South Pacific (1983)

Elm Street Jr. High School Auditorium
November 11-13, 1983

“South Pacific” is presented by the Actorsingers by arrangement with the Rodgers and Hammerstein Theatre Library, New York City.


(in order of appearance)

Lt. Buzz Adams Mike Kutter

Lt. Joseph Cable, U.S.M.C. Steven Link

Bloody Mary Maureen Power

Luther Billis Moe Coutu

Stewpot Terry Toland

The Professor Stan Polan

Ensign Nellie Forbush Patricia Stanhope

Commdr. William Harbison, U.S.N. Dave Pierce

Capt. George Brackett, U.S.N. Bill Gaudreau

Yeoman Quale Ben Dibble

Ngana Kathryn Gancarz

Jerome Jeremy Catland

Jeannette Margaret Tamulonis

Emile de Becque Sid Basha

Liat Nancy Ermala

Sailors Carmelo Consoli,
Paul Cooper,
Ben Dibble,
Doug Fowler,
Mike Kutter,
Stan Polan,
Terry Toland,
Bruce Vickery

Nurses Fran Bosowski,
Jerry Clark,
Joy Douville,
Georgia Gancarz,
Diane La France,
Ann Mitchell,
Shirley Nash,
Donna O’Bryant,
Kathy Parsons,
Donna Philbrook,
Caryl Salyers,
Maggie Schellenberg

Native Women Fran Bosowski,
Joy Douville,
Georgia Gancarz,
Donna Philbrook


Keyboard Julie Lyman

Violin Alison Buttice

Viola Alison Green

Cello Ed Annavedder

Bass Alyson Ciechomski

Flute Nadine Markarian

Clarinet Margo McGowan, Paula Detsky

Bassoon Kathleen Wolfe

French Horn Nancy Lianza

Trumpet Jay Dailey, David H. Bailey

Percussion Joseph Hodge

The Actorsingers

extend sincere thanks for assistance in this production to:

Aladdin Studios

Duhamel’s, Inc.

The American Red Cross

The Little Shoe Store

Allyn Associates

Mr. Rocky LaPierre, Lake Street Mill, For Storage Facilities

Maureen Saba Grew Flowers by the Berries


Act I Video, Inc.

Hammar Hardware

The Mason’s

Nashua Mall and Plaza

Radio Station WGIR AM-FM

Richard Turcotte, Turcotte World of Photography

Our Sincere Thanks to Nashua Army & Navy Store For Their Support

57 E. Pearl Street, Nashua

Our Sincere Thanks to

United States Marine Corps

300 Main Street, Nashua

Staff Sgt. Frank Menard

Production & Technical Staff

Director Harold Sullivan

Production Manager Kathy Raby

Stage Manager John Gancarz asst. by Kathy Raby

Assistant Director Catherine Andruskevich

Assistant Music Director Julie Lyman

Carpenters Robert Charette,
Joel Dutton,
Lawrence Emmons

Set Builders, Painters, Crew Robert Charette, foreman;
Mary Callahan,
Richard Caron,
Carl Andruskevich,
Brian Landrigan,
Dan Ferguson,
Pam Tschaen,
Debbie Barnard,
Paul Welsh,
Jennifer Barnard,
Margi Rondeau

Set Designer Naomi Antczak

Properties Ann Callahan assisted by
Linnea McAllister,
Daniel Pelletier,
Susan Morin

Lighting John McAllister asst. by
Peter Brady,
Chris Miller,
Dennis Schneider

Costumes Pauline Landrigan, asst. by
Cheryl Coombs,
Ruth O’Connor,
Georgia Gancarz,
Susan Morin,
Mary Ann Wesoly,
Margaret Tamulonis,
Ben Dibble,
Pauline Ruston

Make-up Liz Winters and Maureen Grew, asst. by
Fran Brunelle,
Robin MacDonald,
Ruth Merriman,
Heather Jo Jensen,
Beverly Schmidt,
Jill Gidge,
Lise Duhamel,
Carl Andruskevich,
Nanci Welsh

Hair Design Susan Beaulieu

Publicity Rick GiguereKathy Raby

Poster Liz Winters

Photography Rick Giguere

Program Linnea McAllister,
Daniel Wallace, ads

Patrons Kathy Raby, drive chairman;
George Bourbeau,
B. Allan Sprague,
Daniel Wallace, drive committee;
Margaret Tamulonis,
Betty Badeau, patrons tickets

Tickets Betty Badeau,
Kerry Schneider,
John T. Liljeberg

Lobby Décor Carl Andruskevich

Membership Linnea McAllister

Hall Refreshments Daniel Pelletier

Group Ticket Sales Sid Basha

House, Concessions Ed & Mary Wall,
Shirley Coutu,
Janet Christie,
Mike Homola,
Paul Schellenberg,
Cheryl Coombs,
Carl Andruskevich,
Gloria Smith,
Michael Ouellette,
Michael Coutu,
John Cotter,
David & Linda Olmstead,
Leith Garland,
Mary Murphy

Afterglow Kathy Vallier,
George Bourbeau,
David Vanier,
John T. Liljeberg

Auditioning Board Ed Wall, chairman;
Ann Benbroke,
Catherine Andruskevich,
Linnea McAllister,
Robert C. Babb,
Harold Sullivan,
Michael Lyman

John T. Liljeberg


The Penny Award was created to honor members of the Actorsingers who have
served above and beyond the call of duty. It is with deep pride that the
Actorsingers announce that the recipient of the latest award is John T. Liljeberg.
John has directed many of the Actorsingers’ most successful productions. He
has served on the Board of Directors and has chaired or served on uncountable
committees. We deeply appreciate his dedication to the organization. Thank you,
John, and congratulations!


The Actorsingers Chorus, a mixed chorus of some of our finest solo voices,
offers a variety of musical programs of 1/2 hour to 1 hour in length for
various clubs, conventions, service and business organizations. These shows
are performed on request and consist of musical numbers to suit everyone’s taste
– showtunes, spirituals, traditional and “Oldies but goodies.” Why not treat
yourselves and your group to a musical extravaganza? Donations for these
programs go toward reducing the mortage on our home at 219 Lake Street.
For further information on booking a special show for your group please contact
Ed Wall, [old phone number deleted], or
if you enjoy singing and having a fun time PLEASE join
our chorus each Monday at 7:30. For information concerning rehearsals call
Ann Mitchell.

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers


Scene 1 The Beach

“Bloody Mary” Sailors

Scene 2 Hangar

Reprise – “Bloody Mary” Sailors

Scene 3 Company Street

Scene 4 Terrace of Emile De Becque’s Plantation

“Dites Moi” Ngana and Jerome

“Cockeyed Optimist” Nellie

Twin Soliloquies Nellie and Emile

“Some Enchanted Evening” Emile

Reprise – “Dites Moi” Ngana, Jerome and Emile

Scene 5 Capt. Brackett’s Office

Scene 6 Company Street

Scene 7 The Beach

“Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair” Nellie and Nurses

Reprise – “Some Enchanted Evening” Emile and Nellie

“I’m in Love With a Wonderful Guy” Nellie and Nurses

Scene 8 Company Street

Reprise – “I’m in Love With a Wonderful Guy” Nellie and Nurses

Scene 9 Capt. Brackett’s Office

Scene 10 Island Of Bali Ha’I

Reprise – “Bali Ha’I” Native Women

Scene 11 Bloody Mary’s Hut on Bali Ha’I

“Younger Than Springtime” Lt. Cable

Scene 12 Island Of Bali Ha’I

Reprise – “Bali Ha’I” Native Women

Scene 13 Terrace of Emile De Becque’s Plantation

Reprise – “I’m in Love With a Wonderful Guy” Nellie and Emile

“This Is How It Feels” Nellie and Emile

Reprise – “Cockeyed Optimist” Nellie and Emile

Reprise – “Some Enchanted Evening” Emile


Scene 1 Hangar Decorated for Thanksgiving Follies

“There Is Nothing Like a Dame” Billis and Sailors

Scene 2 Backstage

“Happy Talk” Bloody Mary and Liat

Reprise – “Younger Than Springtime” Lt. Cable

Scene 3 Follies’ Stage

“Honey Bun” Nellie with Sailors and Nurses

Scene 4 Backstage

“Carefully Taught” Lt. Cable

“This Nearly Was Mine” Emile

Scene 5 Capt. Brackett’s Office

Scene 6 Capt. Brackett’s Office

Scene 7 Capt. Brackett’s Office

Scene 8 Company Street

Scene 9 The Beach

Scene 10 The Beach

Reprise – “Honey Bun” Sailors and Nurses

Scene 11 Terrace of Emile De Becque’s Plantation

Reprise – “Dites Moi” Nellie, Ngana, Jerome, and Emile


“Guys & Dolls”

MAY 20, 21, 22