Once Upon a Mattress (1982)

Elm Street Auditorium
May 21-23, 1982

Book by Jay Thompson, Marshall Barer, and Dean Fuller

Music by Mary Rodgers

Lyrics by Marshall Barer

“Once Upon A Mattress” is presented by the Actorsingers by arrangement with Music Theatre International, 119 West 57th Street, New York, NY.

Cast of Characters

(In order of appearance)

Minstrel Maurice Coutu

Princess #12 Michelle Soucy

Wizard Alan Viens

Lady Larkin Georgia Gancarz

Queen Aggravain Linda Saren

Prince Dauntless Kevin McDonough

King Sextimus the Silent Stanley Polan

Jester John Clement

Sir Harry David Pierce

Princess Winifred the Woebegone Paula J. Lucier


Ladies In Waiting Francesca Bosowski,
Lori Hebert,
Julia Hefferin,
Pauline Landrigan,
Linnea McAllister,
Kathy McAlman,
Kathy Mitchell,
Donna Philbrook,
Kathy Raby,
Caryl Salyers,
Pamela Smith,
Michelle Soucy,
Marci Woodman

Knights Tom Carmichael,
Ralph Coutu,
John Gancarz,
Dennis Hoare,
Robert Narkunas,
Mark Plamondon,
Dan Pelletier,
Bob Santagata,
David Vanier


Violin Rick Bieniek, Alison Buttice, Carol Todaro

Cello Ellen Cogen

Reeds Paula Depsky, Cindy Soucy Landolt, Wendy Mahoney

Trumpet Peter LaFlamme, Nick Narcisi

Trombone Bruce Randall

Piano Lori Heath


American Inn

Daddy’s Junky Music Store

Duhamels, Inc.

Salem Senior High School

Production Staff

Production Manager Kathy Raby

Stage Manager Kathy Vallier

Asst. Stage Manager John Liljeberg

Director Carol Farland

Musical Director Richard Wall

Choreographer Vivian Highberg

Pianist Lori Heath

Set Design James Greenberg

Set Builder Alan Doell

Movers, Painters, Stage Crew George Bourbeau,
Elaine Duhamel,
Candy Greenberg,
Stacy Greenberg,
Sylvia Greenberg,
Don Jeffrey,
Joel Saren,
Tom Scarpelli,
David Vanier

Properties Janet Christie,
Rita Marchand,
Ann McCosh

Lighting Richard F. Giguere asst. by
Dave Adler,
George Bourbeau,
John McAllister,
Tom Scarpelli,
Ray Tackett

Sound Ron Allen, Patty Gagnon, Ray Tackett

Costumes Shirley Coutu asst. by
Jan Christie,
Pauline Landrigan,
Kathy Lockley,
Susan Morin,
Penny Tamulonis

Hair Design Steven Keskinen

Make-up Jackie Maynard asst. by
Fran Brunelle,
Helen Desmarais,
Jill Gidge,
Maggie Schellenberg,
Pearl Ware,
Nancy Blish

Program Kathy Lockley,
Cathy Andruskevich,
Lorraine Graham,
Diane McClure

Publicity Ann McCosh

Publicity Photographer Joel Saren

Studio Photographer Anthony Romanazzi

Cast Photographer Deanne Fortnam

Posters Timothy Desclos

Ticket Sales – Patrons Chris Brunelle,
Elaine Duhamel,
John Liljeberg

Group Sales Sid Basha

House Chairpersons Ed & Mary Wall

Ushers Robert & Jobyna Babb,
Simon Bate,
John Cotter,
Irene Gordon,
Frank & Lorraine Graham,
Brian Landrigan,
Ann Mitchell,
Shirley Nash,
Michael Ouellette,
Joseph & Karen Price,
Paul Schellenberg,
Jackie Tanguay,
Nancy Blish

Membership Linnea McAllister

Afterglow Peggy Jordan,
Maggie Schellenberg,
Sally Trombley

Hall Refreshments Dan Pelletier

Auditioning Board John McAllister, Chairman;
Carol Farland,
Vivian Highberg,
Wendy Mahoney,
Diana McClure,
Penny Tamulonis,
Richard Wall

We wish to acknowledge with deep appreciation the special help we receive from the LAKE STREET MILL,
51 Lake Street, Nashua. Mr. Rocky LaPierre, President, has
graciously and most generously donated space to THE ACTORSINGERS for the storage of our properties.

Heartfelt thanks to our “behind the scenes” people who helped make this production possible.
Though they won’t get a curtain call, their efforts and dedication should be loudly applauded.

A special “thank you” to Elaine Duhamel and John Liljeberg whose knowledge, patience and
guidance helped us to survive the past several weeks.

Kathy Raby

Kathy Vallier

Synopsis of Scenes


Prologue and Ballet

“Many Moons Ago” Minstrel, dancers

Scene 1 The Great Hall

“Opening for a Princess” Dauntless, Larkin, chorus

Scene 2 A Castle Corridor

“In a Little While” Larkin, Harry

Scene 3 The Courtyard

“Shy” Winnifred, Knights

“The Minstrel, the Jester, and I” Minstrel, Jester, King Sextimus

Scene 4 A Corridor

“Sensitivity” Queen Aggravain, Wizard

Scene 5 Winnifred’s Dressing Room

“The Swamps of Home” Winnifred, Ladies

Scene 6 A Castle Corridor

“The Spanish Panic” Aggravain, Wizard, dancers

Scene 7 The Courtyard

“Normandy” Minstrel, Jester, Larkin

Scene 8 A Castle Corridor

Scene 9 The Great Hall

“The Spanish Panic” Winnifred, Dauntless, dancers

“Song of Love” Winnifred, Dauntless, dancers


Scene 1 The Castle

“Quiet” Aggravain, chorus

Scene 2 Winnifred’s Dressing Room

“Happily Ever after” Winnifred

Scene 3 A Castle Corridor

“Man-to-Man Talk” Sextimus, Dauntless

Scene 4 The Wizard’s Chamber

Scene 5 A Corridor

“Very Soft Shoes” Jester

Scene 6 A Corridor

“Yesterday I Loved You” Larkin, Harry

Scene 7 The Bedchamber

Scene 8 A Corridor

Scene 9 The Banquet Hall

Finale Full Company