Sweet Charity (1982)

Elm Street Auditorium
October 29-31, 1982

Sweet Charity is presented by the Actorsingers by arrangement with Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc.

Cast of Characters

Charity Judi Edwards

Oscar Frank Kaplan

Nickie Layne F. Menard

Helene Maureen Grew

Carmen Maggie Schellenberg

Rosie Gina Mae Sipe

Herman Ted Rusomanis

Vittorio Vidal Michael Homola

Ursula Wendy Chen

Daddy Brubeck Ed Wall

Hostesses Ann Mitchell,
Martha Levesque,
Barbara Purnell,
Dianne Albright,
Barbara Lukitsch,
Caryl Salyers,
Michelle Soucy,
Liz Winters

Character Parts & Chorus Stephen Ciulla,
Moe Coutu,
Georgia Gancarz,
Dennis Hoare,
Paul Cooper,
Jim Freedman,
Leith Garland,
Linnea McAllister,
Bob Santagata,
Jim Stirling,
Pamela Smith

Specialty Dancers Charlene Bedell,
Vivian A. Highberg,
Rose Siniscal,
Pam Eikelboom,
Cindy Hoffman

Voice Ray Tackett


Director Bob Edwards

Woodwinds Felicia Sartell, Claudia Bissett, Steve Forde, Tom Crabtree, Lois Estabrook

Trumpets Jim Matthews, Jim Flanders, David Bailey

Trombones Gordon Estabrook, Steve Gasiorowsky

Percussion Fran Longo, Mary Gasiorowski

Piano Ron Duvernay

Production Staff

Production Coordinator Shirley Coutu

Stage Manager Paul Schellenberg

Assistant Stage Manager Kathy Valiere

Director John Gancarz

Music Director Bob Edwards

Choreographer Alexandria Carraher

Pianist Ron Duvernay

Set Design Craig Olsen

Set Construction Warren Tomasian, Rick Giguere

Set Painters George Bourbeau,
Dave Vanier,
Tom Scarpelli,
Don Jeffrey,
Lori Hebert,
Mary Callahan,
Rita Marchand,
Linda Hill,
Ann Callahan,
Karen Albini

Stage Crew George Bourbeau,
John Liljeberg,
Ray Tackett,
Kathy Raby,
Lori Herbert,
Brian Landrigan,
Dave Vanier,
Sarah Siegel,
John Siegel,
Mary Callahan,
Ann Callahan,
Dianne Bonnette

Production Secretary Paula Lucier

Properties Dan Pelletier,
Mary Lou Tackett,
Mimi Crowley

Lighting Alan Viens,
Jim Greenberg,
Don Jeffrey,
Karen Albini

Sound Ron Allan, Bob Payton, Patti Gagnon

Costume Design & Wardrobe Margaret Tamulonis

Costume Committee Betty Badeau,
Pauline Landrigan,
Betsy Larchian,
Marge Thompson,
Robin McDonald,
Lois Dowd,
Raelene Liljeberg,
Ann Mitchell

Hair Design Cathy Andruskevich,
Stephen Keskinen,
Stephen Marx Hair Salon

Make-Up Theresa V. Thomas,
Debbie Lamay,
Kathy Raby,
Elaine Henry,
Marcia Casey

Program Karen Albini, Sarah Siegel, Brian Landrigan

Program Ads John McAllister, Lorraine Graham

Publicity Brian Landrigan

Publicity Photographer John Siegel

Studio Photographer Dick Croteau

Posters Tim Desclos

Ticket Sales John Liljeberg,
Elaine Duhamel assisted by
Kathy Raby,
Chris Brunelle,
Sylvia Greenberg

Patrons Elaine Duhamel,
John Liljeberg assisted by
Kathy Raby,
Stan Polan

Group Sales Sid Basha

House Chairpersons John Liljeberg,
Elaine Duhamel

Ushers, Concessions Raelene Liljeberg,
Sylvia Greenberg,
Diane Duhamel,
Sylvia Erickson,
Albin Tamulonis,
Ann Marchand,
Don Marchand,
Terry Viens,
Michael Oullette,
Daniel Oullette,
Lee Ann Oullette,
Julie Cotter,
John Cotter,
Fran Brunelle,
Al Erickson

Afterglow Lois Dowd, Sue Morin

Membership Linnea McAllister

Hall Refreshments Daniel Pelletier

Auditioning Board Kathy Raby,
Peter Allen,
Karen Price,
John Liljeberg,
Bob Edwards,
John Gancarz,
Alexandria Carraher

Fill in Pianists Jed Holland,
Pauline Landrigan,
Barbara Lukitsch

The Actorsingers would like to thank
Hammar Hardware and Duhamel, Inc.
for all their support.

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers


Scene 1 The Park by the Lake

“You Should See Yourself” Charity

Scene 2 Hostess Room of the Fan-Dango Ballroom

Scene 3 Fan-Dango Ballroom

“Big Spender” Nickie, Helene and girls

“Charity’s Soliloquy” Charity

Scene 4 New York Street and Canopy in Front of the Pompeii Club

Scene 5 Interior of the Pompeii Club

“Rich Man’s Frug” Chorus, Specialty Dancers

“If My Friends Could See Me Now” Charity

“Too Many Tomorrows” Vidal

Scene 6 Vittorio Vidal’s Apartment

“Ciao Baby” Charity

Scene 7 The Hostess Room

“There’s Gotta Be Something Better Than This” Nickie, Helene, Charity

Scene 8 The 92nd Street “Y” Information Booth and Elevator

“Bravest Individual” Oscar and Charity


Scene 1 The 92nd Street “Y” Elevator

Scene 2 Rhythm of Life Church

“Rhythm of Life” Daddy Brubeck, two assistants & Chorus

“Rhythm of Life Sermon” Chorus

Scene 3 Going Crosstown

Scene 4 Charity’s Apartment

“Baby Dream Your Dream” Nickie and Helene

Scene 5 Coney Island

“Sweet Charity” Oscar and Chorus

Scene 6 Fan-Dango Ballroom

“Reprise-Big Spender” Helene and girls

Scene 7 Times Square

“Where Am I Going” Charity

Scene 8 Barney’s Chile Hacienda

Scene 9 “I’m a Brass Band”

“I’m a Brass Band” Charity and men

Scene 10 Fan-Dango Ballroom

“I Love to Cry at Weddings” Herman, Nickie, Rosie, Helene, solo tenor, chorus

Scene 11 The Park

“Finale” Orchestra

“See Me Now” Full Company

May 20, 21, 22

We wish to acknowledge with deep appreciation the special help we receive from the LAKE STREET MILL, 51 Lake Street, Nashua. Mr. Rocky LaPierre, President, has graciously and most generously donated space to THE ACTORSINGERS for the storage of our properties.