The Unsinkable Molly Brown (1980)

Elm Street Auditorium
May 16-18, 1980

Music & Lyrics by Meredith Willson

Book by Richard Morris

Produced by Arrangement with
Music Theatre International
119 West 57th Street, New York, N.Y. 10019

Cast of Characters

(In Order of Appearance)

Molly Tobin Robin MacDonald

Michael Tobin Moe Coutu

Aloysius Tobin Matt Parent

Patrick Tobin Randy Hencke

Father Flynn Donald E. Sisson

Shamus Tobin Ed Wall

Charlie Steve Jones

Christmas Morgan James Freedman

Burt Moe Coutu

Prostitutes Linnea McAllister,
Judy Page,
Pat Allard,
Tracey Christo

“Leadville” Johnny Brown Russ Thompson

Gittar Terry Toland

Denver Policemen Steve Jones, Matt Parent, Keith Barker

Mrs. McGlone Grace Bolen

Monsignor Ryan Ted McKie

Roberts Terry Toland

Professor Gardella Stan Polan

Germaine Debbie Hencke

Princess DeLong Gloria Smith

Prince DeLong Donald E. Sisson

Countess Feranti Barbara Lukitsch

The Grand Duchess Marie Nicholaiovna Deanne Fortnam

Count Feranti Randy Hencke

Duchess of Burlingame Ann Mitchell

Duke of Burlingame Mark Plamondon

The Baron of Auld Stan Polan

Malcolm Broderick Dan Pelletier

Mrs. Wadlington Lorraine Forte

Young Waiter Dan Carraher

Maitre D’ Stan Polan

Chorus Kathy Raby,
Lorraine Forte,
Ann Mitchell,
Wendy Altman,
Barbara Lukitsch,
Deanne Fortnam,
Debbie Hencke,
Diane Charbonneau,
Tracey Christo,
Linnea McAllister,
Judy Page,
Terry Toland,
Stan Polan,
Randy Hencke,
Steve Jones,
Matt Parent,
Moe Coutu

Dancers Pat Allard,
Tracey Christo,
Andy Ditkoff,
Donna Gagnon,
Judy Page,
Linnea McAllister,
Sheila McLavey,
Laurel Queen,
Laurie Sweeney,
Keith Barker,
Moe Coutu,
Matt Parent,
Steve Jones,
Randy Hencke,
Mark Plamondon


Piano Betty Ann Maliszewski, Wendy Mahoney

Reeds Steve Tousignant

Bass Ken Hanson

Banjo Bob Daniels

Percussion David Sonia, Judy Bruneau

A special thanks to

Collins Florist

Concord Players

Duhamel, Inc.

Nutting Music Co.

Manor IV

Production & Technical Staff

Production Manager John McAllister

Director Lorraine Graham

Music Director Kay Goranson

Choreographer Larry White

Pianist Elizabeth Ann Maliszewski

Assistant Pianist Barbara Lukitsch

Audition Committee Gay Nardone (chairman),
Brian O’Connell,
Sylvia Eggleston,
Adrith Sisson,
Lorraine Graham,
Kay Goranson,
Larry White

Stage Manager Howard A. Jones

Assistant Stage Manager Adrith P. Sisson

Set Designer Teri Trout

Set Construction Howard A. JonesAdrith P. SissonDan Carraher

Lighting Richard L. Meaney,
Rhonda S. Birnbaum,
Doug Fortnam,
Joe Dowd,
Eric Black,
Al Erickson,
Robert Windt,
Sally Trombley,
Pat Tolle

Sound Ray Tackett,
Mary Lou Tackett,
Tony Mallia,
Trish Chabot

Costumes Ena Carraher (chairman),
Shirley Coutu,
Marge Thompson,
Leigh Sweeney,
Janet Christie,
Jean Christie,
Brenda Nelson,
Adele Brochhausen

Properties Lois Dowd

Stage Crew Howard A. Jones,
Adrith P. Sisson,
John Liljeberg,
Elaine Duhamel,
Sally Trombley,
Pat Tolle,
Gary Dionne

Set Painters Teri Trout,
Kate Wolff,
Rosemary Bolen,
Liz Ouellette,
Adrienne Jones,
Pat Tolle,
Ken Wood,
Francis Nutter-Upham,
Elizabeth Jones,
Mary Gardiner,
Dan Carraher,
Sally Trombley,
Phyl Maconi,
Therese Tarry

Poster and Program Cover The Copper Apple

Hair Styling Ellen Johnson (chairman),
Rita Zaccone,
Cathy Andruskevich,
Fern Croteau

Make-Up Crew Janice Rockwell (chairman),
Cynthia Solov,
Jackie Maynard,
Rosemary Bolen,
Judy Bausha,
Pearl Ware,
Adrienne Jones,
Alex Carraher,
Sharon Crager,
Carol Croatti,
Dawn Hardy

Tickets Mimi Crowley and Betty Badeau (co-chairmen);
Linda Saren,
Angela Tomasian

Programs Dan Pelletier (editor);
Cathy Andruskevich and Anne Gagnon (typing);
Kathy Raby, Mark Plamondon, Dianne Fortnam (advertising)

Photography Dick Croteau, Elaine Duhamel

Collage Linda Saren

House Manager Francesca Bosowski

Ushers Francesca Bosowski (chairman),
Dave and Jill Gidge,
Dot and Don Marcek,
Carl Anderson,
Anne Gagnon,
Frank Bolen,
Mary Jones,
Judy Bausha,
Claire Anderson,
Michael Jones,
Chris and Francis Brunelle,
Francine Brunelle

Concessions Sue McCarthy

Afterglow Penny Tamulonis, Maggie Schellenberg, Betty Jones

Membership Chairman Linnea McAllister

Patrons Chairman Joel Saren

Publicity Committee John Baird (chairman);
Linda Freisinger,
Kathi Laflamme,
Terry Toland


Welcome to the Actorsingers’ production of “The Unsinkable Molly Brown.”
“Molly” is the first production of the Actorsingers’ 25th Anniversary Year.
We are pleased to have you as a part of our audience. We hope you will be
pleased with our efforts.

We feel that 25 years have given us not only experience, but definite
and demanding standards in what we expect from ourselves as Actorsingers.
We have made every effort to have fun while providing you with an entertaining evening.

Enjoy yourselves tonight, and we hope you will be with us for the next 25 years.

Daniel L. Pelletier
President of Actorsingers

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers


Scene 1 Exterior of the Tobin shack, Hannibal, Missouri,early 1900’s.

“I Ain’t Down Yet” Molly and Brothers

Scene 2 Exterior of the Saddle Rock Saloon, Leadville, Colorado.

“Colorado, My Home” “Leadville” Johnny Brown

Scene 3 The Saddle Rock Saloon, Leadville, Colorado, weeks later.

“Belly Up to the Bar, Boys” Molly, Christmas Morgan, Miners and Prostitutes

Scene 4 A street in front of the Saddle Rock Saloon, Sunday night, three weeks later.

“I’ve Already Started In” Johnny, Charlie, Burt, Christmas and Gittar

Scene 5 Johnny’s log cabin, a month later.

“I’ll Never Say No” Johnny

Scene 6 On the road to Johnny’s cabin, three weeks later.

Scene 7 Johnny’s log cabin, immediately following.

“My Own Brass Bed” Molly

Scene 8 Pennsylvania Avenue, Denver, Colorado, an evening six months later.

“The Denver Police” Three Denver Policemen

Scene 9 The terrace at Mrs. McGlone’s Denver mansion.

“Beautiful People of Denver” Molly

“Are You Sure?” Molly, Monsignor Ryan, Guests

Scene 10 Pennsylvania Avenue, immediately following.

Scene 11 The red parlor of the Brown’s Denver mansion, a month later.

“I Ain’t Down Yet” (reprise) Molly and Johnny


Scene 1 The Brown’s Paris salon, a spring afternoon years later.

“Happy Birthday, Mrs. J. J. Brown” Prince and Princess DeLong, International Set

“Bon Jour” Molly, Prince DeLong, International Set

“If I Knew” Johnny

Scene 2 The red parlor, an evening months later.

“Chick-A-Pen” Molly and Johnny

Scene 3 The red parlor, 8 o’clock that evening.

Scene 4 Pennsylvania Avenue, immediately following.

Scene 5 The red parlor, the next morning.

Scene 6 A street in front of the Saddle Rock Saloon, months later.

“Keep-A-Hoppin'” Johnny and Leadville friends

“‘Leadville’ Johnny Brown’s Soliloquy” Johnny

Scene 7 A club off the Casino at Monte Carlo, immediately following.

“Up Where the People Are” Dancers

“Dolce Far Niente” Prince Delong and Molly

Scene 8 Outside the club, a moment later.

“Dolce Far Niente” (reprise) Prince Delong

Scene 9 The mid-Atlantic, April 15, 1912, 2:30 a.m.

Scene 10 The red parlor at the Brown’s Denver mansion.

Scene 11 An aspen grove in the Rockies.