Singin’ In The Rain (1992)

Edmund M. Keefe Auditorium
May 15-17, 1992

Songs by Nacio Herb Brown and Arthur Freed

Screenplay and Adaptation Betty Comden and Adolph Green

Directed by Maurice Coutu
Musical Direction by Steve Norris
Choreographed by Susan Fucito
Co-produced by Shirley Coutu and Kerry Schneider
Scenic Design by George Bourbeau
Lighting Design by Dennis Schneider and John McAllister

Singin’ In The Rain is presented through special arrangement with

Music Theatre International, Inc.

545 Eighth Avenue

New York, New York 10018

The Company

(in order of appearance)

Dora Bailey Betty Thomson

Zelda Zanders Beth Thomson

R.F. Simpson Ed Wall

Roscoe Dexter Philip Pisano

Cosmo Brown Jared Holland

Lina Lamont Marsha A. Gaiero

Don Lockwood Dave Olmstead

Young Don Shawn Koczarski

Young Cosmo Will Bouvier

Villain Stephen F. Dunhom

Lady-in-Waiting Lisa Picard

Rod Kevin G. Collimore

Kathy Selden Kathleen S. Meehan

Policeman Stuart J. Lerman

Butler Stuart J. Lerman

1st Assistant Director Denis Brunelle

2nd Assistant Director Mark W. Soucy

3rd Assistant Director Martha A. Daniels

Wardrobe Mistress Diane L. Nolan

Hairdresser Diane L. Nolan

Production Singer Jeffrey R. Berry

Phillips Stuart J. Lerman

Miss Dinsmore Joy Douville

Male Diction Teacher C. Raymond Snow

Sound Engineer Eric P. Rochette

Ensemble Jeffrey R. Berry,
Francie Bombardiere,
Denis Brunelle,
Laurie A. Cass,
Jack Coburn,
Kevin G. Collimore,
Rosemarie Cox,
Martha A. Daniels,
Joy Douville,
Stephen F. Dunhom,
Marianne Gayda,
Susan Lynn Jarmuz,
Leslie Jarvis,
Jesse Kingston,
Tammy L. Krakie,
Kathy LeClair,
Stuart J. Lerman,
Derek Levesque,
Christin Marks,
Diane L. Nolan,
Kathleen Palmer,
Lisa Picard,
Philip Pisano,
Pamela Raymond,
Eric P. Rochette,
Janice Rockwell,
Rosalind Sandler,
C. Raymond Snow,
Mark W. Soucy,
Beth Thomson,
Betty Thomson


Conductor Steve Norris

Violins Joseph Kabat, Carol Todaro

Woodwinds John Bethel,
Greg Hackney,
Nick Goumas

Trumpets Jeff Hoyt, George Stevens

Trombone Jim Pelz

Bass Bronek Suchanek

Percussion Peter Moutis

Piano Jim Boucher


Party Time

The Little Shoe Store

deMontigny Jewelers

Burke’s Books

Mercer Paper Tube Corp.

Production and Technical Staff

Co-Producers Kerry Schneider and Shirley Coutu

Dramatics Director Maurice Coutu

Music Director Steve Norris, assisted by Jared Holland

Choreographer Susan Fucito

Cast Coordinator Val Levesque

Stage Managers Sue Bechard and Mark Hand

Set Designer George Bourbeau

Set Construction Kevin Pelchat

Set and Stage Crew Catherine Andruskevich,
Amanda Allen,
Frances White,
Gary and Melinda Barton,
Bob and Judy Blatz,
Barbara Webb,
Jackie Reiner,
Bill Koczarski,
Rick Dowd,
David Miller,
Meagan White,
Amy Winograd Friedman

Lighting Dennis Schneider and John McAllister

Special Effects John McAllister and Dennis Schneider

Properties Amy Dowd, and Tami Goodan

Costumes Renee Psoinos assisted by
Shirley Coutu,
Penny Tamulonis,
T.J. Rusomanis

Hair Design Lisa Clark assisted by Continental Academie:
Karen Berube,
Jennifer Lacourse,
Tracy Rabbito,
Kristen Hartford

Makeup T.J. Rusomanis assisted by
Bernadette Boardman,
Bonnie Allen,
Dot Turner,
Donna O’Bryant,
Linda Annis

Tickets Betty Badeau and John Liljeberg assisted by David Miller

Program/Ads Bernadette Boardman,
T.J. Rusomanis,
Diane Nolan,
Shawn Tumpney

Audience Services Linnea McAllister

Sound Frank Gaiero/Star Trax

Publicity Catherine E. Poulin assisted by
Amanda Allen,
Frances White,
Marianne Gayda,
Marsha Gaiero,
Stephen F. Dunhom

Poster Design Judee Donahue

Photos and Lobby Display Frances White and Catherine E. Poulin

Afterglow Val Levesque,
Carrie Pelchat,
Penny Tamulonis,
Catherine E. Poulin,
Barbara Webb

Auditioning Board Carrie Pelchat (Chair),
Maurice Coutu,
Steve Norris,
Susan Fucito,
Bernadette Boardman,
Mark Hand,
Jeff Garber

Rehearsal Accompaniment Jim Boucher

Rehearsal Refreshments Dan Pelletier

Subscriptions Shirley Coutu

Membership List Kerry and Dennis Schneider

Newsletter Carrie Pelchat

The Co-Producers also wish to thank all those whose names were omitted or
submitted too late to be included in this program

The Penny Award
Actorsingers is pleased to announce Ted Rusomanis as the most recent recipient
of our distinguished Penny Award. Ted, who currently serves as Vice President on
our Board of Directors, has earned this honor by virtue of his great devotion
and boundless commitment to the success of Actorsingers.

Theatre-goers may remember him on-stage as Bert in 42nd Street, Curly in Oklahoma!,
Tony in West Side Story, the tinman in The Wiz and Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors.

The Penny Award (named after Penny Tamulonis, one of our founders) is discriminately
bestowed to those who exhibit outstanding dedication. We heartily congratulate
Ted upon this well-deserved tribute.

The Cast of Singin’ in the Rain:

…wishes Jerry Tellier good luck with the tour of Sesame Street Live

…thanks Dave Olmstead for stepping in and doing a fabulous job

…appreciates Linda Olmstead for all her hard work & quick note-taking

Synopsis of Scenes – Musical Numbers


Scene 1 Outside Graumann’s Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, 1927

“Fit as a Fiddle” Don and Cosmo

Scene 2 Inside Graumann’s Chinese Theatre at the Film Premiere of “The Royal Rascal”

Scene 3 Stage of the Theatre

Scene 4 Hollywood Boulevard that night

“You Stepped out of a Dream” Don and Chorus

Scene 5 R.F. Simpson’s Mansion

“All I do is Dream of You” Kathy and Chorus Girls

Scene 6 Stage at monumental Pictures Studio

“Make ‘Em Laugh” Cosmo

Scene 7 The set of “The Dueling Cavalier”

Scene 8 Monumental Studios Soundstage

“Beautiful Girls” Tenor

“You are my Lucky Star” Kathy

Scene 9 Deserted Soundstage

“You Were Meant for Me” Don

Scene 10 Vocal Coaches Offices

“Moses Supposes” Don and Cosmo

Scene 11 Monumental Studios Soundstage “Dueling Cavalier”

“Moses Supposes” (Reprise) Ensemble

Scene 12 Major Studio Preview of “The Dueling Cavalier”

Scene 13 Don’s House

“Good Morning” Don, Cosmo and Kathy

Scene 14 Street Outside Kathy’s House

“Singin’ In The Rain” Don


Scene 1 R.F. Simpson’s Office

Scene 2 Recording Studio

“Would You” Kathy

“Would You” (Reprise) Don

Scene 3 Somewhere on the Lot

Scene 4 R.F. Simpson’s Office

“Broadway Melody (Gotta Dance)” Cosmo, Don and Ensemble

Scene 5 Graumann’s Chinese Theatre. The Premiere of “The Dancing Cavalier”

“Would You” (Reprise) Lina and Kathy

“You are my Lucky Star” (Reprise) Don and Kathy

“Singin’ In The Rain” Ensemble

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