Meet Me In St. Louis (1993)

Edmund M. Keefe Auditorium
November 5-7, 1993

Book by Sally Benson

Music and Lyrics by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blanc

Based on The Kensington Stories by Sally Benson

And the MGM motion picture Meet Me In St. Louis

MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS is presented through special arrangement with:

Tams-Whitmark Music Library, Inc.

560 Lexington Avenue

New York, New York 10022

The Company

(in order of appearance)

Tootie Smith Karen Anne Costura

Mr. Smith Barry Bonner

Mrs. Smith Joan Lawson

Agnes Smith Shannon Murphy

Katie Diane Hinton

Esther Smith Paula Mitchell Demers

Rose Smith Barbara Dandy-Lawler

Lon Smith Ted Rusomanis

Grandpa Prophater Bill Mauser

Douglas Moore Paul M. Rothenberg

Lucille Ballard Shelly Latulippe

John Truitt Denis Brunelle

Chet Murphy Evan Mauser

Frank Gregory Dan Ouellette

Girl at Party Laura C. Foti

Dr. Bond Chris Demers

Girl at Fair Deborah Comire

Dance Chorus Carrie Pelchat,
Deborah Comire,
Chris Demers,
Scott Fagula,
Laura C. Foti,
Derek Levesque,
Evan Mauser,
Dan Ouellette,
Rosalind Sandler,
Jill Siegel,
Josh Thissell

Chorus Catherine Z. Andruskevich,
Alene Bonner,
Tom Camp,
Jim Freedman,
Karen Goodno,
Ashley Meehan,
Lauren Meehan,
Michelle Morse,
Catherine E. Poulin,
Pamela Raymond,
Gloria Smith,
Ed Wall


Violin Deborah Dean

Flute Elise Locker

Clarinet/Alto Sax Dale R. McDonald

Trumpet Keith Larochelle

Piano Christopher Lacey

Bass/Banjo Jerry Adams

Percussion John Medeiros, Jr.


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The Little Shoe Store

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deMontigny Jewelers

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Production and Technical Staff

Producer Caroline Belanger-Pelchat

Dramatics Director Gary Locke

Music Director Rosanna Ferro

Choreographer Betty Thomson

Assistant Dramatics Director Valerie Levesque

Cast Coordinator Mary Sue Beyer

Stage Manager Kevin Pelchat

Set Designer Kathy Lovering

Scenic Artist Lori Chadbourne

Lighting Designer David Kasok

Lighting Assistants John McAllister

Tickets Betty Badeau,
John Liljeberg,
David Miller

Costume Design & Reconstruction Margaret Tamulonis

Costuming Cindy Knapton,
Janet Bedard,
Raelene Liljeberg,
Gerry Fereshetian,
Margaret Tamulonis,
Doug Webster

Millinery Carolyn Marineau,
Margaret Tamulonis

Publicity Laura C. Foti,
Dan Pelletier,
Valerie Levesque

Programs & Ads Bernadette Boardman*,
Diane Nolan,
Ted Rusomanis,
Shawn Tumpney

House Barb Asketh

Concessions Karen Lewis,
Kerry Schneider

Make-up Toni Camp,
Linda Annis,
Fran White,
Meg Peterson,
Cast Members & Friends

Hair Rob Hilse*,
Students of Continental Academie of Hair Design, Inc.

Properties Sarah Blanchard*,
Irene Walworth,
Catherine Z. Andruskevich

Crew/Set Painters Bob Lovering,
Jeff Gendron,
Lee Anne Ouellette,
Lori Ouellette,
Mark Hand,
Mike Ouellette,
Sue Morin,
Harry Meehan

Cast Party Martha A. Daniels*,
Kerry Schneider,
Bernadette Boardman,
Joy Douville

Sound Al Fairbrother

Sound Effects Gary Locke

Poster Design Joan Lawson

Lobby/Photo Display Irene Walworth

Auditioning Board/Staff Linda Olmstead*,
Gary Locke,
Rosanna Ferro,
Betty Callahan,
Bruce English,
Jared Holland,
David Miller,
Eric Rochette

Rehearsal Accompaniment Christopher Lacey

Rehearsal Refreshments Dan Pelletier

Subscriptions Bernadette Boardman*,
Shirley Coutu,
Kerry Schneider

Membership John Liljeberg

Membership List Kerry and Dennis Schneider

Newsletter Diane Nolan

The Producer also wishes to thank all those whose names were
omitted or submitted too late to be included in this program.

* Chair

Synopsis of Scenes — Musical Numbers

The Setting: St. Louis 1903


Scene 1 Skinker Swamp – Early Spring

Meet Me In St. Louis Grandpa and Ensemble

Scene 2 Skinker Swamp – Early Spring (continued)

Meet Me In St. Louis (Reprise) Tootie

Scene 3 The Smith’s front porch

The Boy Next Door Esther

Scene 4 The Smith’s living room

Almost Rose and Douglas

Scene 5 The Smith’s front porch – Late Summer

Wasn’t It Fun Mr. And Mrs. Smith

Scene 6 The Smith’s living room – Early Fall

Skip To My Lou Lon, Lucille and Dance Chorus

Under the Bamboo Tree Esther and Tootie

Banjos Lon and Dance Chorus

Over the Banister Esther and John

Scene 7 The Smith’s living room – December

Scene 8 The Trolley to the Fairgrounds

Trolley Song Esther and Esemble


Scene 1 The Smith’s front porch – December 24th

A Touch of the Irish Katie, Esther and Rose

Scene 2 Skinker Swamp – Same day

What’s His Name Lucille

Scene 3 Skinker Swamp (continued)

Be Anything But a Girl Grandpa, Agnes and Tootie

Scene 4The Smith’s front porch – same day

You Are For Loving Esther and John

Scene 5 The Smith’s living room – Christmas Eve

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Esther

Wasn’t It Fun (Reprise) Orchestra

Scene 6 On the way to the Fair – April

Trolley Song (Reprise) The Ensemble

Scene 7 The Louisiana State Purchase Exposition

Meet Me In St. Louis (Reprise) The Ensemble

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