Gypsy (1981)

Elm Street Jr. High School
November 20-22, 1981

Music by Jule Styne

Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim

Suggested by the memoirs of Gypsy Rose Lee

“GYPSY” produced by arrangement with:

Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc.

757 Third Avenue, New York, N.Y.

Produced by The Actorsingers Directed by John Liljeberg Musical Director Bob Edwards Choreographer Alex Tolle

Cast of Characters

(In Order of Appearance)

Clarence Seth Berman

Uncle Jocko Daniel Pelletier

Baby Louise Melanie Dowd

Baby June Christel Marchand

Rose Sylvia Silvio Greenberg

Stage Manager Paul Cooper

Balloon Girl Kerry Pfarner

Pop Stan Polan

Scouts Scott Corburn,
Jeremy Catland,
Tracy Marchand,
Karin Harvey,
John Sullivan,
Darlene MacSweeney,
Darcy Adams,
Seth Berman,
David Hornik,
Jamie Greenbaum

Rich Man Cecil Williams

Rich Man’s Son David Hornik

Urchin Jamie Greenbaum

Mr. Webber Paul Schellenberg

Herbie Don Marchand

Newsboys Scott Corburn,
David Hornik,
Jamie Greenbaum,
John Sullivan,
Darlene MacSweeney,
Darcy Adams

June Kim Kinsley

Louise/Gypsy Loretta Bolen

Tulsa Ed Silva

Yonkers John Clement

Angie Ron Duvernay

Teenage Boy Jeffrey Rapsis

L. A. Robert Ciolfi

Kringlein Frank Bolen

Mr. Goldstone Robert Racine

Miss Cratchitt Kathy Raby

Cow’s Back Kathy Vallier

Agnes/Amanda Caryl Salyers

Geraldine Sheila McLavey

Teenage Girls Cathy Sparango,
Kristin McDonnell,
Jennifer Jones

Patsey William Tolle

Cigar John Gancarz

Tessie Tura Judi Edwards

Mazeppa Elaine Pelletier

Electra Denise Flanders

Announcer Alan Viens

Showgirls Cathy Sparango,
Caryl Salyers,
Sheila Mclavey,
Michelle Soucy,
Sue O’Neill,
Priscilla Sarsfield,
Sue Robinson,
Linnea McAllister,
Jennifer Jones,
Kristin McDonnell

Renee Jackie Maynard

Card Girl Ellen Johnston

Waitress Penny Tamulonis

“Chowsie” “Lady” Soucy

Mothers Jane Pfarner,
Ann Marchand

Extra Children T. J. Marchand,
Stacy Greenberg,
Candice Greenberg


Alto Sax, Clarinet, Flute David Bailey

Alto Sax, Clarinet Felicia Sartell

Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax Jim Haddix

Tenor Sax, Clarinet Tony Frontiero

Clarinet, Flute Wendy Mahoney

Percussion Fran Longo

French Horn Jean Stickney

Trumpets Jim Matthews, Jim Hradecky, Craig Weisman

Trombones Gordon Estabrook, Steve Gasiorowski

Piano Jed Holland

Conductor Bob Edwards







We wish to acknowledge with deep appreciation the special help we receive from the LAKE STREET MILL, 51 Lake Street, Nashua. Mr. Rocky LaPierre, President, has gracioulsy and most generously donated space to THE ACTORSINGERS for the storage of our properties.

Production Staff

Production Manager Elaine Duhamel

Assistant Production Manager Kathy Raby

Director John T. Liljeberg

Musical Director Bob Edwards

Choreographer Alexandria Carraher-Tolle

Stage Manager Joseph Dowd

Assistant Stage Manager Catherine Andruskevich

Pianist Jed Holland

Set Designer George Bourbeau

Scenic Artist Connie Connor

Set Builders, Stage Crew, Painters and Movers Warren Tomasian,
George Marineau,
Kathy Vallier,
Sid Basha,
John McAllister,
Sis Senn,
Cecil Williams,
Cathy Sullivan,
Cherie Williams,
Cristen Williams,
Paul Cooper,
Jacky Latham,
Rita Case,
Maurice Coutu,
Paul Schellenberg,
John Sullivan,
Celissa Barsorian

Lighting Alan Viens assisted by
Jim Greenberg,
Joe Anderson,
Ken Gorden

Sound Raymond Tackett assisted by Ronald Allen

Costume Team Grace Bolen,
Jan Christie,
Lois Dowd,
Georgia Gancarz,
Sandy Greenbaum,
Rita King,
Raelene Liljeberg,
Carolyn Marineau,
Jean Marchand,
Ann Marchand,
Robin MacDonald,
Sue Morin,
Joan MacSweeney,
Ann Mitchell,
Carole Nadeau,
Jane Pfarner,
Rachel Simoneau,
Penny Tamulonis,
the Cast and Parents of the Children

Special Effects Dave Vanier

Properties Lisa RokowskiJanine BolenChris BrunelleFran Brunelle

Placards Pauline Raby

Make Up Jackie Maynard and
Pearl Ware, Co-Chairmen;
Janice Rockwell,
Carol Croatti,
Lorraine Graham,
Rosemary Bolen,
Diane Siegars,
Kathy Raby,
Fran Brunelle,
Deanne Fortnam,
Georgia Gancarz,
Jan Christie,
Rita Case,
Pam Gowett,
Valerie Cox,
Shirley Coutu,
Maggie Schellenberg

Hair Design Ron Viens assisted by
Ellen Johnston and
Betty Badeau

Ticket Sales Chris Brunelle,
Jan Christie,
Sid Basha

Ticket Sales – Lobby Jewel Shanahan,
Jeannine Galipeault,
Terry Viens,
Priscilla Valdez

Director’s Secretary Leigh Sweeney

Programs Linnea McAllister assisted by
Elaine Duhamel and
Carol Williams

Poster and Program Cover Joan Marchie-Rearick

Publicity Linda Saren

Publicity Photographer Joel Saren

Studio Photographer Richard Croteau

House Chairpersons Raelene Liljeberg and Carolyn Marineau

Ushers Mimi Crowley,
Sandy Greenbaum,
Carl Greenbaum,
Deirdre Adams,
Ann S. Harvey,
Carol Williams,
Cathy Sullivan,
Jennie Seusing,
Jane Pfarner,
Margaret Mosiman

Afterglow Pat Allard, Sylvia Erickson and Several Friends

Refreshments at Hall Dan Pelletier

Membership Linnea McAllister

Patrons Elaine Duhamel and John Liljeberg

Audition Committee Maurice Coutu, Chairman;
John Liljeberg,
Bob Edwards,
Alexandria Carraher-Tolle,
Sally Trombley,
Wendy Mahoney,
Harold Sullivan,

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers


Scene 1 Vaudeville Theatre Stage, Seattle

“Let Me Entertain You” Baby June and Baby Louise

Scene 2 Kitchen of a Frame House, Seattle

“Some People” Rose

Scene 3 Road Between Seattle and Los Angeles

“Some People” – Reprise Rose and Boy Scouts

Scene 4 Backstage of a Vaudeville House, Dallas

“Small World” Rose and Herbie

Scene 5 On Stage of a Vaudeville Theatre, Los Angeles

“Baby June and Her Newsboys” Baby June and Newsboys

“Let Me Entertain You” Baby June

Recitation and Military Routine Baby June, Baby Louise and Newsboys

Military Routine – Part II June, Louise and Boys

Scene 6 Hotel Rooms, Akron

“Mr. Goldstone” Goldstone, Herbie and Kids

“Little Lamb” Louise

Scene 7 Chinese Restaurant, New York

“You’ll Never Get Away From Me” Rose and Herbie

Scene 8 Stage of Grantziger’s Palace, New York

Farm Sequence June, Farm Boys and Cow

“Broadway” June and Boys

Scene 9 Grantziger’s Office

“If Momma Was Married” June and Louise

Scene 10 Theatre Alley, Buffalo

“All I Need Is the Girl” Tulsa

Scene 11 Railroad Platform, Omaha

“Everything’s Coming Up Roses” Rose


Scene 1 Desert Country, Texas

“Toreadorables” Girls

“Together Wherever We Go” Rose, Herbie and Louise

Scene 2 Backstage of a Burlesque House, Wichita

“You Gotta Get a Gimmick” Mazeppa, Electra, Tessie

Scene 3 Backstage Corridor

Scene 4 Backstage and On Stage: Wichita, Detroit, Philadelphia, Minsky’s

“Small World” Rose

“Let Me Entertain You” Louise, Rose, Showgirls

Scene 5 Louise’s Dressing Room

Scene 6 Bare Stage After the Show

“Rose’s Turn” Rose