Peter Pan (1988)

Elm Street Auditorium
November 18-20, 1988

A musical based on the play by James M. Barrie

Lyrics by Carolyn Leigh

Music by Mark Charlap

Additional Music by Jule Styne

Additional Lyrics by Betty Comden & Adolph Green


Peter Pan Linda Finkle

Wendy Beth Landry

John Robert Burns

Michael Staci Boucher

Mr. Darling Robert Michael Wright

Mrs. Darling Kerry Schneider

Captain Hook Robert Michael Wright

Smee Shawn Tumpney

Tiger Lily Meg Peterson

Nana/Crocodile Cheryl Cormier

Liza Gloria Smith

Jane Stacey Holland

Tinkerbell Dennis Schneider

Pirates Carl Andruskevich,
Marc Cormier,
John Doherty,
David Ducharme,
James Freedman,
Mark Hand,
Corby Holland,
David Lewis,
Stephen Mather-Lees

Indians Jenny Emerson,
Nicole Krumrine,
Chris McPherson,
Beth O’Bram,
Nicole Ouellette,
Carrie Pelchat,
Sacha Ross

Lost Boys Erin Ackerman,
Alexis Amorose,
Lisa Boucher,
Kathan Doherty,
Varney Holland,
Brett Mauser,
Krissy Naspo,
Rachel Ross,
Brian Schneider,
Alyssa Yonkin

Flying by FOY


Pianist Betsy Bucknam

Keyboard/Synthesizer Shawn McCann

Trumpet Brian Guenard

Guitar Ron Tyler

Bass Robert Hill

Percussion Steve Werst


Lechmere (Pheasant Lane Mall)

Production and Technical Staff

Director Maurice Coutu

Music Director Diane Guenard

Choreographer Susan Fucito

Audition Board Chairperson Linnea McAllister

Stage Manager/Tech Design Kathy Lovering

Asst. Stage Manager/Artistic Designer Laurie Chadbourne-Nowicki

Production Coordinator/Cast Coordinator Mark Hand

Asst. Cast Coordinators Joy Douville, Cheryl Cormier

Lighting Designer Dennis Schneider

Set Design Kathy Lovering, Laurie Chadbourne-Nowicki

Props Sue Morin

Costumes Shirley Coutu (chair),
Ted Rusomanis,
Cheryl Cormier,
Patti Emerson

Program Donna O’Bryant,
Images and Ideas,

Ads Sue Bechard

Stage Crew, Painters, and Construction Bob Lovering,
Bob Labrie,
Kevin Pelchat,
John McAllister,
Dan Ouellette,
David Miller,
Stephanie Morin,
Sue Morin,
Janet Christie,
Normand Raby,
Paul Soucy,
Leanne Ouellette,
Bill Smith,
Whitney Smith

Make-up Ted Rusomanis,
Donna O’Bryant,
Terry Mercier

Hair Steve Keskinen

Publicity Mark Hand (chair),
Brian Landrigan,
Tom Camp,
Kerry Schneider,
Sue Morin

House Jan Smith, Sue Bechard

Tickets John Liljeberg, Betty Badeau

Subscriptions Shirley Coutu

Rehearsal Refreshments Dan Pelletier

Newsletter Mark Hand, Laurie Chadbourne-Nowicki

FOY Equipment Operators Bob Lovering,
Marc Cormier,
John Doherty,
David Lewis,
Carl Andruskevich

Ticket Outlets
Party Time,
Act I Video,
Little Shoe Store,
Book Rack,
Country Bear

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers

Act I

Scene 1 The Nursery of the Darling Residence

Tender Shepherd Mrs. Darling, Wendy, John and Michael

I’ve Got to Crow Peter

Neverland Peter

I’m Flying Peter, Wendy, John and Michael

Scene 2 Flight to Neverland

Act II

Scene 1 Neverland

Pirate Song Hook and Pirates

A Princely Scheme Hook and Pirates

Indians Tiger Lily and Indians

Wendy Peter and Boys

Another Princely Scheme Hook and Pirates

Neverland Waltz Liza

Scene 2 Path Through the Woods

I Won’t Grow Up Peter and Boys

Mysterious Lady Peter and Hook

Scene 3 Neverland Home Underground

Ugg-a-Wugg Peter, Tiger Lily, Children and Indians

The Pow Wow Peter, Tiger Lily, Children and Indians

Distant Melody Peter


Scene 1 The Pirate Ship

To the Ship Peter and Company

Hook’s Waltz Hook and Pirates

The Battle Peter, Hook and Company

Scene 2 Path Through the Woods

I’ve Got to Crow (reprise) Peter, Liza and Company

Scene 3 The Nursery of the Darling Residence

Tender Shepherd (reprise) Wendy, John and Michael

I Won’t Grow Up (reprise) The Darling Family and the Lost Boys

Scene 4 The Nursery — many years later

Neverland (reprise) Peter