42nd Street (1991)

Edmund M. Keefe Auditorium
May 3-5, 1991

Music by Harry Warren

Lyrics by Al Dubin

Book by Michael Stewart & Mark Bramble

Based on the Novel by Bradford Ropes

Directed by Frances White

Musical Direction by Sebastian Salvo

Choreographed by Pat Ross

Produced by Shirley Coutu

Scenic Design by James Travers

Lighting Design by Dennis Schneider

The Company

(in order of appearance)

Andy Lee Philip Scontsas

Oscar Sebastian Salvo

Mac Paul M. Rothenberg

Maggie Jones Donna O’Bryant

Bert Barry Ted Rusomanis

Phyllis Dale Diane L. Nolan

Lorraine Fleming Martha E. Levesque

Diane Lorimer Barbara A. Lawler

Ann Reilly Shelly Latulippe

Peggy Sawyer Nancy Ogrodowczyk

Billy Lawlor Jerry Tellier

Ethel Bernadette Boardman

Robin Ruth Kozak

Gladys Linda Olmstead

Winnie Leslie Jarvis

Millie Carrie Belanger-Pelchat

Julian Marsh Brad Shepard

Dorothy Brock Joy Douville

Abner Dillon Ed Wall

Frankie Daniel Pelletier

Pat Denning William A. Durling

Waiter Shawn T. Tumpney

Thugs Tom Camp, Philip Pisano

Girl with Clipboard Irene Walworth

Doctor Patrick J. Keane

Ensemble Alyson Abriel,
Jen Beaudry,
Sue Bechard,
Bernadette Boardman,
Francie Bombardiere,
Elizabeth Braune,
Ted Braune,
Denis “Scoop” Brunelle,
Tom Camp,
Peggi Cleminshaw,
Amy Dowd,
Michelle Dubois,
Jackie Elsmore,
James Freedman,
Dorothea Gilleran,
Jed Holland,
Leslie Jarvis,
Leo W. Kashian,
Patrick J. Keane,
Rosemarie Clare Kelly,
John Kenyon,
Ruth Kozak,
Demi Kyprides,
Barbara A. Lawler,
Kathy LeClair,
Martha E. Levesque,
Bill Mauser,
Diane L. Nolan,
Susan O’Brien,
Linda Olmstead,
Carrie Belanger-Pelchat,
Philip Pisano,
Rosalind Sandler,
Bill Smith,
Elli St. George,
Ron Sweet,
Shawn T. Tumpney,
Barbara Demmett Webb


Sequencing on the KORG T2 Music Workstation Sebastian Salvo

Percussionist Steve Michaud

Production Staff

Producer Shirley Coutu

Director Frances (Fran) White

Music Director Sebastian Salvo

Choreographer Pat Ross

Assistant Choreographer Carrie Frontiero

Dance Captain Ruth Kozak

“The End” Moe Coutu

Stage Manager Kevin Pelchat

Assistant Stage Manager Kathy and Bob Lovering

Set Designer James A. Travers

Assistant Set Designer Lisa Olson

Set Construction Jackie Reiner,
Lisa Olson,
Ann Callahan,
Mary Callahan,
Jill Darin,
Bonney Burback,
Kristin Burak,
Martha A. Daniels,
Bob Lovering,
Kathy Lovering,
Kevin Pelchat,
Bob Labrie,
Dave Lewis,
Greg Lewis,
Mark Soucy,
Moe Coutu,
Brian Guenard,
Bonnie Allan,
Lisa Clark,
Rick Dowd,
Dave Kasok,
Sherri Bosse,
Dan Ouellette

Set Crew Bonney Burback,
Kristin Burak,
Meaghan White,
Ann Callahan,
Mary Callahan,
Bob Lebrie,
Jackie Reiner,
Glenn Davison,
Mark Soucy,
Jill Darin,
Janet Christie,
Moe Coutu

Lighting Designer Dennis Schneider

Special Effects John McAllister

Properties Bonnie Allan and Mark Soucy

Sound The Music Factory

Costumes Penny Tamulonis, assisted by Renee Psoinos

Wardrobe Committee Karen Lewis, Shirley Coutu and
Sue Fucito

Make-up Mark Hand, Dot Turner and Barbara Minor

Hair Sue Fucito, Kathy Brydon, and Carol Yetto

Tickets Betty Badeau, John T. Liljeberg and Dave Miller

Publicity Catherine E. Poulin and Kerry Schneider

Publicity Committee Patricia Lawrence,
Tom Camp,
Lisa Olson,
James A. Travers,
Shawn T. Tumpney,
Irene Walworth,
Moe Coutu,
Daniel Pelletier

Audience Services Linnea McAllister

House Stacey A. Kazakis and Jan Smith

Program/Ads Bernadette Boardman and T. J. Rusomanis

Program Typset [sic] Diane L. Nolan

Layout Diane L. Nolan,
Nancy Stacey,
Shawn T. Tumpney,
Fran White,
Shirley Coutu,
Kathy LeClair

Cast Photographer Irene Walworth

Afterglow Martha A. Daniels

Subscription Drive Shirley Coutu

Membership List/Mailings Dennis and Kerry Schneider

Rehearsal Refreshments Daniel Pelletier

Auditioning Board Shirley Coutu (chair),
Frances White,
Sebastian Salvo,
Pat Ross,
Dave Lewis,
Kerry Schneider,
Sandra Valhouli

Newsletter Carrie Belanger-Pelchat

The Producer also wishes to thank all those whose names were submitted too late to be included in this program.

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers

Act I

Scene 1 42nd Street Theatre, New York City, 1933

Audition Andy Lee and Ensemble

Young And Healthy Billy Lawlor, Peggy Sawyer

Shadow Waltz Maggie Jones, Dorothy Brock and Girls

Shadow Waltz (reprise) Dorothy

Scene 2 Gypsy Tea Kettle

Go Into Your Dance Maggie, Peggy, Annie, Andy, Phyllis, Lorraine

Scene 3 On Stage

You’re Getting To Be A Habit With Me Dorothy, Billy, Peggy and Ensemble

Scene 4 Dorothy Brock’s Dressing Room

Scene 5 On Stage

Getting Out Of Town Maggie, Bert Barry, Pat Denning and Ensemble

Scene 6 Arch Street Theatre, Philadelphia

Dames Billy and Ensemble

Scene 7 Regency Club and Dorothy Brock’s Suite

I Know Now Dorothy and Ensemble

Scene 8 Opening Night, Arch Street Theatre

I Know Now (reprise) Billy and Girls

We’re In The Money Annie, Peggy, Phyllis, Lorraine, Billy and Ensemble

Act One Finale Dorothy, Peggy and Ensemble

Act II

Scene 1 Outside Dorothy’s Dressing Room, Ten Minutes Later

Scene 2 Dressing Rooms at the Arch Street Theatre

There’s A Sunny Side To Every Situation Annie and Ensemble

Scene 3 Outside the Stage Door of the Arch Street Theatre

Scene 4 Broad Street Station, Philadelphia

Lullaby Of Broadway Julian and Full Company

Scene 5 42nd Street Theatre, New York City

Scene 6 Peggy’s Dressing Room

About A Quarter To Nine Dorothy and Peggy

Scene 7 Opening Night of “Pretty Lady” – 42nd Street Theatre, New York City

Shuffle Off To Buffalo Bert, Annie, Maggie and Ensemble

42nd Street Peggy and Ensemble

Scene 8 Backstage

42nd Street (reprise) Julian