Guys and Dolls (1984)

Elm Street Junior High School
May 18-20, 1984

Cast of Characters

(in order of appearance)

Nicely-Nicely Johnson Jim Freedman

Benny Southstreet Al Bedard

Rusty Charlie Mike Homola

Sarah Brown Catherine Andruskevich

Arvide Abernathy Ed Wall

Mission Band Kim Karam, Mike Kutter, David Olmstead

Harry the Horse Ben Dibble

Lt. Brannigan Daniel Pelletier

Nathan Detroit Moe Coutu

Angie the Ox John H. Nogowski

Miss Adelaide Liz Winters

Hot Box Girls Lori Jeffrey,
Linda Olmstead,
Carl Salyers,
Maggie Schellenberg

Sky Masterson Brad Shepard

Joey Biltmore Frank Tease

Mimi Maggie Schellenberg

General Matilda B. Cartwright Julia Breveleri

Big Jule Al Breveleri

Bag lady Pauline Landrigan

Hot Box M.C. Bill Baron

Crapshooters George Bourbeau,
Robert N. Daigle,
Dudley Daily,
Howard Jones,
Mike Kutter,
Wayne Tomacchio,
Earl Wajenberg,
Bill Baron,
Paul Paradise

Dolls Joy Douville,
Kim Hamel,
Kim Karam,
Diane LaFrance,
Donna O’Bryant

Specialty Dancers in Havana Nancy Ermala,
Paul Paradise,
Mike Kutter


Violin Candace Warton,
Richard Bienick,
Carol Todaro,
James Johnston

Cello Amy LeBlanc

Bass Alyson Ciechomski

Reed I Greg Hackney

Reed II Nicholas Goumas

Trumpet I Jay Daly

Trumpet II Thomas Lavoie

French Horn Nancy Lianza

Trombone Eric Winslow

Percussion Stephen Michaud

Piano Gerald LeBlond


Nashua Mall and Plaza

Group 5 Communications

Nashua Federal Savings and Loan

Indian Head Bank

City of Nashua Fire Dept.

Jennison Insurance Agency

WMUR-Channel 9—Tom Bonner

WNDS-Channel 50—Gail Gunn

William Thoms—Greenbriar Terrace

Manchester Salvation Army

St. Joseph’s Hospital

For their assistance in providing props, thanks to:
Sue Millitello, Mary Veilleux, Theresa Ciulla, Sue Amlaw, Robert & Gail McKenna, Mimi Proko

Production and Technical Staff

Production Coordinator Lise A. Duhamel

Stage Manager Donald Jeffrey

Asst. Stage Manager Tom Scarpelli

Director M.J.J. Cashman

Asst. Director Kathy Raby

Music Director Robert Narkunas

Choreographer Tracy Baron

Pianist Gerry LeBlond

Additional Rehearsal Pianists Wendy Mahoney, Sally Landis

Set Design Christopher Miller

Set Construction Donald Jeffrey and Christopher Miller, co-chairmen

Set Painting and Construction Barbara Bazemore,
Carl Andruskevich,
Mary Callahan,
Ann Callahan,
Don Dempster,
Larry Emmons,
Joel Dutton,
Lori Hemeon,
Lori Jeffrey,
Louise Deedekian,
Gordon Dillion,
Naomi Antczak,
Dave Miller,
Dudley Daily,
George Bourbeau,
Kim Hampson,
Alison Van Dusen

Stage Crew Barbara Bazemore,
Mary Callahan,
Ann Callahan,
Don Dempster,
Larry Emmons,
Joel Dutton,
Lori Hemeon,
Louise Deedekian,
Naomi Antczak,
Bob Charette,
Ray Tackett,
Alison Van Dusen

Lighting Design Christopher Miller

Lighting John McAllister,
Peter Brandy,
Dennis Schneider,
Rick Giguere,
Christopher Miller,
Steve Reber

Properties Sue Morin,
Rick Caron,
Carl Andruskevich

Costumes Shirley Coutu,
Sue Morin,
Margaret Tamulonis,
Joanne Mills, and
Members of the Cast

Makeup and Hair Design Cheryl Coombs, chairperson;
Cheryl Henry,
Christy Salyers,
Lise Duhamel,
Fran Brunelle,
Bonnie McCann,
Matt Hujsak,
Diane LaFrance

Program Linnea McAllister

Program Ads Dan Wallace

Publicity Kathy Raby assisted by
Liz Winters,
B. Allan Sprague,
Wayne Tomacchio,
John McAllister,
Warren Tomasian

Photographers Mike Kutter, Kathy Raby, Millie Wright

Posters Kathy Raby, Liz Winters, Wayne Tomacchio

Tickets Sales Elaine Duhamel,
John Liljeberg,
Chris Brunelle

Patrons Margaret Tamulonis, Betty Badeau

Group Sales Sid Basha

House Chairpersons Joe and Lois Dowd

Membership Linnea McAllister

Hall Refreshments Daniel Pelletier

Newsletter Brian and Pauline Landrigan

Auditioning Board Shirley Coutu, chairperson;
M.J.J. Cashman,
Robert Narkunas,
Layne Menard,
Kathy Raby,
Linnea McAllister,
David Garmel

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers

Act I

Scene 1 Broadway

Opening Ensemble

Fugue for Tinhorns Nicely-Nicely, Benny, Rusty Charlie

Follow the Fold Sarah, Arvide and the Mission Band

The Oldest Established Nathan, Nicely-Nicely, Benny, Ensemble

Scene 2 Interior of the Save-A-Soul Mission

I’ll Know Sarah and Sky

Scene 3 A Phone Booth

Scene 4 The Hot Box

A Bushel and a Peck Adelaide and Hot Box Girls

Scene 5 Adelaide’s Dressing Room

Adelaide’s Lament Adelaide

Scene 6 Off Broadway

Guys and Dolls Nicely-Nicely and Benny

Scene 7 Interior of the Mission — noon, the next day

Scene 8 Off Broadway

Scene 9 Havana, Cuba

Havana Specialty Dancers and Ensemble

Scene 10 Outside El Cafe Cubano — immediately following

If I Were a Bell Sarah

Scene 11 Exterior of the Mission

My Time of Day Sky

I’ve Never Been in Love Before Sky and Sarah

Act II

Scene 1 The Hot Box

Take Back Your Mink Adelaide and Hot Box Girls

Adelaide’s Lament (reprise) Adelaide

Scene 2 The West Forties

More I Cannot Wish You Arvide

Scene 3 The Crap Game

The Crap Game Dance Ensemble

Luck Be a Lady Sky and Crapshooters

Scene 4 Off Broadway

Sue Me Nathan and Adelaide

Scene 5 Interior of the Mission

Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat Nicely-Nicely and Ensemble

Follow the Fold (reprise) Ensemble

Scene 6 Near Times Square

Marry the Man Today Adelaide and Sarah

Scene 7 Broadway

Guys and Dolls (reprise) Entire Company