Damn Yankees (1979)

Elm Street Jr. High Auditorium
May 4-6, 1979

Book by George Abbott and Douglas Wallop

Words and Music by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross

DAMN YANKEES is presented by the Actorsingers by arrangement
with Music Theatre International


Joe Boyd John Florio

Meg Boyd Lorraine Graham

Mr. Applegate Stan Polan

Sister Margaret Tamulonis

Doris Elizabeth Jones

Joe Hardy Sid Basha

Henry Al Erickson

Sohovik Terry Toland

Smokey Maurice Coutu

Linville Dave Pierce

Van Buren Donald E. Sisson

Rocky Gary Dionne

Gloria Thorpe Robin MacDonald

Mr. Welch Howard Jones

Lola Marguerite Daniels

Bouley George McHugh, Jr.

Lowe William Schultz

Vernon Clint Hollis

Miss Weston Pam St. Laurent

Commissioner William Schultz

Eddie Tom Melcher

Postmaster Marc Carver

Radio Announcer Guy Mainella

Chorus Pat Allard,
Rosemary Bolen,
Marc Carver,
Kelly Higgins,
Judy Page,
Sandi Rowe,
Pam St. Laurent,
Maggie Schellenberg,
Lenny Valliere

Dancers Colleen Aldrich,
Keith Barker,
Alexandria Carraher,
Marc Carver,
Tracey Christo,
Clint Hollis,
Judy Page,
Tom Melcher


Conductor Robert Narkunas

Violin I Jim Lounsbury

Violin I Kelly Winchell

Violin II Connie Catin

Violin II Margaret Slatin

Viola Gael Powers

Cello Rowena Carr

Bass Mark Zechel

Flute Jill Gidge

Clarinet Michael Noyes

Clarinet Eleanor Thomas

1st Trumpet Henry Kornblatt

2nd Trumpet Jerry Simpson

Trombone Don Wallin

French Horn Lorraine Denault

Percussion Tom Bergeron

Keyboard Ruth Cyanovich


Atomic Letter Services, Inc.

Law Realty Company, Inc.

Bud Tate’s

Director of Hudson Little League

Gate City Fence

Jauron’s Sporting Goods

Morris Office Outfitters

Production Staff

Production Coordinators Betty Badeau and Linda Saren

Dramatics Director Adrith Sisson

Music Director Robert Narkunas

Choreographer Gay Nardone

Pianist Ruth Cyanovich

Stage Manager Joel Saren

Assistant to the Director Claire Anderson

Set Construction Joel Saren,
Warren Tomasian and
Stephen Tamulonis

Set Painters George Bourbeau, Chairman;
Tom Adamakos,
Carl Anderson,
John Baird,
Lona Barnes,
Natalie Carr,
Dan Carraher,
Joan Carroll,
Connie Conner,
Donna Cote,
Sylvia Erickson,
David Fite,
Peggy Fite,
Ellen Fite,
Myra Florio,
Michael Fuller,
Anne S. Harvey,
Chris Nadeau,
Jeannette Poulin,
Cheryl Reckeweg,
Linda Saren,
Patti Stawasz,
Chris Carraher,
Sue Dumont,
George Szok and
Kathy Raby

Lighting Richard Meaney, Irene Meaney

Sound Ray Tackett and Tony Mallia

Spotlight Elaine Duhamel

Stage Crew John Liljeberg,
George Szok,
Joe Napy,
David Fite,
John Baird,
George Bourbeau,
Tom Adamakos,
George Marineau,
Dan Pelletier,
Sally Moyer

Special Effects Joe Nappy, John McAllister

Properties Carol Deschenes, Chairman;
Sally Trombley,
Joan Carroll,
Dan Carraher and
Ellen Fite

Costumes Ena Carraher,
Carole Nadeau,
Myra Florio,
Gerry Gagnon,
Betty Badeau

Make-up Cathy Andruskevich, Chairman;
Suzanne Lowther,
Janice Rockwell,
Pearl Ware,
Kathy Porter,
Jackie Maynard,
Dodie Slingerland,
Carol Croatti,
Linnea McAllister

Hair Design Cathy Andruskevich, Chairman;
Betty Badeau,
Fern Croteau,
Rita Zaccone

Program Linnea McAllister

Tickets Lona Barnes, assisted by
Angela Tomasian and
Raelene Liljeberg

Publicity Daniel Pelletier, assisted by
Janet Christie

Poster and Program Design Joan Marchie

Cast Photographer Millie Wright

Portrait Photographer R. B. Croteau

Collage Arrangement Joel Saren

House Chairman Al Tamulonis

Concessions June Salvail, Chairman;
Franceska Bosowski,
Richard Salvail,
Janet Benjaminson,
Robert Benjaminson,
Gary St. Laurent

Ushers Rita Paquin,
Therese Polan,
Cheryl Reckeweg,
Natalie Carr,
Bonnie Weymouth,
Kathi LaFlamme,
Kathy Raby,
Claire McHugh,
Paul Schellenberg,
Betty Callahan,
Frank and Grace Bolen,
Chris Brunelle,
Frank Graham,
Barbara and Don Page,
Irene Levesque,
Martha Levesque,
Kay and Ed Goranson,
Linda Freisinger

Membership Chairman Linnea McAllister

Patrons Chairman Elaine Duhamel

Afterglow Susan Dumont, assisted by Jim Frost and David Boudreau

Rehearsal Refreshments Dan Pelletier

Auditions Claire Anderson,
Al Miller,
Virginia Stein,
Kay Goranson,
Adrith Sisson,
Robert Narkunas,
Gay Nardone

Synopsis of Scenes

Act I

Scene 1 Meg’s House

“Six Months Out of Every Year” Meg, Joe Boyd and Chorus

“Goodbye Old Girl” Joe Boyd

Scene 2 Washington Senators’ Baseball Park

“Heart” Van Buren and Ballplayers

Scene 3 Washington Senators’ Baseball Park

“Shoeless Joe from Hannibal, Mo.” Gloria and Ballplayers

Scene 4 Outside of Ballpark

Scene 5 Commissioner Welch’s Office

“A Man Doesn’t Know” Joe Hardy

Scene 6 Billboard Outside Ballpark

“A Little Brains-A Little Talent” Lola

Scene 7 Meg’s House

“A Man Doesn’t Know What He Has” Joe Hardy and Meg

Scene 8 Locker Room Corridor

Scene 9 Locker Room

“Whatever Lola Wants” Lola

Scene 10 Front of Curtain

“You’ve Gotta Have Heart” Sister and Fans

Scene 11 A Night Club

“Who’s Got the Pain” Lola and Eddie

Act II

Scene 1 The Locker Room

“The Game” Ballplayers

Scene 2 A Park Near the Ballfield

“Near to You” Joe Hardy and Meg

Scene 3 Applegate’s Apartment

“Those Were the Good Old Days” Applegate

Scene 4 The Hearing Room

Scene 5 Limbo

Scene 6 Night Club

“Two Lost Souls” Lola and Joe Hardy

Scene 7 Outside Ballpark

Scene 8 Outside Ballpark

Scene 9 Dugout

Scene 10 Corridor

Scene 11 Meg’s House

A special treat for children of all ages, the delightful musical
based on the movie, “Miracle on 34th Street”, Meredith Wilson’s
“Here’s Love.” Watch for try-out announcements in local papers
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