Crazy For You (1996)

Edmund M. Keefe Auditorium
November 1-3, 1996

The New Gershwin Musical

Music & Lyrics by George & Ira Gershwin

Book by Ken Ludwig

Co-Conception by Ken Ludwig and Mike Ockrent

Inspired by Material by Guy Bolton and John McGowan

Originally produced on Broadway by Roger Horchow and Elizabeth Williams

“The worldwide copyrights in the music of George and Ira Gershwin for this presentation are licensed by the Gershwin Family”

“GERSHWIN is a registered trademark of Gershwin Enterprises

CRAZY FOR YOU is a trademark and service mark of CRAZY FOR YOU Enterprises”


In Order of Appearance

Tess Beth Thomson

Mitzie Martha Daniels-Holland

Elaine Tracy S. Smith

Louise Linda Olmstead

Margie Donna O’Bryant

Vera Roz Sandler

Sheila Roxanne Blais

Patsy Miriam Vichi Beck

Bobby Child Ed Knights

Bela Zangler Maurice Coutu

Irene Roth Kathleen S. Meehan

Lottie Child Joan Lawson

Perkins Charles Emmons

Drunk Barry Bonner

Sam Shawn Koczarski

Mingo David La Machia

Moose Glen Grimard

Polly Baker Paula Mitchell Demers

Jimmy Derek R. Levesque

Billy Steve Adamo

Pete Ed Musho

Everett Baker John Tamanakis

Lank Hawkins Chris Demers

Custus David R. Ducharme

Harry the Bartender Raymond G. DeRusha III

The Man with No Name Charles Emmons

Eugene Fodor Barry Bonner

Patricia Fodor Mary Naugle


Conducted by Keith Papa

[webmaster note: program book didn’t list instruments. I guessed a few. Anyone know? write me! -jed]

Cello Rowena Carr

? Chris Carroll

Trumpet Jay Daly

? John Duff, Jr.

? Eric Foreman

? Justin Iudiciani

? Nicholas Iudiciani

Trombone Rob Kruskol

? Jennifer Mandeville

? Noel Martin

? Wayne Morie

? Janet Silburn

? Ernest Sola, Jr.

Violin Carol Todaro

? Tim Webb


Stage One Productions

New Thalian Players

Russ Gage

Pizza Hut

Production and Technical Staff

Co-Producers Val Levesque,
Brian Mehlman

Director Gary Locke

Assistant Director David Kasok

Choreographer Bobby Fonacier

Assistant Choreographer Betty Thomson

Dance Captain Martha Daniels-Holland

Costumes Kristin Sickles (chair),
Kristian Chartton,
Penny Tamulonis,
Betty Thomson

Co-Stage Managers Brian Schmitt, Tara Prairie

Set Designer Shawn T. Tumpney

Stage Crew Brian Schmitt,
Tara Prairie,
Lee Ann Ouellette,
Kyle Lamerand

Set Construction Larry Doiron,
David Kim,
Lee Ann Ouellette,
Brian Schmitt,
Tara Prairie,
Joe Volade,
Gordon Mehlman,
Brian Mehlman,
Justin Preftakes

Lighting Crew David Kasok, Barb Asketh

Properties Kim Huard

Poster Design Scott Blanchard

Publicity Brian Mehlman,
Dan Pelletier

Program Bernadette Boardman (chair),
Barry Bonner,
Scott Blanchard,
Ted Rusomanis

Hair Design Ellen Johnston

Sound Ben Lembree

Photography Bill Koczarski

Tickets John Liljeberg,
Betty Badeau,
Raelene Liljeberg,
Dave Miller

Concessions Barbara Webb

Afterglow Bill and Sue Koczarski

Rehearsal Pianist Janet Silburn, Jed Holland

Auditioning Board Gary Locke,
Bobby Fonacier,
Keith Papa,
Betty Thomson,
Lacey Long,
Kathy Redman,
Sue Koczarski (chair)

The producer also wishes to thank all those contributors to this production
whose names were omitted or submitted too late to be included in this program.

Scenes and Musical Numbers

Act I

Scene 1 Wings and stage of Zangler’s Broadway Theatre. Just before a Follies finale

Opening: K-ra-zy for You Bobby

Scene 2 Street in front of the Zangler Theatre, N.Y.C. Five minutes later

I Can’t Be Bothered Now Bobby & Girls

Scene 3 Main Street – Deadrock, Nevada. Morning

Bidin’ My Time Cowboy Trio (Mingo, Moose, Sam)

Things Are Looking Up Bobby

Scene 4 Inside Lank’s Saloon – Deadrock, Nevada. Immediately following

Could You Use Me? Bobby & Polly

Scene 5 Main Street & Desert – Deadrock, Nevada. As evening falls

Shall We Dance? Bobby & Polly

Scene 6 Stage of the Gaiety Theatre – Deadrock, Nevada. Immediately following

Scene 7 Main Street – Deadrock, Nevada. Morning, three days later

Girls Enter Nevada (Bronc Busters) Chorus

Someone to Watch Over Me Polly

Scene 8 Lobby of the Gaiety Theatre. Mid-morning, two weeks later

Scene 9 Stage of the Gaiety Theatre. Immediately following

Slap That Bass Bobby (as Zangler) & Company

Embraceable You Polly & Bobby (as Zangler)

Scene 10 Backstage of the Gaiety Theatre. Saturday Night, about 7 o’clock

Tonight’s the Night Chorus

Scene 11 Main Street – Deadrock, Nevada. Immediately following

I Got Rhythm Polly & Company

Act II

Scene 1 Inside Lank’s Saloon. Fifteen minutes later

The Real American Folk Song Cowboy Trio & Chorus

What Causes That? Bobby & Zangler

Scene 2 Lank’s Saloon. The next morning, about 10 o’clock

Scene 3 Stage of the Gaiety Theatre. Ten minutes later

Stiff Upper Lip Eugene, Patricia, Bobby, Polly & Company

They Can’t Take That Away From Me Polly

But Not For Me Polly

Scene 4 Street in front of the Zangler Theatre. Six weeks later

Nice Work If You Can Get It Bobby & Girls

Scene 5 Main Street – Deadrock, Nevada. Three days later

Reprise: Things Are Looking Up Everett

Finale Company

Curtain Calls Full Company