The Music Man (1987)

Elm Street Auditorium
November 13-15, 1987

Music and Lyrics by Meredith Willson

Story by Meredith Willson & Franklin Lacey


is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International,

810 7th Avenue, New York, N.Y., 10019-5818

Cast of Characters

In Order of Appearance

Traveling Salesmen Exchange Club Members

Charlie Cowell Daryl Bauer

Harold Hill Craig Zamzow

Mayor Shinn Bill Mauser

Ewart Dunlop Dave Kryger

Oliver Hix Steve Tramack

Jacey Squires Matt Mercier

Olin Britt Ken Kopka

Marcellus Washburn Peter Kramer

Tommy Djilas Dan Clay

Marian Paroo Catherine Z. Andruskevich

Mrs. Paroo Anne Bewley

Amaryllis Rebecca Manheck

Winthrop Randy Harrison

Eulalie MacKechnie Shinn Jackie Elsmore

Zaneeta Shinn Samantha Brown

Gracie Shinn Kim Rose

Alma Hix Ann Mitchell

Maud Dunlop Andrea Swanson

Ethel Toffelmier Donna O’Bryant

Mrs. Squires Diane Clay

Constable Locke Dan Pelletier

Pick-A-Little Ladies Diane Clay,
Lori Jeffrey,
Karen Lewis,
Ann Mitchell,
Donna O’Bryant,
Kerry Schneider,
Andrea Swanson

Traveling Salesmen Harold R. Acres,
Michael Dapkus,
Raymond Dion,
Donald LaChance,
Raymond Lambert,
Kevin McAffee,
George Marineau,
Ronald Mazurek

Teenage Chorus Lisa Albright,
Carl Andruskevich,
Jeremy Catland,
Beth Landry,
Stacey Allen,
Martha Daniels,
Alison Wiza,
John Mulligan,
Michael Diresto,
Joe Todd

Townspeople Glenn Bickford,
Robert Burns,
David Ducharme,
Jim Freedman,
Beth Henry,
Amy Jackson,
David Kasok,
David Miller,
Jay Milligan,
Jessica Oldham,
Linda Olmstead,
Carrie Pelchat,
Gregg Price,
Jean Rogers,
Michael St. Jean,
Brian Schneider,
Lowell Williams

Understudy Brian Schneider – WINTHROP


Violin Kathryn Chaltis, Sue Rabut

Cello Kirsten Vogelsang

Base Allison Ciechomski

Flute Marcia Hintz

Clarinet Janis Brown, Dale McDonald

Trumpet George Pierce, George Stevens

Trombone Glen Walant

Percussion Mark Adams


Act I Video, Inc.

Book Rack

Country Bear

Employment Development Services

Hair by Colette

Little Shoe Store

Narcissus II Hair Design

New England Chamber Music

Party Time

Spartans Drum and Bugle

Production and Technical Staff

Production Manager Elaine Duhamel

Cast Coordinator Lisa G. Clark

Director John T. Liljeberg

Assisted by George Bourbeau

Music Director Stephen Norris

Pianist Jed Holland

Choreographer Mark Hand

Assisted by Carrie Frontiero

Stage Manager and Set Designer Kathy Raby Lovering

Stage Carpenters/Crew Kevin Pelchat,
Don Jeffrey,
Marc Cormier, Gary Barton,
Warren Tomasian,
Normand Raby

Set Painters/Crew Laurie Chadbourne-Nowicki,
Sue Morin,
Stephanie Morin,
Kathie Marchi,
Scott Hall,
Paul Soucy,
Melinda Barton,
Brandon Hebert,
Ann Callahan,
Janet Christie,
Brian Landrigan,
Lee Anne Ouellette,
Danny Ouellette

Properties Rita Marchand and Cast Members

Lighting Design Dennis Schneider

Stage Electricians John McAllister,
Bob Blatz,
David Roth,
Ann Callahan

Costume Coordinators Mark Hand and George Bourbeau

Costume Chairman Joanne Velasques; Assisted by Cheryl Cormier

Costume Committee Carol Fratus,
Raelene Liljeberg;
Pick-A-Little Specialty Costumes,
Betty Badeau,
Grace Bolen,
Dianne Clay,
Ann Mitchell,
Penny Tamulonis

Hair Design Colette St. Pierre; Assisted by
Ellen Johnston,
Rita Zaccone,
Regina Napolitano,
Alla Vatalaro,
Debbi Holden,
Carol Hallenbeck

Make-Up Chairman Becky Towne; Assisted by Jackie Maynard

Make-Up Committee Catherine Andruskevich,
Linda Annis,
Betty Badeau,
Sue Bechard,
Moe Coutu,
Jan Clay,
Marguerite Girouard,
Michelle Golden,
Pauline Landrigan,
Carrie Pelchat,
Ted Rusomanis,
Maggie Schellenberg,
Laurie Trottier,
Shawn Tumpney

Programs Linnea McAllister, Lisa G. Clark

Program Ads Joanne Velasquez, Mark Hand

Subscribers Shirley Coutu, Chairman; Assisted by
Karen Lewis,
Tom Camp,
Linda and David Olmstead

Tickets Betty Badeau, Chris Brunelle

Publicity Margaret Tamulonis,
Dan Pelletier

Posters Elaine Duhamel

House Chairman Dianne Manheck; Assisted by Members and Friends of Actorsingers

Rehearsal Refreshments Dan Pelletier

Afterglow Lisa G. Clark, Shirley Coutu

Membership Linnea McAllister

Auditioning Board Shirley Coutu, Chairman;
John T. Liljeberg,
Stephen Norris,
Mark Hand,
George Bourbeau,
Pauline Landrigan,
Maggie Schellenberg

The Actorsingers would like to express their sorrow at the passing of
Ernie Peterson. Ernie was one of our earliest members and was instrumental
in creating the organization we know today. He sang or worked backstage in
many shows and was more than once a member of the Board of Directors.
Even when Ernie had stopped being active on a show to show basis, he was
always ready to help out in any way. To his wife, family and friends, we
extend our sincere sympathy.

Penny Award Winner

Don Jeffrey, Jr.

The Penny Award was created to pay tribute to members of the Actorsingers
who have served above and beyond the call of duty. The Actorsingers are
deeply proud to announce the latest recipient of this award, Don Jeffrey.
Don was stage manager for our productions of GUYS AND DOLLS and OLIVER and
shared the stage manager’s position for WEST SIDE STORY. He has also been
on the stage crew or worked on every other show since he joined the
Actorsingers in 1982! Don has been cast photographer and has served on the
Board of Directors. He is always willing to use his time and talents to
help the Actorsingers to give the best possible performance to the community.
Thank you Don and CONGRATULATIONS!

The Actorsinger Chorus

The Actorsinger Chorus, a mixed chorus of some of our finest solo
voices, offers a variety of musical programs of 1/2 hour to 1 hour in
length for various clubs, conventions, service and business organizations.
These shows are performed on request and consist of musical numbers to
suit everyone’s taste-showtunes, spirituals, traditional and “Oldies but goodies.”
Why not treat yourselves and your group to a musical extravaganza?
Donations for these programs go toward reducing the mortgage on our home
at 219 Lake Street. For further information on booking a special show for your
group please contact: Kerry Schneider, 888-[xxxx] or if you enjoy singing
and having a fun time PLEASE join our chorus each Monday at 7:30.
For information concerning rehearsals call Ann Mitchell, 465-[xxxx].

The Potential Favorites
School Board Members

The Actorsingers present the Potential Favorites Barbershop Quartet as
Ewart, Jacey, Oliver and Olin, the bickering School Board members.
Dave Kryger, lead; Matt Mercier, tenor; Steve Tramack, baritone; and
Ken Kopka, bass, have won competitions including the championship for Division 5
(Maine and New Hampshire). Potential Favorites were silver medalists in the
Northeastern District and have twice qualified to compete internationally.
Joe Kopka, father of Ken Kopka, is a member of The Adventurers.
They were our quartet when we produced THE MUSIC MAN several years ago.

Nashua Exchange Club
Traveling Salesmen

Harold R. Acres, Michael Dapkus, Raymond Dion, Donald LaChance,
Raymond Lambert, Kevin McAffee, George Marineau, Ronald Mazurek

The Nashua Exchange Club is part of a national organization that
meets weekly throughout the year. Membership is comprised of individuals
from the greater Nashua area who share a common goal of helping others.
They conduct various fund-raising events throughout the year with the main
emphasis on helping the youth of our community, an example being the
Annual N.H.S. Post-Prom Party at St. Stanislaus Hall. Other projects
include “One Nation Under God,” “Giveakidaflagtowave,” “Crime Prevention”
and others. I am sure that you will agree that in addition to being
COMMUNITY LEADERS these fine gentlemen have a fine career ahead of
them in front of the footlights.

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers

Act I

Scene 1 River City, Iowa Morning of July 4, 1912

“Rock Island” Charlie and Traveling Salesmen

Scene 2 River City Center of Town Exterior

“Iowa Stubborn” Townspeople

“Trouble” Harold and Townspeople

Scene 3 A Street Immediately Following

Scene 4 Mrs. Paroo’s House Interior

“Piano Lesson” Marian, Mrs. Paroo and Amaryllis

“Goodnight My Someone” Marian and Amaryllis

Scene 5 Madison Gymnasium Interior

“Seventy-Six Trombones” Harold and Townspeople

“Sincere” Harold and School Board Members

Scene 6 Street in Front of Library Immediately Following

“The Sadder But Wiser Girl For Me” Harold and Marcellus

“Pick-A-Little” Eulalie and the Pick-A-Little Ladies

“Goodnight Ladies” School Board Members

Scene 7 The Library Interior

“Marian the Librarian” Harold, Marian and the Teenagers

Scene 8 The Following Saturday Noon

Scene 9 Doorway of Shinn Residence

Scene 10 The Paroo Porch That Evening

“My White Knight” Marian

Scene 11 The Following Saturday Center of Town Exterior

“The Wells Fargo Wagon” Winthrop and Townspeople

Act II

Strobe lighting will be used during Scenes 6 & 7.

Scene 1 Madison Gymnasium The Following Tuesday

“It’s You” School Board Members

“Shipoopi” Marcellus, Harold, Marian, Ethel, Tommy, Zaneeta, Teenagers and Townspeople

“Pick-A-Little Reprise” Pick-A-Little Ladies

Scene 2 The Paroo Porch The Following Wednesday Evening After Supper

“Lida Rose” School Board Members

“Will I Ever Tell You? ” Marian

Scene 3 Paroo Porch Immediately Following

“Gary, Indiana” Winthrop, Marian and Mrs. Paroo

Scene 4 The Footbridge 15 Minutes Later

“It’s You Reprise” Teenagers

“Til There Was You” Harold and Marian

Scene 5 Immediately Following

“Seventy-Six Trombones” and “Goodnight My Someone” Harold and Marian

Scene 6 Madison Park The Ice-Cream Sociable

The Chase Townspeople

“Til There Was You Reprise” Harold

Scene 7 Madison Gymnasium Immediately Following

Finale Entire Company