Mame (1991)

Edmund M. Keefe Auditorium
November 1-3, 1991

Book by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee

Music and Lyrics by Jerry Herman

The Company

(in order of appearance)

Patrick Dennis, Young Shawn Koczarski

Agnes Gooch Kerry Schneider

Vera Charles Joy Douville

Mame Dennis Barbara Dandy Lawler

Ralph Devine Paul Rothenberg

M. Lindsay Woolsey Mark Hand

Ito Philip Pisano

Messenger Troy Thibeault

Dwight Babcock Bill Gaudreau

Stage Manager Stan Polan

Madame Brainislowski Betty Thomson

Gregor Earl Spivack

Beauregard Burnside Brad Shepard

Uncle Jeff C. Raymond Snow

Cousin Fan Catherine Andruskevich

Sally Cato Bernadette K. Boardman

Mother Burnside Gladys Miles Rodriquez

Patrick Dennis, Older Denis Brunelle

Junior Babcock Stephen Dunhom

Mrs. Upson Gloria Smith

Mr. Upson Dan Pelletier

Gloria Upson Martha A. Daniels

Pegeen Ryan Karen Lewis

Peter Dennis Sean Lawler

Ensemble Catherine Andruskevich,
Bernadette Boardman,
Chris Connolly,
Martha Davison,
Pat Delzell,
Jean Dinwoodie,
Stephen Dunhom,
Laura Foti,
Jim Freedman,
Julie Haagenson,
Mark Hand,
Virginia Harvey,
Ben Holland [not really–kicked out of show during production week for failure to get a haircut],
Jed Holland,
Stacey Kazakis,
Joan Lawson,
Martha Levesque,
Lois Lightner,
Mike Mozer,
Meg Petersen,
Stan Polan,
Catherine Poulin,
B.J. Rogers,
Josue Rondon,
Rosalind Sandler,
C. Raymond Snow,
Earl Spivack,
Lori Steeves,
Troy Thibeault,
Beth Thomson,
Betty Thomson

It’s Today Quartet Jean Dinwoodie,
Virginia Harvey,
Joan Lawson,
Martha Levesque

Moon Song Trio Catherine Andruskevich,
Stacey Kazakis,
Meg Petersen


John Bethel

James Boucher

Wayne Branco

Nick Goumas

Greg Hackney

Jeffrey Hoyt

Peter Moutis

Danny Nolan

Jim Pelz

Sebastian Salvo

Conducted by Sebastian Salvo


International Fare

Little Shoe Store

Party Time

Burke’s Books

de Montigny Jewelers

Nashua Symphony

The Footlight Club

Concord Players

Pinkerton Academy

Production and Technical Staff

Producer David Miller

Cast Coordinator Val Levesque

Dramatics Director John Liljeberg

Musical Director Susan Reilly

Choreographer Tony Salamone

Asst. Drama Director Kay Goranson

Stage Manager Glen R. Seaman

Set Designer Frances White

Set Artist James Travers

Set Construction Kevin Pelchat

Set amp; Stage Crew Amanda Allen,
George Bourbeau,
Tom Camp,
Elli St. George,
Peigi Clemenshaw,
Rick Dowd,
Bill Koczarski,
Derek Levesque,
Bob Labrie,
David Lewis,
Bob Lovering,
Kathy Lovering,
Laurie McCarthy,
Debbi Rioux,
Meagan White,
Denis Brunelle

Lighting Dennis Schneider, John McAllister

Properties Glen R. Seaman,
Frances White,
Janet Christie,
Alyson Abriel,
Tami Goodan,
Elli St. George,
Amy Dowd,
Dan Pelletier,
Laurie McCarthy

Sound Sue Bechard, Sound Factory

Costumer/Wardrobe Raelene Liljeberg,
Penny Tamulonis,
Carrie Pelchat,
Carolyn Marineau,
Joan Marchie,
Martha Davison,
Joan Lawson,
Joy Douville

Make-up Mark Hand,
Linda Annis,
Judy Cortez,
Linda Getler,
Ted Rusomanis

Hair Catherine Andruskevich,
Brenda Florin,
Bonnie Gilinson,
Karen Dion,
Kelly Dionne,
Cheryl Penkofski,
Wendy Damiano

Tickets Betty Badeau, Sopheavy Miller

Publicity Catherine Poulin,
Kerry Schneider,
Mark Hand,
James Travers,
Moe Coutu,
Pat Delzell

Lobby Display Phil Scontsas,
Catherine Poulin,
Carrie Pelchat,
Amalia Gray

House Penny Tamulonis,
the ushering staff,
members of The Actorsingers and
The Actorsingers Chorus

Program/Ads Bernadette Boardman,
Phyllis Spivack,
Diane Nolan,
S. Tumpney,
T. Rusomanis

Afterglow Kathy LeClair,
Martha Daniels,
Lisa Clark,
Val Levesque

Audience Services Karen & David Lewis,
Taryn Lewis,
Carrie Pelchat,
Linnea McAllister,
Lisa Clark,
Kathy LeClair

Rehearsal Refreshments Dan Pelletier

Rehearsal Accompaniment Jim Boucher, Nancy Ogrodowczyk

Dance Captains Julie Haagenson,
Beth Thomson,
Mike Mozer

Auditioning Board David Miller,
Kay Goranson,
Albert Miller,
David Olmstead,
Susan Reilly,
Tony Salamone,
John Liljeberg

Auditioning Staff Nancy Ogrodowczyk,
Carrie Pelchat,
Nicole Chiasson,
Martha Daniels,
Ruth Kozak,
Val Levesque

The Producer also wishes to thank all those whose names were
omitted or submitted to late to be included in the program.

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers

Act I

Scene 1 Somewhere in New York, 1928

St. Bridget Agnes and Young Patrick

Scene 2 Mame’s Apartment atop Beekman Place

It’s Today Mame, Vera and Chorus

Scene 3 A Hallway in Mame’s Apartment

Scene 4 Mame’s Bedroom

Scene 5A Mame’s Living Room

Scene 5B All Around New York

Open a New Window Mame, Patrick, Mr. Babcock and Chorus

Scene 6 Beekman Place Apartment

Scene 7 Shubert Theatre, New Haven

The Moon Song Vera, Mame and Girls

My Best Girl Mame and Young Patrick

Scene 8 Salon Pour Messieurs

Scene 9 The Beekman Place Penthouse

We Need a Little Christmas Mame, Agnes, Ito and Young Patrick

We Need a Little Christmas (reprise) Mame, Agnes, Ito, Young Patrick and Beauregard

Scene 10 Portico and Front Lawn of Peckerwood

The Fox Hunt Uncle Jeff, Patrick, Cousin Fan, Mother Burnside, Sally Cato and Chorus

Mame Beau, Mother Burnside, Mame and Chorus

Act II

Scene 1 A Prep School-College Dorm and Singapore

Dear Auntie Mame Younger and Older Patrick

My Best Girl Older Patrick

Scene 2 The Beekman Place Apartment — Six Months Later

Bosom Buddies Vera and Mame

Bosom Buddies (reprise) Vera and Mame

Scene 3 The Beekman Place Apartment — Six Months Later

Gooch’s Song Agnes

Scene 4 The Upson Barn

The Darien Dip Connecticut Kid Dancers

That’s How Young I Feel Mame and Dancing Chorus

If He Walked Into My Life Mame

Scene 5 The Beekman Place Apartment

It’s Today Mame, Vera and Chorus

My Best Girl Older Patrick

Scene 6 Beekman Place Apartment — 1946

Open a New Window Mame and Peter