Kiss Me, Kate (1978)

Elm Street Junior High School
November 10-12, 1978

Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter

Book by Sam & Bella Spewack

KISS ME KATE is presented by the Actorsingers by arrangement
with Tams-Witmark Library, Inc.


In Order of Appearance

Fred Graham Chuck Stein

Harry Trevor Howard Jones

Lois Lane Sally Ann Moyer

Ralph (Stage Manager) David Fite

Lilli Vanessi Catherine Andruskevich

Hattie Sylvia Eggleston

Paul Tom Melcher

Bill Calhoun John Baird

First Suitor Lenny Valliere

Second Suitor Marc Carver

Harrison Howell Daniel Pelletier

Gangsters Maurice Coutu, Stanley M. Polan

“Taming of the Shrew” Players

Bianca Sally Ann Moyer

Baptista Howard Jones

Gremio Lenny Valliere

Hortensio Marc Carver

Lucentio John Baird

Katherine Catherine Andruskevich

Petruchio Chuck Stein

Specialty Dancers Colleen Aldrich,
Doreen Cafarella,
Pat Florio,
Linnea McAllister,
Tom Melcher,
Jim Frost,
Eileen Dugal,
Susan Dumont,
David Wood,
Bill Williamson

Chorus John McAllister,
Marc Carver,
David Pierce,
Michael Fuller,
Kathy Raby,
Christy Farrow,
Maria Lombard,
Michelle Burns,
David Fite,
Rosemary Bolen,
Gisele LaFrance,
Francesca Bosowski,
Rita Paquin,
Sandi Rowe,
Sylvia Eggleston,
Beth Clark,
Carol Nadeau,
Steve Lowther


Conductor Steve Norris

Violin Anne Egan

Violin Ben Cogen

Cello Rowena Carr

Bass Dick Wharton

Flute Jill Gidge

Clarinet and Saxophone Peter Sudosky

Clarinet and Saxophone Norman Winslow

Trumpet Ann Callahan

Trombone Don Wallin

Guitar Greg Deneen

Percussion Thomas Bergeron

Piano Jo Millett


Mr. And Mrs. Jock Dyer

Sheila Osborn

Shaun Marquis

Pam Parkinson

Elaine Mailloux

Fortin & Gage

Terry Gravel

Production Staff

Production Coordinators Linda Saren and Betty Badeau

Dramatics Director Harold D. Sullivan

Music Director Steve Norris

Choreographer Laura Winslow

Pianist Jo Millet

Stage Manager Joel Saren

Assistant to the Director Susan Hailsen

Set Design Joan Marchie and John Prendergast

Set Construction Joel Saren and Warren Tomasian

Set Painters Maurice Jennings,
Debbie Holland,
Sylvia Erickson,
Jeannette Poulin,
Donna Cote,
Craig Hollis,
Scott Benjaminson,
Karen Brinning,
Dan Carraher,
Betty Jones,
Deborah Croteau,
Lester Lyons,
Stephen Pelland,
Cheryl Reckeweg,
Kelly Higgins,
Cindy Nute,
Stephen Ouellette and
Linda Lyons

Lighting Bruce Tatro, Paul Schellenberg, Peter Cohn

Sound Carlos Vargas, Ray Tackett, Tony Mallia

Spot Paul Schellenberg

Stage Manager

Stage Crew John Liljeberg,
Ray Gual,
George Marineau,
Bill Nelson,
Donna Cote,
Linda Saren,
Warren Tomasian and
Elaine Duhamel, With assistance from
George Szok,
Carlos Vargas,
Sid Basha and
Dave Fite

Properties Mary Lou Tackett, assisted by
Carol Deschenes,
Sue Hailsen,
Ray Tackett,
Darrell Sirois,
with special assistance from director and members of the cast

Costumes Margaret Tamulonis,
Raelene Liljeberg,
Ena Carraher,
Carolyn Marineau,
Robin MacDonald,
Betsy Larchian,
Frances Peterson,
June Salvail,
Joyce Jennings,
Myra Florio,
Pat Allard,
Shirley Coutu,
Alice Bushby

Make-up Janice Rockwell, assisted by
Mary Vargas,
Pearl Ware,
Linda Chojnowski,
Carolyn Marineau,
Carol Croatti,
Millie Wright

Hair Design Fernand Croteau, assisted by Betty Badeau

Program Linda Saren; Ads, Bob Narkunas

Tickets Janet Benjaminson, assisted by
June Salvail,
Angela Tomasian, and
Raelene Liljeberg

Publicity Dan Pelletier, assisted by Maggie Schellenberg

Posters & Program Design Luanne Dionne

Cast Photographer R. B. Croteau

Collage Arrangement and Publicity Pictures Joel Saren

House Chairman Louise King

Concessions George King,
Donald King,
Susan King,
Ed Wehner,
Bob Callahan,
Al Tamulonis

Ushers Irene Levesque,
Maggie Schellenberg,
Judy Page,
Irene Archambault,
Elaine Archambault,
Judy Bausha,
Lisa Anderson,
Carl Anderson,
Claire Anderson,
Carl Anderson, Jr.,
Frances and Ernest Peterson,
Betty Callahan,
Dodie Slingerland,
Margaret Mosiman,
Kay and Ed Goranson,
Peg Wehner

Membership Chairman Linnea McAllister

Patrons Chairman Elaine Duhamel

Afterglow Sylvia and Al Erickson,
Shirley Coutu,
Jeannette Poulin

Rehearsal Refreshments Daniel Pelletier

Auditions Betty Callahan,
Steve Norris,
Harold D. Sullivan,
Doreen Cafarella,
Don Hill,
Betty Badeau, and
George King

(The Production Staff consists of over 125 names; without
their help this production would be impossible.)


The Nashua Actorsingers are proud to announce the establishment of the “Penny” award.
This award was created to honor members of the Actorsingers who have served above and
beyond the call of duty. It is with deep pride that the Actorsingers announce, at this
time, the first recipient of the “Penny Award” is Mrs. Margaret (Penny) Tamulonis.

The Actorsingers are extremely proud to have Penny Tamulonis as active and dedicated
member of their group, and we hope that she will inspire others to aspire to achieve the
“Penny Award”.

Synopsis of Scenes


Scene 1 The Stage of Ford Theatre, Baltimore

“Another Op’nin’, Another Show” Hattie and Chorus

Scene 2 The Stage of Ford Theatre

“Why Can’t You Behave” Lois and Bill

Scene 3 The Dressing Rooms of Fred Graham and Lilli Vanessi

“Wunderbar” Lilli and Fred

“So In Love Am I” Lilli

Scene 4 Padua

“Tom, Dick or Harry” Bianca and Suitors

“I’ve Come to Wive It Wealthily In Padua” Petruchio and Men

“I Hate Men” Katherine

“Were Thine That Special Face” Petruchio

Scene 6 Backstage-Before the Backstage Curtain

Scene 7 Fred and Lilli’s Dressing Rooms

Scene 8 Front of Curtain

“I Sing of Love” Bianca, Lucentio and Chorus

Scene 9 Exterior Church

“Tarantella” Orchestra

Finale “Kiss Me, Kate” Kate, Petruchio, Bianca, Lucentio and Company


Scene 1 Theatre Alley

“Too Darn Hot” Paul and Boys

Scene 2 Before the Curtain

Scene 3 Petruchio’s House

“Where is the Life That Late I Led” Petruchio’s

Scene 4 Stage Alley

“Always True to You (In My Fashion)” Lois

Scene 5 Lilli’s Dressing Room

Scene 6 Stage Alley

“Bianca” Bill and Girls


Scene 7 Before the Curtain

“Brush Up Your Shakespeare” Two Gangsters

Scene 8 Baptista’s House

“Pavanne” Orchestra

“Women Are So Simple” Katherine


Finale “So Kiss Me, Kate” Full Company

Grand Finale Full Company


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