The Wiz (1986)

Elm Street Auditorium
May 16-18, 1986

Music and Lyrics by Charlie Smalls

Book by William F. Brown

Based on the story “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” by Frank Baum

“The Wiz” is presented by the Actorsingers by arrangement
with Samuel French, Inc., New York, New York

Moe Coutu Dramatics Director

Robert C. Babb Musical Director

Debra Gunning Choreographer

Cast of Characters

(In Order of Appearance)

Aunt Em Patricia Stanhope

Dorothy Lisa Albright

Uncle Henry Bill Smith

Munchkins Bekki Adler,
Sue Bechard,
Lori Jeffrey,
Kathleen Jerabeck,
Martha Levesque,
Gregg Price

Addaperle Kerry Schneider

Yellow Brick Road Renee Durkee,
Judy Lemire,
Linda Olmstead,
Maureen Wheatcraft

Scarecrow David Olmstead

Crows Sue Bechard,
Linnea McAllister,
Patricia Stanhope

Tinman Ted Rusomanis

Lion Jim Freedman

Kalidahs Michelle Golden,
Linnea McAllister,
Jay Milligan,
Carrie Pelchat,
Wayne Tomacchio,
Shawn Tumpney

Gatekeeper Martha Levesque

The Wiz Porter James

Guards Renee Durkee,
Landra Mahoney,
Linda Olmstead,
Maureen Wheatcraft

Evillene Lisa Clark

Lord High Underling Shawn Tumpney

Messenger Gregg Price

Winged Monkey Bob Santagata

Glinda Maggie Schellenberg

Dance Corps Renee Durkee,
Michelle Golden,
Judy Lemire,
Landra Mahoney,
Jay Milligan,
Linda Olmstead,
Carrie Pelchat,
Joanna Price,
Charla Skinner,
Wayne Tomacchio,
Shawn Tumpney,
Marueen Wheatcraft

Pit Singers Dianne Albright,
Ginny Bomil,
Barbara Gondek,
Mickey Plamondon,
Leah Shalek

Winkies John Diamond,
Kathy Gallo,
Jay Milligan,
Shirley Nash,
Gregg Price,
Bill Smith,
Wayne Tomacchio,
Shawn Tumpney,
Bethany Yon

Chorus Bekki Adler,
Sue Bechard,
John Diamond,
Renee Durkee,
Kathy Gallo,
Michelle Golden,
Kathleen Jerabeck,
Lori Jeffrey,
Judy Lemire,
Martha Levesque,
Landra Mahoney,
Linnea McAllister,
Jay Milligan,
Shirley Nash,
Linda Olmstead,
Carrie Pelchat,
Gregg Price,
Joanna Price,
Kerry Schneider,
Maggie Schellenberg,
Charla Skinner,
Bill Smith,
Wayne Tomacchio,
Shawn Tumpney,
Maureen Wheatcraft,
Bethay Yon


Flute, Alto Sax Bert Ross

Clarinet, Tenor Sax Nick Goumas

Clarinet, Baritone Sax Greg Hackney

Trumpets Jay Daly, George Stevens

Trombone Kent McGarity

Percussion Brad Ciechomski

Guitar Ken Ormes

Bass John Given

Keyboard Stu Sheldon


Group 5 Communications – Rick Otte

Indian Head Bank

Allyn Associates

Party-Time, Inc.

Act I Video

Little Shoe Store

The Carpet Center

Barlo Signs

Peter Brady – Photographer

Accurate Printing

Polson Bros. Painting

Production & Technical Staff

Dramatics Director Moe Coutu

Musical Director Robert C. Babb

Choreographer Debra Gunning

Production Managers Karen Lewis/Joy Douville

Assistant Musical Director/Accompanist Julie Lyman

Set Designer/Stage Manager Kathy Raby

Asst. Stage Managers Laurie Chadbourne Nowicki,
Bob Lovering,
Mark Soucy

Stage Carpenters/Crew Kevin Pelchat, foreman;
Mark Soucy,
Bob Lovering,
John McAllister,
Don Jeffrey,
Rick Giguere,
Warren Tomasian,
Peter Brady,
Ray Tackett,
Larry Emmons,
Walter Albers

Painters/Crew Laurie Chadbourne Nowicki, scenic artist;
Duff Browne,
Kathy Browne,
Kathy Gallo,
Ann Deptula,
Joe Deptula,
Sue Morin,
Janet Christie,
Linda Groleau

Pyrotechnicians Dennis Schneider, asst. by
John McAllister,
Don Jeffrey

Properties Sue Morin, chairperson;
Stephanie Morin,
Laurie Chadbourne Nowicki,
Rita Marchand

Lighting Designer Dennis Schneider

Stage Electricians Paul Soucy,
Kevin Pelchat,
Ann Callahan

Costume Design & Wardrobe Shirley Coutu

Costume Committee Lori Jeffrey,
Linda Olmstead,
Maureen Wheatcraft,
Margaret Tamulonis

Make-up Committee Christina Coidakis, chairperson;
Kathleen Jerabeck,
Carrie Pelchat,
Cathy Andruskevich,
Carl Andruskevich,
Liz Winters,
Lisa Clark,
Regina Neapolitano

Hair Design Steve from Steven Marx Hair Salons

Publicity Kathy Raby, chairperson;
George Bourbeau,
Peter Brady,
John Liljeberg,
B. Allen Sprague,
Liz Winters,
Brian Landrigan;
ADVISOR: Bob Hand, Marketing, Indian Head National Bank

Tickets Betty Badeau, Margaret Tamulonis

Patrons Dick Lehrer,
Penny Tamulonis,
Kathy Raby,
Tom Camp,
Lorraine Graham,
Betty Badeau

Photography Peter Brady, Ray Tackett

Program Linnea McAllister, Pauline Landrigan

Program Ads Tom Camp, Kathy Raby, Joy Douville

Membership Linnea McAllister

Mailing List Peter Brady

Hall Refreshments Dan Pelletier

House Services Jerri Clark, chairperson

Auditioning Board Pauline Landrigan, chairperson;
Moe Coutu,
Robert Babb,
Debra Gunning,
Julie Lyman,
Robin MacDonald,
Joy Douville,
Linda Ayer

Newsletter Dan Pelletier,
Betty Badeau,
Ray Tackett,
Sue Morin

Cast Party Rick Giguere

Scenes and Musical Numbers

Act One

Prologue Kansas

“The Feeling We Once Had” Aunt Em

“Tornado Ballet” Dance Corps

Scene 1 Munchkin Land

“He’s the Wiz” Addaperle, Munchkins

Scene 2 Oz Countryside

“Soon As I Get Home” Dorothy

“I Was Born on the Day Before Yesterday” Scarecrow, Crows

“Ease on Down the Road” Dorothy, Scarecrow, Yellow Brick Road

Scene 3 Woods

“Slide Some Oil To Me” Tinman, Dorothy, Scarecrow

“Ease on Down the Road” (reprise) Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, Yellow Brick Road

Scene 4 Jungle

“Mean Ole Lion” Lion

“Ease on Down the Road” (reprise) Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, Lion, Yellow Brick Road

Scene 5 Kalidah Country

“Kalidah Battle” Friends, Kalidahs, Yellow Brick Road

“Be a Lion” Dorothy, Lion

Scene 6 Emerald City

“Emerald City Ballet (Pssst)” Friends, Company Music by Timothy Graphenreed and George Faison

Scene 7 Throne Room

“So You Wanted to Meet the Wizard” The Wiz

“To Be Able to Feel” Tinman

Act Two

Scene 1 West Witch Castle

“No Bad News” Evillene, Company

Scene 2 Courtyard

“Everybody Rejoice” Friends, Winkies, Company Music and Lyrics by Luther Vandross

Scene 3 Emerald City Gate

Scene 4 Throne Room

“Who Do You Think You Are?” Friends

“Believe In Yourself” The Wiz

Scene 5 Fairgrounds

“Y’all Got it!” The Wiz

Scene 6 Outskirts

Scene 7 Quadling Country

“A Rested Body is a Rested Mind” Glinda

“Believe in Yourself” (reprise) Glinda

“Home” Dorothy