Here’s Love (1994)

Edmund M. Keefe Auditorium
December 2-4, 1994

Music, Book and Lyrics by Meredith Willson

Cast of Characters

(In Order of Appearance)

Balloon Vendor Eric P. Rochette

Susan Walker Lauren Schneider

Kris Kringle Himself

Fred Gaily Dave Olmstead

Shellhammer Daniel Ouellete

Doris Walker Judy Bruno

Drunken Santa Claus Derek Levesque

R. H. Macy Barry Bonner

Helen Finfer Ashley Meehan

Mrs. Finfer Catherine Poulin

Henrika Shannon Murphy

Henrika’s Mother Alene Bonner

Ms. Crookshank Margaret Tamulonis

Ms. Sawyer Gloria Smith

Mayor of N.Y.C. Charles Emmons

Governor of N.Y.C. Kerry Schneider

Bloomingdale’s Associate Eric P. Rochette

Policeman Derek Levesque

Clara Catherine Poulin

Judge Group Robert Reid

District Attorney Karyn O’Bryant

Tammany Kathleen S. Meehan

Nurse Sims Kathy LeClair

Fred’s Marine Buddies Steve Ahearn,
Denis Brunelle,
Charles Emmons,
Derek Levesque,
Robert Reid

Girl Scout Melinda Ackman

Mailman Shawn Koczarski

Tommy Mara Stephen Schuler

Mr. Thompson Jeff Caron

Chorus Melinda Ackman,
Steve Ahearn,
Roxanne Blais,
Sarah Blanchard,
Alene Bonner,
Barry Bonner,
Denis Brunelle,
Jeff Caron,
Tom Caron,
Charles Emmons,
Nathan Gehan,
Mary Haggerty,
Shawn Koczarski,
Kathy LeClair,
Derek Levesque,
Ashley Meehan,
Lauren Meehan,
Shannon Murphy,
Karyn O’Bryant,
Daniel Ouellete,
Catherine Poulin,
Robert Reid,
Andrea Renaud,
Rachel Rines,
Kim Rose,
Stephen Schuler,
Jill Siegel,
Carrie Spaulding

Rockettes Roxanne Blais,
Alene Bonner,
Karrie Carnes,
Laura Foti,
Mary Haggerty,
Carrie Jose,
Missy Jose,
Amy Kempton,
Alissa Krauss,
Sarah Lally,
Kathy LeClair,
Kathleen S. Meehan,
Lauren Meehan,
Karyn O’Bryant,
Jill Price,
Kim Rose,
Jill Siegel,
Courtney Wolfe


Ken Clark

Tony D’Aveni

Nick Goumas

Greg Hackney

Sebastian Salvo

Jeff Hoyt

Wayne Mogel

Greg Mostovoy

Jonathan Robinson

Conducted by Steve Norris


Warren Tomasian

Bill Bothwell, Nashua Postmaster

The Little Shoe Store

Party Time

deMontigny Jewelers

Burke’s Books

Acton-Boxborough High School

Production and Technical Staff

Producer Val Levesque

Director Moe Coutu

Music Director Steve Norris

Choreographer Shelly Latulippe

Set Design Kathy Lovering

Stage Manager Eric Rochette

Cast Coordinator Wendy Murphy

Set Construction Kyle Lamerand

Set Painters Mike Ouellette,
Leanne Ouellette,
Eric Rochette,
Cindy Knapton,
Brian Schneider,
Tara Prairie,
Sonya Walcott,
Janet Christie

Set Artist Carolyn Clancy

Lighting Design Dennis Schneider

Properties Diane Hinton

Lighting Dave Kasok

Sound Robert Bridge

Costumes Shirley Coutu,
Ted Rusomanis,
Linda Olmstead

Make-Up Judy Cortez

Tickets Betty Badeau, John Liljeberg


Ads Bernadette Boardman (Chair)

Research Ted Rusomanis

Design & Layout Paul Rothenberg

House Services Martha Daniels

Stage Crew Kathy Lovering,
Bob Lovering,
Brian Mehlman,Mike Ouellette,
Leanne Ouellette,
Kathleen Meehan,
Harry Meehan,
Eric Rochette,
Carolyn Clancy,
Tara Prairie,
Barb Asketh,
Kyle Lamerand

Publicity Kerry Schneider,
Laura Foti,
Catie Poulin,
Dan Ouellette

Auditioning Board & Staff Catherine Andruskevich,
Moe Coutu,
Steve Norris,
Shelly Latulippe,
Joy Douville,
Susan Fucito,
Evelyn Carrigan

Rehearsal Refreshments Dan Pelletier

Here’s Love

Act I

Scene 1 The Shop

Song title Sungby

Scene 1 A street in the West 70’s of New York. Thanksgiving morning.

Overture Orchestra

Opening Act I Chorus

Big Ca-Lown Balloons Chorus

Scene 2 Behind scenes at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Scene 3 Along the parade route. Immediately following.

Rain Balloons Chorus

Adeste Fideles March Rockettes

Scene 4 Macy’s. Immediately following.

Scene 5 Doris’ apartment. That evening.

Arm in Arm Susan and Doris

Night Incidental Music Orchestra

You Don’t Know Doris

Scene 6 Doris’ office at Macy’s. The following morning.

Plastic Alligators Schellhammer and Clerks

To Toy Department Schellhammer and Clerks

Scene 7 Macy’s toy department. Immediately following.

Bugles Cris and Hendrika

Here’s Love-Kris Fred and Chorus

Scene 8 Central Park. Later that day.

Here’s Love Tag Fred

My Wish Fred and Susan

Scene 9 Doris’ office. In the meantime.

Pinecones and Hollyberries Kris, Doris and Schellhammer

Scene 10 Fred’s apartment. Late afternoon the same day.

Look, Little Girl Fred

Scene 11 In the street outside. Immediately following.

Look, Little Girl (reprise) Doris

Scene 12 Ms. Sawyer’s office. The following Monday morning.

Scene 13 Macy’s toy department. That night.

Expect Things to Happen Kris and Susan

Toy Ballet Dancers

Finale Act I Orchestra

Act II

Scene 1 The chambers of Judge Martin Group. The following Thursday morning.

Prelude Orchestra

Scene 2 An isolation room at Bellevue. In the meantime.

Pinecones Reprise Susan and Kris

Scene 3 Fred’s apartment. That night.

Scene 4 Corridor in a N.Y. State Supreme Court. 8:30 a.m. next morning.

Scene 5 The courtroom. Immediately following.

That Man Over There is Santa Claus Macy and Chorus

My State, My Kansas Doris, Macy, Shellhammer, Tammany, Judge

Scene 6 The corridor. 3:00 p.m. Tuesday, December 24th.

Nothing in Common Doris

Scene 7 The courtroom. Immediately following.

Case Dismissed All

Love Come Take Me Away Doris

Scene 8 Macy’s model living room display. Immediately following.

Finale Ultimo Orchestra

Bows Orchestra