Oliver (1985)

Elm Street Junior High School
November 15-17, 1985, 1985

Book and Music by Lionel Bart

Based on Charles Dickens’ “Oliver Twist”

“Oliver” is presented by the Actorsingers by arrangement with Tams Witmark Music Library, Inc., New York, New York

Cast of Characters

(In Order of Appearance)

Oliver Twist Heather MacDonald

Mr. Bumble Jim Freedman

Widow Corney/Mrs. Bumble Kathy Raby

Mr. Sowerberry Frank Kaplan

Mrs. Sowerberry Kerry Schneider

Charlotte Kerry Sullivan

Noah Claypole David Polan

The Artful Dodger Danny Clay

Fagin Moe Coutu

Charley Bates Keith Levesque

Nancy Liz Winters

Bet Lisa Albright

Bill Sikes Eric Carlson

Mrs. Bedwin Robin MacDonald

Mr. Brownlow Ray Tackett

Dr. Grimwig David Olmstead

Child Chorus Erin Ackerman,
Rubin Ackerman,
Bekki Adler,
Heather Badeau,
Becky Berman,
Jeremy Catland,
Jenny Emerson,
Randy Harrison,
Brandon Hebert,
Nicole Krumrine,
Beth Landry,
Keith Levesque,
Jennifer Lipsky,
Julie Mara,
Kathie Marchi,
Ross Mihalko,
Nicki-Ann Molloy,
Rachel Scott,
Danny Trottier,
Angela Vickery,
Jeremy Vickery

Adult Chorus
*Darcy Adams,
Walter Albers,
Tom Camp,
Lisa Clark,
Barbara Gondek,
Lori Jeffrey,
Pauline Landrigan,
Karen Lewis,
Donna O’Bryant,
Stan Polan,
*Ron Roberge,
Doris Roux,
Bill Smith,
Susan Sullivan,
Shawn Tumpney,
Lowell Williams

(* Dance Captains)


Violin Sue Cryan, Soloist; James Johnston

Violin II Carol Todaro

Viola Grace Cotton

Cello Nathan Kimball

Bass Alyson Ciechomski

Flute Cheryl Fogg

Oboe Joanna Tensa

Clarinet Margo McGowan

Bassoon Kathy Wolfe

Horns Nancy Leonza

Trumpet Bob Sullivan

Trombone Dave Champion

Percussion Brad Ciechomski (Fri., Sun.), Miller Jamrog (Sat.)

Piano Gerald LeBlonde

Wed. Rehearsals Pianist Amy Widmark


Act I Video, Inc.

Little Shoe Store

Party-Time, Inc.

Indian Head National Bank

Business in the Arts Committee

Rocky LaPierre – Lake Street Mill

Nashua Department of Schools

Production and Technical Staff

Director Harold Sullivan

Production Manager Catherine Z. Andruskevich

Stage Manager Don Jeffrey

Assistant Stage Manager John Liljeberg

Set Designer George Bourbeau

Scenic Artists & Crew Kathi Mendez,
Steve Breda,
Steve Tang,
Lisa Duhamel,
Kathy Raby,
Donna Raby,
Elaine Duhamel

Stage Carpenters Don Dempster,
Dave Arendash,
Warren Tomasian,
Tim Tomasian

Lighting Design Dennis Schneider

Electrical Technicians Don Dempster,
John McAllister,
Don Jeffrey

Properties Sue Morin,
Andrea Swanson,
Peggy Stirk,
Rick Caron

Costume Design & Wardrobe Shirley Coutu,
Robin MacDonald

Costume Committee Rick Caron,
Sue Morin,
Patti Emerson,
Jackie Forrest,
Pauline Landrigan

Make-up Design Regina Napolitano, chairman

Make-up Committee Maria Rawlings (Focus 21),
Ann Dallinger,
Mike Kutter,
Linda Vickery,
Jackie Maynard,
Ruth Adler,
Mimi Crowley,
Carl Andruskevich,
Catherine Z. Andruskevich

Hair Design Regina & Steve from Stephen Marx Hair Salons

Publicity Catherine Z. Andruskevich

Tickets Penny Tamulonis,
Betty Badeau,
Dan Pelletier

Patrons Penny Tamulonis,
Kathy Raby,
Tom Camp,
Dick Lehrer,
Lorraine Graham

Photography Ray Tackett, Peter Brady

Program Donna O’Bryant,
Pauline Landrigan,
Liz Winters,
Linnea McAllister,
Lisa G. Clark

Ads Brian & Pauline Landrigan

Membership Linnea McAllister

Mailing List Peter Brady

Hall Refreshments Dan Pelletier

House Services Chairman Linda Olmstead

House Committee Yvonne Freedman,
Jan Christie,
Raelene Liljeberg,
Lorraine Graham,
Nadine & Mark Ivester,
Shirley Coutu,
Dave Olmstead,
Elaine Duhamel

Audition Board
Chairman, Shirley Coutu;
Harold Sullivan,
Dianne Albright,
Michelle Golden,
Linnea McAllister,
Amy Weidmer,
Margaret Mosiman

Newsletter Dan Pelletier

Dress Rehearsal Hostess Pauline Landrigan & Shirley Coutu

Cast Party Jan Christie, Dave Vanier

Scene and Musical Numbers Synopsis


Scene 1 Workhouse Dining Hall – evening

Food, Glorious Food Chorus

Oliver Chorus

Scene 2 Workhouse Parlour and into Street

I Shall Scream Widow Corney, Mr. Bumble

Boy For Sale Mr. Bumble

Scene 3 The Undertaker’s

That’s Your Funeral Mr. Sowerberry, Mrs. Sowerberry and Mr. Bumble

Where is Love? Oliver

Scene 4 The Undertaker’s – the following morning

Scene 5 Paddington Green – morning, one week later

Consider Yourself Artful Dodger, Oliver and Company

Scene 6 Thieves’ Kitchen – later the same day and into next morning

Pick a Pocket or Two Fagin and Gang

It’s a Fine Life Nancy, Bet and Gang

I’d Do Anything Artful Dodger, Nancy, Bet, Oliver, Fagin and Gang

Be Back Soon Fagin and Gang


Scene 1 The Three Cripples – the following evening

Oom-Pah-Pah Nancy and Company

My Name Bill Sikes

As Long as He Needs Me Nancy

Scene 2 Mr. Brownlow’s – the following morning

Where is Love? (reprise) Mrs. Bedwin

Who Will Buy? Oliver and Company

Scene 3 Thieves’ Kitchen – later the same day

Reviewing the Situation Fagin

Scene 4 Workhouse Parlour and into the Street – a few days later

Oliver (reprise) Mrs. Bumble, Mr. Bumble

Scene 5 Mr. Brownlow’s and into the Street – a few days later

As Long as He Needs Me (reprise) Nancy

Scene 6 London Bridge