Mr. Gilboy appears following the role of Doris.


Conducted by James Ravan

[Webmaster’s note: no orchestra listing was found. Anybody know who played what?]

Alto Saxophone, Clarinet Dale McDonald

[Webmaster’s PS: Thanks Dale for writing (Dec ’06)… anyone else remember anything?]


Kirby Gosnell – Dallas, TX

Production Staff

Producers Maurice Coutu,
John T. Liljeberg,
Barbara Webb

Cast Co-ordinator Alene Bonner


Dramatics Catherine Z. Andruskevich

Music/Orchestra James Ravan

Choreography Bobby Fonacier

Rehearsal & Show Pianist David Gidge

Stage Managers Joy Douville,
LeeAnne Ouellette,
Tara Prairie


Chair Brian Mehlman

Committee Catherine Z. Andruskevich,
Wayland Bunnell,
Bobby Fonacier,
James Ravan,
Rosalind Sandler,
Kerry Schneider

Pianist Jed Holland


Chair Brian Mehlman

Committee Annie Ducharme,
Pheona Petrie,
Tricia Provo,
Scott Blanchard


Production Scott Blanchard,
Bernadette Boardman,
Barry Bonner

Advertising Scott Blanchard (Poster),
Bernadette Boardman,
Cast Members

Ticket Sales Betty Badeau,
John &
Raelene Liljeberg,
Dave Miller

House & Concessions Shirley Coutu,
Sue Koczarski,
Valerie Levesque,
Margaret Tamulonis, &
Friends of Actorsingers

Lobby Display & Cast Photos William Koczarski

Rehearsal/Building Coordinator Dan Pelletier


Advisor/Chair Margaret Tamulonis/Kristin Sickles

Design Committee Alene Bonner,
Kristian Charlton,
Janet Christie,
Raelene Liljeberg,
Diane Sickles,
Betty Thomson,
Barbara Webb

Make-up & Hair

Chair Betty Thomson

Committee Toni Camp,
Tom Conlon,
Jill Gidge,
Michelle Guerette,
Ellen Thompson,
Sue Koczarski,
Kathy Meehan,
Joan Powers,
Tricia Provo,
Barbara Webb

Set Design Catherine Z. Andruskevich, Lacy Long

Set Construction Larry Doiron,
Bill Fisher,
Dave Lewis,
Tara Prairie,
Warren Tomasian

Set Painting & Stage Crew Catherine Z. Andruskevich,
Sue Bechard,
Denis Brunelle,
Waylan Bunnell,
Wendy Duprat,
Michelle Guerette,
Jed Holland,
Martha Daniels Holland,
Kate Houston,
Kim Huard,
David Kim,
Vonnie Lee,
Kevin Olson,
Emily Piehl,
Stan Polan,
Katie Poulin, Judy Stone,
Betty Thomson,
Douglas Webster

Stage Properties Ray DeRusha,
Cindy Knapton,
Karen Lewis,
Shari Lewis,
Taryn Lewis,
Vonnie Lee,
Barbara Webb


Design Dave Nelson

Committee Shamiel Afzaal,
John Bossie,
Dave Kasok,
Eric Rochette,
Brian Schmitt,
Henry Sparke

Sound JSL Productions (Jennifer Gilbride, Ben Lembree)

After-glow Brian Mehlman,
Kathy Mehlman,
Gordon Mehlman

A very special “Thank you” to those unsung heroes whose names did not
appear in this program. Please accept our sincere appreciation.

In Memory
This show is dedicated to Harold “Bud” Annis,

a charter life member of Actorsingers who served as Treasurer

and in many other capacities, both on- and off-stage.

Thank you Bud, for your lifetime of dedication!

Damn Yankees — Scenes and Musical Numbers

Act I

Scene 1

Song title Sungby

Scene 1 Meg & Joe Boyd’s Living Room – Just outside Washington, D.C.

Six Months Out Of Every Year Meg, Joe, husbands, wives, and families

Scene 2 Meg and Joe Boyd’s Front Porch

Goodbye, Old Girl Joe Boyd

Goodbye, Old Girl (reprise) Joe Hardy

Scene 3 Washington Senator’s Locker Room

Heart Van Buren, Ballplayers

Shoeless Joe Gloria, Ballplayers

Scene 4 Corridor Outside the Senator’s Locker Room

Scene 5 Welch’s Office

Scene 6 Applegate’s Office

A Little Brains, A Little Talent Lola

Scene 7 The Boyd’s Parlor

A Man Doesn’t Know Joe Hardy

Scene 8 The Senator’s Locker Room

Whatever Lola Wants Lola

Scene 9 A Public Park – Fan’s rally for Joe Hardy and the Senators

Heart (reprise) Sister, Doris, Joe’s Fans

Who’s Got The Pain Lola, Eddie, Ballplayers, Girl

Act II

Scene 1 The Senator’s Locker Room

The Game Ballplayers

Scene 2 Meg Boyd’s Bedroom

Near To You Joe Hardy, Meg, Joe Boyd

Scene 3 Applegate’s Office

The Good Old Days Applegate

Scene 4 Baseball Commissioner’s Hearing Room

Scene 5 Limbo (Yes, that one!)

Two Lost Souls Lola, Applegate

Scene 6 The Stadium Stands

Scene 7 The Senator’s Locker Room

Scene 8 The Boyd’s Living Room

A Woman Doesn’t Know (reprise) Meg & Joe Boyd


FALL 1997 – The Sound of Music

SPRING 1998 – Annie, Get Your Gun