My Fair Lady (1992)

Edmund M. Keefe Auditorium
October 30 to November 1, 1992

Adapted From Bernard Shaw’s “Pygmalion”

Book and Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner

Music by Frederick Loewe

My Fair Lady is presented through special arrangement with

Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc.

560 Lexington Avenue

New York, New York 10022

The Company

(in order of appearance)

Buskers Denis Brunelle,
Martha A. Daniels,
Dale Hines

Mrs. Eynsford-Hill Colleen Starkey

Eliza Doolittle Stacey Kazakis

Freddy Eynsford-Hill Ronald C. Bourque

Colonel Hugh Pickering Barry Bonner

A Bystander Moe Coutu

Henry Higgins Al Lindquist

Selsey Man Jeff Goumas

Hoxton Man Stephen F. Dunhom

First Cockney John Tamanakis

Second Cockney Josh Friedman

Third Cockney James Freedman

Fourth Cockney Moe Coutu

Harry Bill Mauser

Jamie Christian Connolly

Alfred P. Doolittle Ed Wall

Mrs. Pearce Joan Lawson

Mrs. Hopkins Kathleen Palmer

Butler Jeff Goumas

Servants Alene Bonner,
Martha A. Daniels,
Stephen F. Dunhom,
Virginia Harvey,
Mary Naugle,
Barb Young

Mrs. Higgins Jackie Elsmore

Mrs. Higgins’ Manservant Shawn T. Tumpney

Footman Shawn T. Tumpney

Lord Boxington James Freedman

Constable Derek Levesque

Flower Girl Mary Naugle

Zoltan Karpathy Pete Houston

Queen of Transylvania Diane M. Therriault

Ambassador of Transylvania James Freedman

Singing Ensemble Alene Bonner,
Denis Brunelle,
Judy Bruno,
Demetrius Carnahan,
Jack Coburn,
Christian Connolly,
Moe Coutu,
Martha A. Daniels,
Stephen F. Dunhom,
Adrienne FitzPatrick,
James Freedman,
Josh Friedman,
Jeff Goumas,
Margaret Harper,
Dale Hines,
Kathy LeClair,
Derek Levesque,
Mary Naugle,
Kathleen Palmer,
Carly Sherry,
Tracy M. Smith,
John Tamanakis,
Diane M. Therriault,
Shawn T. Tumpney,
Barb Young

Dancing Ensemble Ronald C. Bourque,
Denis Brunelle,
Christian Connolly,
Martha A. Daniels,
Adrienne FitzPatrick,
Dale Hines,
Kathy LeClair,
Derek Levesque,
Kathleen Palmer,
Carly Sherry,
Tracy M. Smith,
Shawn T. Tumpney,
Barb Young


Jim Boucher

Josh Davis

Nick Goumas

Greg Hackney

Jeff Hoyt

Peter Moutis

Jim Pelz

George Stevens

Conducted by Linda E. Silverman


Burke’s Books

The Little Shoe Store

deMontigny Jewelers

Party Time

Actorsingers thanks:

Continental Academie of Hair Design, Inc.

Ann Harvey

Bruce and Phyllis Steward

The Kazakis Family

Production and Technical Staff

Co-Producers Gary Locke and Val Levesque

Dramatics Director Catherine Z. Andruskevich

Music Director Linda E. Silverman

Choreographer Betty Thomson

Asst. Drama & Music Director Kay Goranson

Set Designer Kathy Lovering

Set Artist George Bourbeau

Set Construction Kevin Pelchat

Set and Stage Crew Tom Camp,
Mary Callahan,
Rick Dowd,
Amy Dowd,
Jim Travers,
Eric Rochette,
Kathy Meehan,
Sue Morin,
Monica leBlanc,
Greg Lewis,
Matt Lewis,
Bob Lovering,
Gary Locke,
Beth Thomson,
Leo & Ann Kashian,
Janet Christie,
Dave Miller,
Dan Ouellette,
Lori Ouellette,
Lee Ann Ouellette

Lighting Design & Special Effects John McAllister and
Ben Lembree

Properties Dan Pelletier,
Bernadette K. Boardman,
Amy Friedman,
Karen Lewis,
Ted Rusomanis

Sound Sound Factory

Costumer/Wardrobe Penny Tamulonis and
Raelene Liljeberg assisted by
Joy Douville,
Carolyn Marineau

Hair Design Diane L. Nolan assisted by Continental Academie:
Rob Hilse,
Michelle Nadeau,
Lori Black

Tickets Betty Badeau and
John Liljeberg assisted by
David Miller

Program/Ads Bernadette Boardman,
Diane Nolan,
Ted Rusomanis,
Linda Olmstead,
Shawn Tumpney

Audience Services & House Shirley Coutu,
Renee Psoinos,
Kerry Schneider

Publicity & Lobby Display Catherine E. Poulin,
Kerry Schneider,
Fran White,
Lynette Fletcher,Gary Locke,
Shirley Coutu,
Jan Bennicoff,
Jim Travers,
Eric Rochette,
Marsha Gaiero

Poster Design Judee Donahue

Afterglow Lillian Brunelle and
Mabel Mortlock

Auditioning Board & Staff John Liljeberg (Chair),
Catherine Z. Andruskevich,
Linda E. Silverman,
Betty Thomson,
Sue Bechard,
Jed Holland,
Linda Ayer,
Carrie Pelchat,
Val Levesque,
Beth Thomson,
Rosemarie Cox,
Debby Comire

Rehearsal Accompaniment Jim Boucher

Rehearsal Refreshments Dan Pelletier

Subscriptions Shirley Coutu

Membership List Kerry and Dennis Schneider

Newsletter Carrie Pelchat

The Co-Producers also wish to thank all those whose names were
omitted or submitted too late to be included in this program

The Penny Award Winner…
Catherine Z. Andruskevich

The Actorsingers are honored to present Catherine with this season’s Penny Award.
This award is bestowed upon an Actorsinger member whose efforts and excellence
excell all expectations of our membership.

The organization celebrates the contributions of this dedicated “Renaissance woman”.
During her history with The Actorsingers, Catherine has donned several hats-as a
Past President, a vital chairwoman of several boards including auditions, building
and planning, hair and make-up, sets and props, as well as various other production
and technical committees. In addition, this Actorsinger is a superb performer and
is the director of this production!

Whether on-stage, back-stage or off-stage, Catherine’s hard work and determination
illuminate her as a true shining star. We thank her for all her efforts and are
proud to know Catherine as a director, a performer, an Actorsinger and as a friend.

We applaud and thank you!

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers

The place is London, the time 1912

Act I

Scene 1 Outside the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. A cold March night

Street Entertainers

“Why Can’t the English?” Higgins

“Wouldn’t It Be Loverly” Eliza and Cockneys

Scene 2 Tenement Section-Tottenham Court Road, immediately following

“With A Little Bit of Luck” Doolittle, Harry and Jamie

Scene 3 Higgins’ Study, the following morning

“I’m An Ordinary Man” Higgins

Scene 4 Tenement Section, as before, three days later

Reprise: ” With A Little Bit of Luck ” Doolittle and Ensemble

Scene 5 Higgins’ study, later the same day

“Just You Wait” Eliza

“Poor Professor Higgins” Servants

“The Rain in Spain” Higgins, Eliza and Pickering

“I Could Have Danced All Night” Eliza, Mrs. Pearce and Maids

Scene 6 Near the race meeting, Ascot, a July afternoon

Scene 7 Inside a club tent, Ascot, immediately following

“The Ascot Gavotte” Ensemble

Scene 8 Outside Higgins’ house, Wimpole Street, later that afternoon

“On the Street Where you Live” Freddy

Scene 9 Higgins’ Study, six weeks later

Scene 10 The Promenade of the Embassy, later that night

Scene 11 The Ballroom of the Embassy, immediately following

“The Embassy Waltz” Higgins, Eliza, Karpathy and Ensemble

Act II

Scene 1 Higgins’ Study, 3:00 the following morning

“You Did It” Higgins, Pickering, Mrs. Pearce and the Servants

Reprise: “Just You Wait” Eliza

Scene 2 Outside Higgins’ house, Wimpole Street, immediately following

Reprise: “On the Street Where you Live” Freddy

“Show Me” Eliza and Freddy

Scene 3 Flower market of Covent garden, 5:00 that morning

Reprise: “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly” Eliza and Cockneys

“Get Me to the Church On Time” Doolittle, Harry, Jamie and Ensemble

Scene 4 Higgins’ Study, 11:00 that morning

“A Hymn to Him” Higgins

Scene 5 Conservatory at Mrs. Higgins’ home, later that day

“Without You” Eliza

Scene 6 Higgins’ Study, dusk that afternoon

“I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face” Higgins

Coming Next Spring!


Before Radio, Before Special Effects, There was BARNUM!

This musical offers a guided tour of the highlights of Phineas Taylor Barnum’s
career from 1835 to 1880, when he joins James A. Bailey to create “The Greatest
Show on Earth”. Along the way, we are treated to such legendary sucker-bait
attractions as Joice heath, George Washington’s alleged 160 year old nurse,
the midget Tom Thumb, Jumbo the elephant, the Swedish Nightingale, Jenny Lind
and the three ring circus. The story of Phineas Taylor Barnum (America’s “Prince
of Humbug”) promises a circus atmosphere full of color, light, tumbling, clowning,
marching, twirling and juggling. Noteworthy songs from the show include: “There
Is a Sucker Born Ev’ry Minute”, “The Colors of My Life”, “One Brick at a Time”,
“Bigger Isn’t Better”, “Join the Circus” and “Come Follow the Band”.