Annie (1986)

Elm Street Auditorium
November 14-16, 1986

Book by Thomas Meehan

Music by Charles Strouse

Lyrics by Martin Charnin

Based on “Little Orphan Annie” ™ by permission
of the Chicago Tribune — New York News Syndicate, Inc.

“Annie” is presented by the Actorsingers by arrangement with Music Theatre
International, New York, NY.

Dramatics Director Carolyn Schroeder
Musical Director Jared Holland
Choreographer Ronnie LePetri

Musicians provided by NEW ENGLAND CHAMBER MUSIC

Cast of Characters

(in alphabetic order)

Lisa Albright – Boylan Sister, Servant, Chorus

Catherine Andruskevich – Lily

Heather Badeau – Orphan

Cheryl Barb – Servant, Chorus

Sarah Blanchard – Orphan

Gene Bombara – Warbucks

Lisa Boucher – Annie

Margaret Breton – Boylan Sister, Servant, Chorus

Robert Burns – Fred, Servant, Chorus

Jeremy Catland – Dog Catcher, Sound Effects Man, Servant Dancer, Chorus

Judy Lee Chanen – Servant, Chorus

Lisa G. Clark – Grace Farrell

Danny Clay – Fred McCracken, Chorus

Pat Delzell – Mary, Servant, Chorus

Kathan Doherty – Molly

Jenny Emerson – Duffy

Nathan Fernald – Artie, Cordell Hull, Chorus

Linda Finkle – Miss Hannigan

Renee Fraser – Orphan

Barbara Gondek – Francis Perkins, Servant, Chorus

Lori Jeffrey – Servant, Chorus

Nicole Krumrine – Kate

Pauline Landrigan – Boylan Sister, Servant, Chorus

Beth Landry – July

Sandi Levesque – Orphan, Understudy: Pepper, July & Duffy

Amy Lewis – Orphan

Karen Lewis – Servant, Chorus

Jennifer Lipsky – Star-to-be, Chorus

Becky Manheck – Orphan, Understudy: Kate & Tessie

Jay Milligan – Servant Dancer, Chorus

Ann Mitchell – Cecile, Chorus

John Nogowski – Ira, Harold Ickles, Chorus

Donna O’Bryant – Jane, Servant, Chorus

Dan Pelletier – Judge Brandeis

Kim Rose – Orphan

Doris Roux – Sophie, Servant, Chorus

Ted Rusomanis – Rooster

Caryl Salyers – Annette, Chorus

Maggie Schellenberg – Peggy, Mrs Greer, Chorus

Rachel Scott – Pepper

Megan Shaughnessy – Orphan

Brad Shepard – Voice-over for Radio, Bert Healy, FDR

Shogun – Sandy

Jerry Tellier – Apple Seller, J. Johnson, Servant Dancer, Chorus

Sally Trombley – Mrs. Pugh, Chorus

Shawn Tumpney – Bundles, Eddie, Louis Howe, Servant Dancer, Chorus

Kristi White – Orphan

Lowell Williams – Drake

Alyssa Yonkin – Tessie, Understudy: Annie

Craig Zamzow – Lt. Ward, Henry Morganthau, Chorus


Indian Head National Bank — Bob Hand, Marketing

1590 Broadcaster

Peter Brady Photography

American Stage Festival

The Little Shoe Store

Act I Video, Inc.

Party-Time, Inc.

The Nash Group

PE Fletcher

Charlotte Avenue School

Sagittarius Concepts

Production and Technical Staff

Production Managers George Bourbeau, Lisa Duhamel

Stage Manager Lawrence A. Emmons, asst. by Kathy Raby

Set Designer Laurie Chadbourne Nowicki

Stage Carpenters Kevin Pelchat, Crew Forman;
Bob Lovering,
John Doherty,
Paul Soucy,
Ray Tackett,
Peter Brady

Set Painters Stephanie Morin,
Mary Goodwin,
Moe Coutu

Properties Sue Morin, asst. by
Stephanie Morin,
Rick Caron,
Dan Pelletier,
Laurie Chadbourne Nowicki

Lighting Design Glen Seaman

Stage Electricians David English,
Paul Tedder,
John McAllister

Sound Immedia Sound, Worcester

Costume Design Penny Tamulonis

Wardrobe Committee Betty Badeau,
Allison Blanchard,
Shirley Coutu,
Doris Roux,
Lori Jeffrey

Make-Up and Hair Stephen Keskinen of Stephen Marx Hair Salon;
Regina Neapolitano,
Vanessa Diantgikis,
Jackie Dulgarian

Programs Donna O’Bryant,
Kathy Raby,
Peter Brady

Program Ads Pauline Landrigan, Karen Lewis

Publicity David Olmstead, asst. by
John T. Liljeberg,
Barbara Gondek,
Pauline and Brian Landrigan,
Gene Bombara

Photography Pete Brady

Tickets Betty Badeau,
John Liljeberg,
Christine Brunelle

House Diane Manheck, asst. by
parents and friends of cast members

Audience Services Elaine Duhamel

Patrons Drive Penny Tamulonis,
Betty Badeau,
Kathy Raby,
Dick Lehrer

Membership Linnea McAllister

Mailing List Peter Brady

Hall Refreshments Dan Pelletier

Afterglow George Bourbeau, Lisa Duhamel

Audition Board George Bourbeau, chairman;
Carolyn Schroeder,
Bob Narkunas,
Doreen Cafarella,
Jane Cabe,
Timothy Robinson,
Ronnie LePetri

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers

Act One

Scene 1 New York City Municipal Orphanage/Girls’ Annex

Maybe Annie

Hard Knock Life Annie & Orphans

Hard Knock Life (reprise) Annie & Orphans

Scene 2 St. Mark’s Place

Tomorrow Annie

Scene 3 Hooverville

We’d Like to Thank You Herbert Hoover Hooverville-ites

Scene 4 The Orphanage

Little Girls Miss Hannigan

Scene 5 Warbuck’s Living Room

I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here Annie, Grace, Drake, Servants

Scene 6 The Streets of New York City

NYC Warbucks, Grace, Annie, chorus

Scene 7 The Orphanage

Easy Street Miss Hannigan, Rooster, Lily

Scene 8 Warbuck’s Office

You Won’t Be an Orphan For Long Annie, Grace, Warbucks, and Servants

Act Two

Scene 1 Radio Studio

Maybe (reprise) Annie

Never Fully Dressed Bert Healy, and the “Hour of Smiles” Family

Scene 2 The Orphanage

Never Fully Dressed” (reprise) The Orphans

Easy Street (reprise) Miss Hannigan, Rooster, Lily

Scene 3 Cabinet Meeting Room—The White House

Tomorrow (reprise) Annie, Warbucks, FDR, The Cabinet

Scene 4 Warbuck’s Office

Something Was Missing Warbucks

I Don’t Need Anything But You Warbucks, Annie

Scene 5 Warbuck’s Ballroom

Annie Grace, Servants

I Don’t Need Anything But You (reprise) Grace, Warbucks, Annie, Servants

Maybe (reprise) Annie

New Deal for Christmas Annie, Warbucks, FDR, Grace

FINALE Company