Here’s Love (1979)

Elm Street Auditorium
November 16-18, 1979

Book, Lyrics and Music by Meredith Willson

Based on “THE MIRACLE ON 34th ST.”

“Here’s Love!” is presented by the Actorsingers
by arrangement with Music Theatre International.





Doris Walker Adrienne Jones

Susan Walker Christel Marchand

Fred Gaily George Szok

Kris Kringle Maurice Coutu

Shellhammer Elizabeth Jones

R. H. Macy Howard Jones

Mr. Sawyer Gary Diome

Ms. Crookshank Millie Wright

Judge Martin Group Stanley Polan

Tammany O’Hallgran Ed Wall

Thomas Mara, Sr. Randy Hencke

Clara Debbie Hencke

Ms. Simms Diane LaFrance

Bailiff John Baird

Harry Finfer David Polan

Mrs. Finfer Linda Freisinger

Henrika Melanie Dowd

Henrika’s Mother Robin MacDonald

Governor of New York Scott Olson

Mayor of New York John McAllister

Tommy Mara, Jr. David Hornik

Mr. Gimble Al Bedard


Doreen Cafarella – Cameo Appearance

Billy Bedard – Juggler

Peter Ripaldi – Juggler

Sue Pomerleau – Gymnast

Gretchen Shenk – Gymnast

Becky Stevenson – Gymnast

Joanna Poirier – Gymnast

Coleen Aldrich – Line Captain

Dancers Karen Velasco,
Sheila Beauregard,
Cathy Burton,
Judy Page,
Cindy Carroll,
Jackie Yarmo,
Andrew Ditkoff,
Donna Gagnon,
Lauren Queen,
Linnea McAllister,
Christine Brochhausen,
Eileen Dugal,
Adele Brochhausen

Chorus – Small Dance Parts – Bit Parts Stacie Beauregard,
Terry Bernard,
Rosemary Bolen,
Paulette Chisholm,
Barbara Fischer,
Deanne Fortnam,
Andrew Freisinger,
Donna Freisinger,
Jennifer Huntley,
Stephen Jones,
Kristine Macenas,
Heather MacDonald,
Paula Marquis,
Joanna Mather-Lees,
Ann Mitchell,
Buddy Nadeau,
Carole Nadeau,
Mark Plamondon,
Cathy Polan,
Kathy Raby,
Whitney Rearick,
Michelle Rodriguez,
Lisa M. Rokowski,
Bob Santagata,
Donald Sisson,
Gloria Smith,
Susie E. Szok,
Jackie Tanguay,
Christine Thompson,
Sally Trombley


Heather Pyle Nicholas Goumas George Wilson Al Predle Don Wallin Jo Millet Adrith Sisson Wendy Mahoney Nick Narcisi


Duhamel, Inc.

Doehla Greeting Cards

Dance Center at Gymnastic Village

Dancing Corner of Nashua

Law Realty Company, Inc.

Majorette Uniforms compliments of Pinkerton Academy Majorettes of Derry

Production & Technical Staff

Production Coordinator Elaine Duhamel

Director John Liljeberg

Music Director Adrith Sisson

Choreographer Gay Nardone

Stage Manager Donald Sisson

Assistant Stage Manager Lorraine Graham

Set Designers Joan Marchie and John Prendergast

Set Construction Warren Tomasian and George Marineau

Rocking Horse Laurent Ouellette, Sr.

Lighting Richard Meany, assisted by Doug Fortnam,
Fred Rosenbloom, Bob Windt, David Brunelle

Sound Ray Tackett, assisted by Bob Regan and Mary Lou Tackett

Costumes Adele Brochhausen,
Margaret Tamulonis,
Robin MacDonald,
Janet Christie,
Lois Dowd
and entire cast

Properties Raelene Liljeberg and
Carolyn Marineau, assisted by
Phyllis Sawyer and
Kay Potfora

Stage Crew Warren Tomasian,
George Marineau,
Marty Wilconson,
Al Erickson,
D. Gidge,
J. Saren,
Louis Duhamel,
Danielle Durocher,
Joseph Dowd,
Tom Adamakos,
S. Shanahan,
L. Saren

Set Painters Tricia Mather Lees,
Louis Duhamel,
Danielle Durocher,
Al Erickson,
Sylvia Erickson,
Mary Cavanaugh,
Sid Basha,
Mimi Crowley,
Kathi Laflamme,
Maurice Jennings,
Erin Amar,
Buddy Nadeau,
Anne Gagnon,
Cindy Deaney,
Joanna Mather Lees,
Kathy Andruskevich,
Ralph Lord,
Lois Dowd,
John Duhamel,
Laura Duhamel

Make-up Chairperson Jackie Maynard

Character Make-up Pearl Ware

Hair Design Ellen Johnston, Rita Zacone and Lucy Oullette

Make-up Crew Claire Anderson,
Shirley Coutu,
Kathy Andruskevich,
Carol Croatti,
Jill Gidge,
Dodie Slingerland,
Eileen Callahan,
Linda Chojnowski,
Kathi Laflamme,
Tricia Mather-Lees,
Paula Green,
Alice Gabriel,
Sylvia Dombrowski,
Rita Paquin,
Kay Stratoti,
Bill Williamson,
Sandy Rowe,
Sylvia Maxwell,
Michelle Beaudet,
Lisa Ware

Tickets Chris Brunelle assisted by Fran Brunelle,
Jewel Shanahan, Angela Tomasian

Programs Robert Narkunas

Poster & Program Cover Stephanie Zanichkowsky

Cast Photographer Millie Wright

Studio Photographer Richard Croteau

Collage Arrangement Joel Saren

House Chairperson Margaret Mosiman

Ushers Claire Anderson,
Cis Anderson,
Al Anderson,
Tina Andrade,
Linda Ayer,
Ann Benbrook,
Grace Bolen,
Frances Bolen,
Fran Bosowski,
Elaine Cull,
Lois Dowd,
Denise Duhamel,
Shannon Gage,
Anne Gagnon,
Louise King,
Maddie Mercier,
Therese Polan,
Linda Saren,
Joel Saren,
Elaine Schultz,
Bill Schultz,
Jeannette Theriault,
Priscilla Valdes

Concessions Elaine Duhamel, assisted by
Laura Duhamel,
Jody Gage,
Jane Simonson,
Patty Reed,
Diane Claveau,
Paul Marquis

Afterglow Margaret Tamulonis, assisted by
Betty Badeau,
Sylvia Erickson,
John Florio,
Myra Florio,
Bill Williamson

Refreshments at Hall Dan Pelletier

Membership Chairperson Linnea McAllister

Patron Chairperson Elaine Duhamel

Audition Committee Betty Badeau, Chairperson;
John Liljeberg,
Adrith Sisson,
Gay Nardone,
Ann Benbrook,
Sue Sullivan,
David Gidge

Moving & Cleaning Crew Scott Ollson,
Sid Basha,
David Brunelle,
Marty Wilconson,
Bob Windt,
Don Marchand,
Tom Adamakos,
Warren Tomasian,
George Marineau,
Louis Duhamel,
Dan Pelletier,
Danielle Durocher,
Al Erickson,
Doug Fortnam,
Fred Rosenbloom,
Jim Heedles,
Bob Regan,
Scott Shanahan,
Bill Schultz,
Bill Williamson,
Maurice Jennings,
Rick Caron,
Lisa Rokowski,
Mark Plamondon,
Sally Trombley

Sitters for Children Don Marchand and Sylvia Erickson

Publicity Committee Terry Toland,
Lorraine Graham,
Kathy Andruskevich


Frank L. Harvey


The collage above is a small sampling detailing the varied roles Frank L. Harvey
played over the years as the Actorsingers’ baritone lead. The pictures show him
as he appeared in life as Senior Vice President of the Nashua Trust Company, and
on stage and in rehearsals in the parts of Dr. Engel in “The Student Prince,”
Gaylord Ravenal in “Showboat,” Curly in “Oklahoma” and Fagin in “Oliver,” a part
which many regard as his finest performance.

Those of us who knew Frank find the essence of the man expressed in the following:

“That man is a success who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much; who has
gained the respect of intelligent men, and the love of children; who has filled
his niche and accomplished his task; who leaves the world better than he found
it, whether by an improved poppy, a perfect poem or a rescued soul; who never
lacked appreciation of earth’s beauty or failed to express it; who looked for
the best in others and gave the best he had.”


It is with respect and affection that we dedicate this program to Frank.


Warren Tomasian

Raelene Liljeberg

George Marineau

It takes many dedicated people working together for a common goal to bring about
a successful conclusion to any undertaking. And the undertaking of a Broadway
musical is no exception.

We in Actorsingers are fortunate in having many such people and would like to
take this opportunity to acknowledge three of them. These are the people who
work behind the scenes, doing difficult tasks that require time and effort but
offer little glory. These are the steady, dependable, noncomplainers, who,
enduring frustration, somehow manage to keep their sense of humor.

There is Warren Tomasian, a man who finds time from running a family business
to do a crackerjack job of building sets. There is Raelene Liljeberg, a woman
who will step in at the last minute to assume responsibility of a job in a
crisis situation. And finally there is George Marineau, who can always be found
backstage doing any number of tasks that no one else is willing to do.



In the fall of 1978, the Actorsingers’ Board of Directors passed a resolution
calling for an award to be presented to as individual who, over the years, has
displayed in word and action, a steadfast and unselfish devotion to the growth
and development of the Actorsingers as a theatrical organization. It was called
the Penny Award, in honor of Margaret “Penny” Tamulonis who best exemplified these
qualities. To no one’s surprise, Penny Tamulonis was the first recipient of this award.

This year, we are delighted to present the Penny Award to life member, Linnea McAllister

“For her constant commitment to the organization.”


TIME: The Present, on and following Thanksgiving Day

PLACE: New York City

TIME: The Present, on and following Thanksgiving Day.

PLACE: New York City


SCENE 1 A street in the West 70’s of New York. Thanksgiving morning.

SCENE 2 Behind scenes at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Following.

SCENE 3 Along the Parade route. Immediately following.

SCENE 4 On top Macy’s roof. Immediately following.

SCENE 5 Doris’ apartment. That evening.

SCENE 6 Doris’ office at Macy’s. The following morning.

SCENE 7 Macy’s Toy Department. Immediately following.

SCENE 8 Another part of Macy’s. Immediately following.

SCENE 9 Another part of the store. Immediately following.

SCENE 10 Herald Square, outside Macy’s. Immediately following.

SCENE 11 A playground in Central Park. Later that day.

SCENE 12 Doris’ office. In the meantime.

SCENE 13 Fred’s apartment. Late afternoon that same day.

SCENE 14 In the street outside. Immediately following.

SCENE 15 Mr. Sawyer’s office. The following Monday morning.

SCENE 16 Macy’s Toy Department. That night.


SCENE 1 The chambers of Judge Martin Group. The following Thursday morning.

SCENE 2 An Isolation Room at Bellevue. In the meantime.

SCENE 3 Fred’s apartment. That night.

SCENE 4 A corridor in a New York State Supreme Court. 8:30 next morning.

SCENE 5 The Courtroom. Immediately following.

SCENE 6 The corridor. 3:00 p.m., Tuesday, December 24th.

SCENE 7 The Courtroom. Immediately following.

SCENE 8 Macy’s Model Living Room Display. Immediately following.



Overture Orchestra

Opening-Act I Chorus

“Big Ca-lown Balloons” Chorus

The Parade Dancers

“Rain Balloons” Chorus

“Adeste Fidelis March” Dancers

“Crowd Confusion” Orchestra

“Susan Typing” Orchestra

“Arm in Arm” Susan and Doris

“Night Music” Orchestra

“You Don’t Know” Doris

“Plastic Alligator” Shellhammer and Clerks

“To Toy Department” Chorus

“Bugles” Kris and Hendrika

“Here’s Love!” Kris, Fred and Chorus

“Here’s Love!” Fred

“My Wish” Fred and Susan

“After My Wish” Orchestra

“Kris Kringle Khord” Orchestra

“Pinecones and Hollyberries” Kris, Doris and Schellhammer

“Determined Doris” Orchestra

“Look, Little Girl” Fred

“Look, Little Girl” reprise Doris

“Pinecones” – reprise Kris and Miss Crookshank

“Sawyer Screams” Orchestra

“Rocking Horse” Orchestra

“Expect Things to Happen” Susan and Kris

“Toy Ballet” Dancers

“Candles” Orchestra

“After Ballet” Orchestra

Finale – Act I Orchestra


Prelude – Act II Orchestra

“1924” Orchestra

“To Isolation” Orchestra

“Pinecones” – reprise Susan and Kris

“Grandfather’s Clock” Orchestra

“She Hadda Go Back” Fred, Alvin, Whitey and Climber

“After She Hadda Go Back” Orchestra

“Charley” Orchestra

“N.Y.C. Court of Law” Orchestra

“That Man Over There is Santa Claus” Macy and Chorus

“My State, My Kansas” Doris, Macy, Shellhammer, Tammany, Judge

“Kansas Change” Orchestra

“Nothing in Common” Doris

“N.Y.C. Court of Law” Orchestra

“Marine March” Orchestra

“Case Dismissed” – “That Man Over There” reprise All

Finale Ultimo Orchestra

Bows Orchestra

Exit March Orchestra