Cinderella (1990)

Elm Street Jr. High School Auditorium
November 9-11, 1990

Music by Richard Rodgers

Book and Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II

CINDERELLA is presented through special arrangement with

The Rodgers and Hammerstein Theatre Library

589 Madison Avenue, New York, New York 10022

The Company

(in order of appearance)

Herald Joe Witthohn

Stepmother Kerry Schneider

Joy Marsha Gaiero

Portia Diane E. Guenard

Cinderella Patricia Lawrence

King Moe Coutu

Queen Barbara A. Lawler

Chef Tom Camp

Steward Denis Brunelle

Prince Morgan L. McGary

Fairy Godmother Barbara Demmett Webb

Footman Chris Connolly

Clumsy Man Daniel Pelletier

Minister James Freedman

Opening Soloists Shawn Koczarski,
James Freedman,
Ann Mitchell,
Stacey A. Kazakis,
Martha A. Daniels,
Beverly Tompkins,
Kathy LeClair,
Susan K. Hebert,
Donna O’Bryant,
Alyssa Yonkin,
Brooke Goulet,
Judy Lee Chanen,
Bernadette Boardman,
Diane L. Nolan,
Linda Pyke

Palace Guards Bob Alcorn,
Kenneth Lupinacci,
Corby Holland

Palace Servants Sue Bechard,
Martha A. Daniels,
Susan K. Hebert,
Thomas G. Hebert,
Corby Holland,
Deborah Keefe,
Donna O’Bryant,
Philip Pisano,
Mark W. Soucy

Cinderella’s Coachmen Chris Connolly,
Mark Benjamin Gifford,
Ronald J. Sweet

Horses Martha A. Daniels,
Susan K. Hebert,
Karen Lewis,
Diane L. Nolan

Townspeople Bob Alcorn,
Sue Bechard,
Bernadette Boardman,
Denis Brunelle,
Tom Camp,
Judy Lee Chanen,
Chris Connolly,
Martha A. Daniels,
Nina Eppes,
James Freedman,
Mark Benjamin Gifford,
Susan K. Hebert,
Thomas G. Hebert,
Corby Holland,
Stacey A. Kazakis,
Deborah Keefe,
Kathy LeClair,
Karen Lewis,
Kenneth Lupinacci,
Ann Mitchell,
Diane L. Nolan,
Donna O’Bryant,
Lisa Picard,
Philip Pisano,
Linda Pyke,
Rosalind Sandler,
Barbara Sloboda,
Mark W. Soucy,
Nancy Stacey,
Ronald J. Sweet,
Beverly Tompkins,
Carol Yetto

Children Brooke Goulet,
Stacey Holland,
Shawn Koczarski, Sabrina Lawrence,
Alyssa Yonkin


Conductor Steve Norris

Assistant Conductor Jared Holland

Woodwind Louis Stamas

Trumpet Jeff Hoit

Trombone Frank Wing

Percussion Steve Michaud

Assistant Percussion Joseph Kurta

Keyboard Jared Holland, Sebastian Salvo, Jr.


International Fare

Party Time

The Little Shoe Store

Pheasant Lane Mall

Angela Stricklett

Production and Technical Staff

Production Coordinator T.J. Rusomanis

Director Shawn T. Tumpney

Music Director Steve Norris

Choreographer Susan Fucito

Assistant Director Lisa G. Clark

Stage Manager David Miller, assisted by Sheri Bosse

Set Designer James A. Travers

Stage Carpenters David Lewis, assisted by Brett Berg

Set Painters Bob Labrie,
Sopheavy Miller,
Ann Callahan,
Sue Morin,
Melinda Barton,
Kraig Gibson,
T.J. Lewis,
George Bourbeau,
Meziane Hebdinj,
Bill Koczarski,
Mary Callahan,
Stephanie Morin,
Gary Barton,
Joshua Bossie,
Bob Lovering,
Kathy Lovering,
Peigi Cleminshaw,
Leo Kashian,
Kris Dumont,
Don Jeffrey,
Brian Guenard,
Shirley Coutu,
Glen Seaman,
Chris Brache,
Derek Levesque

Lighting Designer David Kasok

Lighting Crew Don Jeffrey,
Melinda Barton

Special Effects Dennis Schneider, assisted by John McAllister

Properties Lori Jeffrey, assisted by Cheryl Cormier

Sound The Music Factory

Costume Designer Jeffrey K. Bryant

Wardrobe Committee Shirley Coutu,
Carrie Belanger-Pelchat,
Margaret “Penny” Tamulonis,
Linda Pyke

Make-Up Ted Rusomanis,
Barbara Minor,
Mary Staple,
Anne Elser,
Dot Turner,
Tammy Herron

Hair Design Jon Prunier,
Tammy Russo,
Steve Keskinen of Stephen Marx Hair Salon

Tickets Betty Badeau and
John T. Liljeberg

Publicity Kerry Schneider (chairperson),
Catherine Poulin,
Daniel Pelletier,
Ruth Kozak,
Mark C. Hand,
Tom Camp

House Margaret “Penny” Tamulonis, assisted by
Gloria Smith,
Betty Callahan,
Bud Annis,
Frank Bolen,
Grace Bolen,
Catherine Poulin,
Raelene Liljeberg,
Stanley Polan,
Pam Bliss,
Jan Smith,
Whitney Smith,
Shirley Nash,
Ed Goranson,
Kay Goranson,
Fred Larson,
Andrea Swanson-Larson,
Linnea McAllister,
Yvonne Freedman,
David Pierce

Program Judy Lee Chanen,
Bernadette Boardman,
Ted Rusomanis,
Shirley Coutu,
Lisa G. Clark,
Shawn T. Tumpney

Program Ads Bernadette Boardman,
Carrie Belanger-Pelchat

Cast Photographer Irene Walworth

Afterglow Valerie Levesque (chairperson),
Jan Smith,
Pat Ross

Subscription Drive Shirley Coutu

Membership List/Mailings Dennis and Kerry Schneider

Rehearsal Refreshments Daniel Pelletier

Rehearsal Accompaniment Jared Holland, Nancy Ogrodowczyk

Audience Services Sue Morin, Ushers

Poster Design Angela Stricklett

Auditioning Board Mark C. Hand (chairperson),
Shawn T. Tumpney,
Steve Norris,
Susan Fucito,
Betty Badeau,
David Miller,
Marji Paulsen,
Sebastian Salvo, Jr. (audition accompaniment)

Newsletter Mark C. Hand, Carrie Belanger-Pelchat

The story of Cinderella is one of the greatest fairy tales of all time.
The musical, “Cinderella,” is just as fascinating as the original story itself.
In 1956, Julie Andrews was making her Broadway debut in “My Fair Lady”.
Composers, lyricists, and playwrights were anxious to create roles and songs for the new star.
Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II were approached by Miss Andrews’ agent
to showcase her talents in a television premiere of “Cinderella.”
The concept of producing musicals based on fairy tales was made popular a few years earlier
by Mary Martin who starred in “Peter Pan.”

While writing the script, Hammerstein stayed true to the original tale with minor exceptions.
In his version, the stepsisters were used as comic relief and the Fairy Godmother
was young and attractive.

Ironically, “Cinderella” aired on the 13th anniversary of the opening night of
Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Oklahoma”.
Over 13 years of performances, “Oklahoma” was viewed by approximately 12 million people.
The television audience for the premiere of “Cinderella” was well over 107 million viewers.

Unfortunately, “Cinderella” aired a few years before the advent of videotape;
thus the original broadcast was seen only once.
In 1965, a remake was filmed starring Leslie Anne Warren as Cinderella,
Walter Pidgeon as the King, Ginger Rodgers as the Queen, and Celeste Holmes as the Fairy Godmother.

Scenes and Musical Numbers

Act One


Scene 1 The Public Square

The Prince is Giving a Ball

Scene 2 Cinderella’s House

In My Own Little Corner

Scene 3 The Royal Dressing Room

Your Majesties

Boys and Girls Like You and Me

Scene 4 Cinderella’s House

In My Own Little Corner (reprise) into Fol-De-Rol


It’s Possible

Act Two

Scene 1 Outside the Palace

Scene 2 The Palace Ballroom


Scene 3 The Royal Garden

Ten Minutes Ago

Stepsisters’ Lament

Scene 4 The Royal Ballroom


Ten Minutes Ago

Scene 5 The Royal Gardens

Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful?

Act Three

Scene 1 Cinderella’s House

When You’re Driving Through the Moonlight

A Lovely Night

A Lovely Night (coda)

Scene 2 The Royal Dressing Room

Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful? (reprise)

Scene 3 The Public Square

The Search

Scene 4 Cinderella’s House

Scene 5 The Palace Garden

Scene 6 The Palace Ballroom

Finale — The Wedding