Carnival (1980)

Elm Street Auditorium
November 14-16, 1980


25th Anniversary

Proudly presents the Musical


Cast of Characters

(In Order of Appearance)

Jacquot Stanley Polan

Roustabouts Larry Kaplan,
Mark Plamondon,
Bob Santagata,
Ed Wall

B.F. Schlegel James Freedman

The Incomparable Rosalie Georgia Gancarz

Marco The Magnificent Sid Basha

Princess Olga Maggie Schellenberg

Gladys Zuwicki Martha Levesque

Gloria Zuwicki Kathy Raby

Juggler Rodney Pitman

Greta Schlegel Cathy Polan

Lili Adrienne Jones

Grobert John Gancarz

Paul Berthalet Vance Kelly

Dr. Glass George Szok

Blue Birds Tracey Christo,
Karen Albini,
Judy Lemire,
Linnea McAllister

Marguerite Pam Salvail

Specialty Dancers Andrew Ditkoff, Ruth Merriman

Chorus Theresa Boucher,
Maggie Schellenberg,
Rita Case,
Judy Lipsky,
Betty Callahan,
Pam Salvail,
Kathy Raby,
Martha Levesque,
Jackie Latham,
JoAnna Price,
Lorraine Forte
[also Gloria Smith and
Elaine Pelletier]

Tumblers Roberta Macomber,
Therese Anctil,
Kim Sottak,
Lisa MacPhail,
Jennifer Laliberte,
Susan Espersen,
Sherry Poulin,
Cara Douville


Trumpet Jay Daly

Trumpet Jeff Brown

Flute/Piccolo Heather Pyle

Clarinet/Sax Nicholas Goumas

Percussion Jack Butler

Trombone Eric Winslow

Bass Ruth Brown

Keyboard Jo Millett


Duhamels, Inc.

Atomic Letter Service, Inc.

Croteau Photography

Kathy Kilowski

Jan-Car Leasing

Pasquale Alosh, Jr.

Heavy Duty Truck and Diesel Service

and a special thanks to the students of Cherene Boyer




Bob’s Tire Service, 140 W. Pearl Street

Common Crossing, 153 Main Street

Croteau Photography, 94 W. Pearl Street

P. E. Fletcher’s, 331 Main Street

Hough Florist, 69 Main Street

Jerry’s Radio & TV Service, 14 W. Hollis Street

Lampron’s Shoe Store, 215 Main Street

Miller’s 201 Main Street

Nutting’s Music Store, 75 Main Street

Persian Rug Gallery, 227 1/2 Main Street

Production Staff

Production Managers Elaine Duhamel and Deanne Fortnam

Director Donald Sisson

Music Director Adrith Sisson

Choreographer Larry White

Accompanist Jo Millet

Stage Managers Joseph Dowd and Maurice Coutu

Set Designer Connie Connor

Set Builders, Painters, and Stage Crew Maurice Coutu,
Joseph Dowd,
Warren Tomasian,
Kevin Guimond,
Sally Trombley,
Michael Tempone,
Kathy Valier,
Cec Williams,
Sis Senn,
Mary Gardner,
Wendy Mahoney,
Deanne Fortnam,
Connie Connor,
Paul Schellenberg,
Mike Williams,
Fran Brunelle,
John McAllister,
and several friends

Lighting Doug Fortnam, Chairman, assisted by
Dick Meaney,
Al Erickson,
Sally Trombley and
Steve Jones

Sound Ray Tackett, Chairman, assisted by
Marylou Tackett

Costumes Jan Christie, Chairman, assisted by
Shirley Coutu,
Deanne Fortnam,
Raelene Liljeberg,
Penny Tamulonis,
June Holt,
Dot Pitman,
Susan Morin,
Louise Basha,
Joyce Jennings,
Elaine Plouffe,
and friends of Actorsingers

Properties Robin MacDonald, Chairman, assisted by
Anne Gagnon,
Donna Gagnon,
Laurel Queen,
Lorraine Graham,
Fran Brunelle,
Carol Williams,
Kathy Andruskevich

Make-Up Jackie Maynard, Chairman, assisted by
Pearl Ware,
Carol Croatti,
Janice Rockwell,
Claire Anderson,
Lisa Anderson,
Dodie Slingerland,
Pat Riley,
Kathy Andruskevich

Hair Design Ellen Johnson

Tickets Chris Brunelle assisted by Jewel Shanahan

Lobby Décor Kathy Andruskevich

Concessions Louise King

Programs Matt Parent

Poster and Program Design Joan Marchie

Cast Photographer Elaine Duhamel

Studio Photographer Richard Croteau

Collage Linda Saren

Afterglow Sylvia Erickson assisted by
Mary Wall,
Jeannette Erickson,
Lois Dowd

Rehearsal Refreshments Dan Pelletier

Membership Chairman Linnea McAllister

Patrons Chairman Joel Saren,
assisted by Betty Walver

Auditions Committee Carol Croatti, Chairman,
assisted by Donald Sission,
Adrith Sisson,
Larry White,
Penny Tamulonis,
Anne S. Harvey,
Cynthia Solov

Publicity John McAllister assisted by Lorraine Graham

Ushers Betty Badeau and Penny Tamulonis
assisted by Colleen Aldrich,
Pat Allard,
Ena and Dan Carraher,
Ann and James Mitchell,
Carol Nadeau,
Bob Narkunas,
Howard, Priscilla and Ricki Neubert,
Barbara and Donald Page,
Dorothy and Vaughn Pitman,
Elaine and William Schultz,
Katherine Sullivan,
Al and Steve Tamulonis,
Karen Van Deusen and David Pierce


In the fall of 1978 the Actorsingers Board of Directors passed a resolution
calling for an award to be presented to an individual who, over the years,
has displayed a steadfast and unselfish devotion to the growth and development
of the Actorsingers as a theatrical organization. It is called the Penny Award
in honor of Margaret “Penny” Tamulonis who exemplified these qualities and was
the first recipient of this award.

This year we are pleased to present the Penny Award to Dan Pelletier “for his
constant commitment to the organization.”

[Program insert]

We wish to acknowledge with deep appreciation the special help we receive
from the LAKE STREET MILL, 51 Lake Street, Nashua. Mr. Rocky LaPierre,
President, has graciously and most generously donated space to THE ACTORSINGERS
for storage of our properties. Thank you so much, Mr. LaPierre!!

The following people were inadvertently omitted from the cast listing in our
program for our production of “Carnival”: Gloria Smith, who is a member of
the chorus and appears as a volunteer from the audience, and also Elaine
Pelletier, who is a member of the chorus. We apologize for the error.

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers


Scene 1 The Carnival Area

“Direct from Vienna” Rosalie, Schlegel and Marchers

“A Very Nice Man” Lili

Scene 2 The Puppet Booth

“Fairyland” Puppets

“I’ve Got to Find a Reason” Paul

“Mira” Lili

Reprise -“Direct from Vienna” Marchers

“A Sword and a Rose and a Cape” Marco and Roustabouts

Scene 3 Inside Schlegel’s Office

“Humming” Rosalie and Schlegel

Scene 4 The Carnival Area

“Yes, My Heart” Lili and Carnival People

“Everybody Likes You” Paul

Scene 5 Interior of Main Tent

“Magic, Magic” Marco, Rosalie and Lili

“Tanz Mit Mir” Bluebird Girls

Scene 6 The Carnival Area at Night

“Carnival Ballet” Lili and Carnival People

Reprise – “Mira” Lili

“Love Makes the World Go Round” Lili, then Puppets

Scene 7 The Puppet Booth

“Golden Delicious” Lili and Puppets


Scene 1 The Side Show

“Yum Ticky” Lili and Puppets

“We’re Rich” Lili and Puppets

Reprise – “Love Makes the World Go Round” Lili and Puppets

“Beautiful Candy” Lili, Puppets and Carnival People

“Her Face” Paul

Scene 2 The Trailer Camp

“Grand Imperial Cirque de Paris” Jacquot and Carnival People

“Ballet” Lili, Marco and Carnival People

“I Hate Him” (Reprise – “Her Face”) Lili and Paul

Scene 3 Outside the Main Tent

Reprise – “Grand Imperial Cirque de Paris” Carnival People

“Always, Always You” Marco and Rosalie

Reprise – “Always, Always You” Rosalie

“She’s My Love” Paul



Nashua Senior High School Auditorium

February 28 and March 1, 1981 2:00 p.m.

All children in grades 3 through 8 whose parents are either
Members or Patrons of Actorsingers are eligible and invited to
audition for the 1981 Junior Actorsingers production. Audition dates and
further dates will be announced.


An excellent Broadway show – “Pajama Game,” a musical about some wild
goings-on in the clothing business. Watch for tryout announcements
in the local papers; come and be part of this show.
Get your tickets early – become a patron and never worry about
choice seating again.