Godspell (1995)

American Stage Festival (Court Street)
Summer (exact dates?), 1995

The Cast

[Program book listed the cast only in the musical synopsis. Here is a full, alphabetic listing
for convenience.]
Jeff Caron,
Versee Damien Carter,
Moe Coutu,
Elizabeth Cox,
Martha Daniels,
Joy Douville,
David R. Ducharme,
James Freedman,
Jay Lawrence,
Pat Lawrence,
Kathleen S. Meehan,
Kate Phipps,
Lori Ellen Steeves,
Beth Thomson


Piano Jed Holland

Guitar Robert Daniels

Bass George Dresser

Drums Jon Teger

Production and Technical Staff

Director Kerry Schneider

Music Director Kathy Cooney Redman

Choreographer Nora Gomez Dears

Co-Producers Gayle Ann Bridgford,
Shirley Coutu

Set Design Shawn Tumpney

Light Design Dennis Schneider

Stage Manager Tara Prairie

Sound Brian Schneider, David Kasok

Props Fran White

Publicity Catie Poulin,
Chuck Emmons,
Stephanie White

Set Construction Shawn Tumpney,
Moe Coutu,
Alicia Kapers,
Tara Prairie,
Brian Schmitt

Crew David Kasok,
David Ryan,
Tony Salamone,
Dennis Schneider,
Lauren Schneider,
Kirsten Schwarz

Costumes Shirley Coutu,
Anne Ducharme,
Ted Rusomanis,
Cathy Silverman

Tickets Betty Badeau, John Liljeberg

Poster Design Barry Bonner

Program Michael Coutu

Rehearsal Pianist Ryan Hayman

House Manager Val Levesque

Auditioning Board Nora Gomez-Dears,
Laurie Lacasse,
Kathy Cooney Redman,
Susan Reilly,
Eric Rochette,
Kerry Schneider,
John Tamanakis,
Betty Thomson

Audition Dance Leaders Jessica Puliafico, Jackie Thornberg

The Godspell Ensemble and Musical Synopsis


Tower of Babel Ensemble

Blowing of the Shofar (Ram’s Horn) James Freedman

Prepare ye Jeff Caron (John the Baptist) and Ensemble

Save the People Jay Lawrence (Jesus) and Ensemble

Day by Day Lori Ellen Steeves and Ensemble

Learn Your Lessons Beth Thomson

Bless the Lord Kathleen S. Meehan and Ensemble

All for the Best Jay Lawrence and Moe Coutu (Judas)

All Good Gifts Pat Lawrence and Ensemble

Light of the World Elizabeth Cox and Martha Daniels and Ensemble


Learn Your Lessons David R. Ducharme

Turn Back O Man Kate Phipps and Jay Lawrence and Ensemble

Alas for You Jay Lawrence

By My Side Joy Douville and Ensemble featuring Martha A. Daniels

We Beseech Thee Versee Damien Carter and Ensemble

Day by Day (reprise) Ensemble

On the Willows The Band featuring Jed Holland, Robert Daniels, George Dresser and Jon Teger

Finale Jay Lawrence and Ensemble