The Saints of 17th Street (1987)

Liberty Hall (Lowell)
October 9-11, 1987

Music, Lyrics and Book by D.K. Oklahoma


(in order of appearance)

Sophie Saint Pauline C. Landrigan

Amos Saint Bill Wisnowski

Ralph Twiddy Bill Smith

Herman O’Neary Jim Curran

Jose Martinez Ted Rusomanis

Fingers, the Burglar Shawn Tumpney

Bernard Causley Jay Milligan

Rosita Garcia Amie Martin

Dr. Shirley Potts Donna O’Bryant

Cootie Martha Levesque

Sha-Na-Na Amy B. Jackson

Earthy Sue Bechard

S.O. Bigbee Jan Elliott Clay

I.A. Twitt Lori Jeffrey

E.Z. Nodd Kellie Ann Howell

Bull Findley Lowell Williams

Ms. Claire Graboni Diane Manheck

Officer Richard Wrinkle Ed Hinton

Juan Mark C. Hand

Pedro Gregg Price

Alberto and Chris Bryan Maher

Kitten Lucy Wisnowski

Chris Becky Manheck

This premiere workshop production of
“The Saints of Seventeenth Street” is lovingly
dedicated to Leah and Josh, dear old friends who
inspired the whole thing by their lifetime devotion
to the abandoned animals of my hometown… and thanks
for the puppy, Leah… you really are a “Saint”

— D.K. Oklahoma

Musical Numbers

Act One

The Dog Walker Strut

Big Animals

Old Fashioned Girl

Baby Time

Scientific Research

We Love America

It’s A Dirty Job

The Show Must Go On

No Pets Allowed

Act Two

Human Rights

All Lovers To Me

The Drifter’s Song

We’re Proud Of You

Happy Ending