Mack and Mabel (1988)

Elm Street Auditorium
May 13-15, 1988

Book by Michael Stewart

Lyrics by Jerry Herman

presented through special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc. 45 West 25th Street, New York, NY 10010


Eddie, the Watchman Jim Freedman

Mack Sennett Brad Shepard

Lottie Ames Lisa G. Clark

Ella Martha Levesque

Freddie Mark Hand

Charlie Muldoon Jeremy Catland

Wally Shawn Tumpney

Frank Wyman Robert Michael Wright

Mabel Normand Lisa Albright

Mr. Kleiman Bob Addiss

Mr. Fox Maurice Coutu

Iris, the Wardrobe Mistress Pauline Landrigan

William Desmond Taylor Lowell Williams

Chorus Players Carl Andruskevich,
Susan C. Holtshouser,
Sue Bechard,
Lori Jeffery,
Cheryl Cormier,
David Kasok,
Martha Daniels,
Beth Landry,
Susan B. Demers,
Annie Lyons,
Joy Douville,
David Miller,
David Ducharme,
Diane Nolan,
Linda Felcyn,
Donna O’Bryant,
Suzanne Foti,
Stan Polan,
Leslie Glow,
Gregg Price,
Michelle Golden,
Pat Ross,
Barbara Graham,
Ted Rusomanis,
Maureen Hall,
William J. Smith,
Jed Holland

Production and Technical Staff

Director Tim Robinson

Music Director Dan Murphy

Choreographer Carrie Frontiero

Dance Captains Mark Hand and Joann Palermo

Audition Board Shirley Coutu, chairperson;
Karen Lewis,
Kathy Lovering, and
Betty Callahan

Stage Manager Michael Berger

Assistant Stage Manager Warren Stewart

Production Managers Pauline LandriganLori Jeffery

Lighting Designers Dennis Schneider and John McAllister

Lighting Crew Sue McIntyre Robinson

Set Designer Laurie Chadbourne Nowicki

Props Deb Baker, chairperson;
Jean Rogers,
John McAllister,

Ads Bernadette Melton-Plante,
Brian Landrigan

Stage Crew, Painters and Construction Don Jeffrey, Kathy and Bob Lovering,
Marc Cormier,
Dan Oulette,
Lee Ann Oulette,
Erin Ackerman,
Sue Morin,
Bob Labrie,
Stephanie Morin,
Kathy Marchi,
Kirk Rogers,
Melinda Barton,
Paul Soucy,
Kevin Riley,

Hair Regina Napolitano and Crew

Publicity Kathy Lovering, chairperson;
Bob Addiss,
Tim Robinson,
Jean Rogers,
Pamela Smith,
David Olmstead,
Tom Camp,
Peter Brady

House Linnie McAllister

Ushers Kerry Schneider, chairperson;
Ann Mitchell,
Grace and Frank Bolen,
Gloria Smith,
Betty Callahan,
Linda and David Olmstead,
David Adler,
Tom Camp,
Sharon Elliot,
Karen Lewis,
Dianne Albright,
Andrea Swanson,
Fred Larson,
Yvonne Freedman,
Kim Hamel

Afterglow Linda and David Olmstead, chairpersons;
Jean and Kirk Rogers,
Karen and David Lewis,
Kathy Lovering,
Brian Landrigan,
Tom Camp

Tickets John Liljeberg and Betty Badeau

Subscriptions Shirley Coutu

Newsletter John Liljeberg and Lisa Clark

Rehearsal Refreshments Dan Pelletier

Ticket Outlets
The Book Rack,
The Country Bear,
The Little Shoe Store,
Party Time

Special Thanks to Dave Lawrence-sound,
Bob Addiss,
Phil Ackerman and
Ben Dibble

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers

Act 1

Scene 1 The Sennett Studios, 1938

Movies Were Movies Mack

Scene 2 The Brooklyn Studio, 1911

Look What Happened to Mabel Mabel, Wally, Charlie, Frank and Grips

Scene 3 Mack’s Office, Brooklyn

Big Time Lottie and the Family

Scene 4 En Route to California

I Won’t Send Roses Mack

I Won’t Send Roses (reprise) Mabel

Scene 5 Los Angeles, 1912

I Wanna Make the World Laugh Mack and Company

Scene 6 On the Set

I Wanna Make the World Laugh (reprise) Mack and Company

Scene 7 The Orchid Room of the Hollywood Hotel, 1919

Wherever He Ain’t Mabel and the Waiters

Scene 8 On the Set

Hundreds of Girls Mack and the Bathing Beauties

Act 2

Scene 9 Mack’s New Office

Scene 10 Studio Early Next Morning

When Mabel Comes in the Room Company

Hit ’em on the Head Mack, Kleiman, Fox, and Kops

Scene 11 A Pier, New York

Time Heals Everything Mabel

Scene 12 “Vitagraph Varieties of 1929” and the terrace of William Desmond Taylor’s Home

Tap Your Troubles Away Lottie and Girls

Scene 13 Mack’s Office–then Mabel’s Home

I Promise You a Happy Ending Mack

Scene 14 The Sennett Studio, 1938