Baby (1993)

(Court Street, downstairs)

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Cast of Characters

(in order of appearance)

Narrator Kerry Schneider

Danny Hooper Daniel Coleron

Lizzy Fields Patricia Lawrence

Arlene McNally Catherine Andruskevich

Alan McNally C. Raymond Snow

Pam Sakarian Marsha Gaiero

Nick Sakarian David Ryan

Nurse Lori Paelinck

Doctor Paul Rothenberg

Dean Webber Barry Bonner

Prof Weiss Shawn T. Tumpney

Ms. Hart Bernadette Boardman

First Lady Beth Thomson

Second Lady Alene Bonner

Third Lady Lori Paelinck

Fourth Lady Bernadette Boardman

Fifth Lady Betty Thomson

Sixth Lady Kerry Schneider

Musicians for BABY

Piano Jay Jannell

Bass F. J. Ventre

Percussion Steve Werst


The Nashua Center for the Arts

John McAllister

Robert Daniels

TV Thirteen

Nancy Ogrodowczyk

Linda Olmstead

Barbara Lawler

Nashua Public Library

St. Joseph’s Hospital

D. Ryan & Sons, Inc.

Dennis Schneider

Diane Guenard

Dan Pelletier

Dan Bergeron

Production Staff

Producer Shawn T. Tumpney

Director Tony Salamone

Musical Director Brian Guenard

Choreographer Tony Salamone

Assistant Director Bernadette Boardman

Set Designer Shawn T. Tumpney

Lighting Designer Alex Molnar

Costume Coordinators Kimberley McManus & Penny Tamulonis

Stage Manager Irene Walworth

Set Construction Shawn Tumpney, Dave Kasok, Dave Ryan

Set Painting Kerry Schneider,
Beth Thomson,
Bernadette Boardman,
Shawn Tumpney,
Tony Salamone,
Irene Walworth,
Peg Hislop

Stage Crew Derick Levesque,
Sarah Blanchard,
Sue Bechard

Lighting Board Operator Dave Kasok

Sound Operator Irene Walworth

Props Fran White & Diane Nolan

Tickets Shirley Coutu

Program Tony Salamone

Publicity Dan Pelletier

Make Up Pamela Raymond & Linda Pike

Hair Stylist Rob Hilse and Continental Academie of Hair Design

Photography Irene Walworth

Lobby Display Irene Walworth

House Manager Colleen Starkey and Val Levesque

Auditioning Board Chairperson Dave Miller

Audition Pianist Nancy Ogrodowczyk

Auditioning Board Tony Salamone,
Brian Guenard,
Sue Reilly,
Shawn Ingram,
Shawn Tumpney,
Sue Bechard

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers


Scene 1 Lizzie & Danny’s apt/ Alan & Arlene’s kitchen/ Pam & Nick’s bedroom – March

We Start Today Company

Scene 2 Lizzie and Danny’s apartment – April

What Could Be Better Lizzie and Danny

Scene 3 Alan and Arlene’s bedroom – April

The Plaza Song Alan and Arlene

Scene 4 Pam & Nick’s bedroom/The Holiday Inn/The park

Baby, Baby, Baby Nick, Pam, Danny, Lizzie, Alan, and Arlene

Scene 5 The doctor’s waiting room

I Want It All Pam, Lizzie and Arlene

Scene 6 The locker room

At Night She Comes Home To Me Nick and Danny

Scene 7 Around campus

Scene 8 The doctor’s office – May

Scene 9 Alan and Arlene’s bedroom

Scene 10 The locker room

Fatherhood Blues Men

Scene 11 The bus station – Pam and Nick’s bedroom – Alan and Arlene’s porch

Romance 1 Pam & Nick

I Chose Right Danny

Scene 12 Danny and Lizzie’s bedroom – June

The Story Goes On Lizzie


Scene 1 The park – August

The Ladies Singing Their Song Lizzie and the Ladies

Scene 2 The park.

Baby, Baby, Baby (reprise) Arlene

Patterns Arlene

Scene 3 Pam & Nick’s bedroom – September

Romance 2 Pam and Nick

Romance 3 Pam and Nick

Scene 4 Alan & Arlene’s kitchen

Easier To Love Alan

Scene 5 Lizzie and Danny’s bedroom – October

Two People In Love Lizzie, Danny and Company

Scene 6 Alan & Arlene’s house

Scene 7 Pam and Nick’s bedroom

With You Pam and Nick

Scene 8 Alan and Arlene’s porch

And What If We Had Loved Like That Alan and Arlene

Scene 9 Lizzie & Danny’s apt/Pam & Nick’s bedroom/Alan & Arlene’s house – November

Birth Sequence Lizzie, Danny, Pam, Nick, Arlene, and Alan

Scene 10 The hospital room

Finale Company

The Actorsingers’

Upcoming Productions

Meet Me in St. Louis

November 5, 6, 7, 1993

Into the Woods

May, 1994