The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas (1996)

Edmund M. Keefe Auditorium
May 17-19, 1996

Book by Larry L. King & Peter Masterson

Music & Lyrics by Carol Hall

[Carol Hall is correct, despite error on front cover of program booklet]

The Company

(In Order of Appearance)

Narrator Mark Crowell

Miss Wulla Jean Margaret Tamulonis

Nurse Alene Bonner

Angel Michelle Guerette

Shy Kathy LeClair

Jewel Barbara Lawler

Miss Mona Bernadette Boardman

Melvin P. Thorpe Glen Grimard

Sheriff Ed Earl Dodd Tom Ryder

Rufus Poindexter Daniel Pelletier

Doatsey Mae Kerry Schneider

Edsel Mackey John Tamanakis

Ed Scruggs Gary Locke

Senator Wingwoah Barry Bonner

Governor Ed Wall

Mona’s Girls Andrea Albright,
Miriam Vichi Beck,
Martha Daniels,
Michelle Guerette,
Kristin Hartford,
Denise Kearns,
Kathy LeClair,
Kathleen Meehan,
Rosalind Sandler,
Barbara Webb

Aggies/Cowboys Jeff Caron,
Mark Crowell,
Kenneth Dolan,
David R. Ducharme,
Bobby Fonacier,
Jed Holland,
David A. Kasok,
Derek Levesque,
Matthew Perkins,
Bob Terrell

Chorus Patricia Cashton,
Raymond G. DeRusha III,
Bill Dresher,
Chuck Emmons,
Carol Gorelick,
Melissa Groff,
Janet Hamel,
Kevin Kalled,
Cindy Knapton,
Mary Beth Lyon,
Sherry Ryder,
Gloria Smith,
Sharon Spivak,
Jennifer Williams


conducted by Kathy Cooney Redman

Fiddle Douglas Clegg

Guitar Robert Daniels

Bass Guitar David Handrick

Pedal Steel Guitar Peter McArdle

Piano David Gidge

Drums Jon Teger


Dave Ryan

Stan St. Onge

Stage One Productions

Sweet Adelines

New Thalian Players

Our Ticket Outlets

Barry Bonner Graphic Design Services

Winchendon Furniture Company

Milford High Athletic Director Marc Maurais

Production and Technical Staff

Co-Producers Sue Koczarski, Valerie Levesque

Director John Liljeberg

Assistant Director Betty Thomson

Choreographer Bobby Fonacier

Musical Director Kathy Cooney Redman

Costumes Julie Johnston (chair),
Penny Tamulonis,
Raelene Liljeberg,
Alene Bonner,
Linda Lipe

Lighting John McAllister and Dennis Schneider

Stage Managers Kyle Lamerand and Lee Anne Ouellette

Set Designer Kathy Lovering

Properties Dave Miller (chair),
Karen Lewis,
Allison Morrison

Poster Design Barry Bonner

Publicity Wendy Murphy (chair),
Bernadette Boardman,
Kerry Schneider

Program/Ads Bernadette Boardman,
Barry Bonner,
Ted Rusomanis

Make-up Toni Camp

Hair Design Ellen Johnston,
Rita Zaccone,
Catherine Z. Andruskevich

Sound JAMIN Sound & Lighting (Ben Lembree)

Cast Photography Croteau Photography

Tickets Betty Badeau, Raelene Liljeberg

House Shirley Coutu

Lobby Display Annie Ducharme

Afterglow Annie Ducharme

Set Construction Kyle Lamerand,
Warren Tomasian,
Brian Schmitt,
Beth Thomson,
Joy Douville,
Brian Mehlman,
Jeremy Belle Feiulle,
Lee Anne Ouellette

Set Crew Bob Lovering,
Brian Schmitt,
Brian Mehlman,
Tracy Smith,
Barb Asketh,
Jeremy Belle Feiulle,
Brian Schneider

Concessions Linda Olmstead assisted by
Bill Koczarski &
Shirley Coutu

Hall Refreshments Dan Pelletier

Auditioning Board Shelley LaTulippe,
John Liljeberg,
Betty Thomson,
Bobby Fonacier,
Kathy Cooney Redman,
Moe Coutu,
Stan St. Onge

We also wish to thank those whose names were omitted or
submitted too late to be included in the program.

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers

The action takes place in the state of Texas in the 1930s and the 1970s.

Act I

Scene 1 The parlor of the Chicken Ranch — 1930s

20 Fans The Narrator

Scene 2 & 3 The porch and parlor of the Chicken Ranch — 1970s

A Li’l Ole Bitty Pissant Country Place Mona, Jewel, Angel, Shy & Mona’s Girls

Girl You’re a Woman Mona & Mona’s Girls

Scene 4 The Melvin P. Thorpe TV Show

Watch Dog Theme Chorus

Texas Has a Whorehouse In It Melvin P. Thorpe & Chorus

Scene 5 A hallway at the Chicken Ranch

Scene 6 A parlor of the Chicken Ranch

24 Hours of Lovin Jewel & Mona’s Girls

Scene 7 The courthouse steps

Watch Dog Theme (reprise) Chorus

Texas Has a Whorehouse In It (reprise) Melvin P. Thorpe & Chorus

Scene 8 The Texas Twinkle cafe

Doatsey Mae Doatsey Mae

Scene 9 & 10 The locker room

The Aggie Song The Aggies (Cowboys)

Scene 11 The parlor of the Chicken Ranch

Scene 12 The parlor of the Chicken Ranch — the Raid

20 Fans (reprise) The Narrator and Friend


Scene 1 The porch of the Chicken Ranch (immediately following)

The Sidestep Governor, Senator Wingwoah, Melvin P. Thorpe & Chorus

Scene 2 The porch of the Chicken Ranch

No Lies Mona, Jewel & Mona’s Girls

Scene 3 The interior of the Sheriff’s office

Good Old Girl Sheriff & The Aggies

Scene 4 The parlor of the Chicken Ranch

Hard Candy Christmas Mona’s Girls

Scene 5 The porch of the Chicken Ranch

The Bus From Amarillo Mona