The Music Man (1975)

Elm Street Jr. High School
November 14-16, 1975


In Order of Appearance

Traveling Salesmen Ray Mahoney,
Dan Pelletier,
John Liljeberg,
Jack Fletcher,
Norman Chapdelaine,
John Ayer

Charlie Cowell Eric Derickson

Conductor William Saltzer

Professor Harold Hill Charles Stein

Mayor Shinn Robert Daigle

Ewart Dunlop Ed Chacos

Oliver Hix Ron Menard

Jacey Squires Joseph Kopka

Olin Britt Al Gustafson, Jr.

Marcellus Washburn Michael Davids

Tommy Djilas Robert Gual

Marian Paroo Anne S. Harvey

Mrs. Paroo Grace Polen

Amaryllis Karen Wright

Winthrop Paroo Peter Baird

Eulalie MacKecknie Shinn Betty Callahan

Zaneeta Shinn Laura Murphy

Mrs. Squires Carol Croatti

Alma Hix Francesca Bosowski

Maude Dunlop Margo Long

Ethel Toffeimier Diane LaFrance

Constable Locke William Saltzer

Children of River City Tracey Christo,
Daren Decoteau,
Jim Egan,
Sue Chapdelaine,
James Bernard

River City Townspeople Steve Robinson,
Wendy Mahoney,
Tom Chase,
Linda Annis,
Margaret Tamulonis,
Roger Foote,
James Frost,
Bob Andrews,
Sally Trombley,
Ray Mahoney,
Michele Cacace,
Maggie Clark,
Cathy Andruskevich,
Marion Crowley,
Terry Bernard,
Harold Goss,
John Ayer,
Irene Levesque,
Linnea Strickland

River City Dancers Sue Cote (Dance Captain),
Jane Thiboutot,
Debbie Wright,
John Graham,
Nancy Ermala,
Michele Cacace,
Roger Foote,
Cameron Cudhea,
Maureen Munson,
Sandy Smeltzer,
Steve Ducharme,
Kevin Trottier


Flute and Piccolo Jill Gidge

Clarinet Bernie Prindeville

Violin Anne Egan

Cello Rowena Carr

Bass Richard Wharton

Trumpet Cheryl O’Toole

Trombone Don Wallin

Percussion Ken O’Toole


St. Louis Parish

Hampshire Music

Duhamel, Inc.

Nutting’s Music

Capri Pizza

Progris Music

Noyes Tire

George Scontsas & Sons

Rice Tire

Nashua Federal Savings


Indian Head National Bank

Arts & Science Center

Senior’s Place

Welcome Wagon International

Chelmsford Players

Concord High School

VFW Post 8641-Merrimack

The Optical Shop


Not everyone who makes an Actorsingers production possible
works directly on the production. Without the materials
and/or services provided by the people and businesses listed here,
Actorsingers could not be bringing you “THE MUSIC MAN”.
Actorsingers takes this opportunity to thank them for their help.

Production Staff

Production Coordinator Elaine Duhamel

Director Lorraine Graham

Musical Director Kay Goranson

Choreographer Arline Ashton

Pianist Jo Millet

Substitute Pianist Wendy Mahoney,
Michael Davids,
David Gidge,
Sue Prindeville

Set Design Joan Rearick

Stage Manager Justin Crowley

Set Construction Maurice Jennings & Harold Goss

Scenic Artist Joan Rearick,
John Prendergast,
Mary Gardiner,
Sue Chacos,
Irene Batch,
Carol Goss,
Elaine Duhamel

Lighting Richard Fontaine Assisted by
Kevin Mercier,
Francis Brunelle,
Robert Nista,
George Crooker,
Kevin Decoteau

Sound Ray Gual and Harold Goss

Technical Advisor Warren Tomasian

Stage Crew Maurice Jennings,
David Brunelle,
Michael Shanahan,
George Marineau,
John T. Liljeberg,
Carol Farland,
Joyce Adams,
Irene Batch,
Kathy Cooney,
Scott Shanahan,
James Martel,
John Prendergast &
David Gidge

Curtains John Prendergast & David Gidge

Costume Design Norman Chapdelaine, Assisted by Raelene Liljeberg

Committee Myra Florio,
Carolyn Marineau,
Elaine Cull,
Pat Allard,
Judy Bausha,
Martha Joyal,
Cindy Teeboom,
Margot Long,
Audrey Gustafson,
Jeanne Daigle,
Sue Daigle

Properties John Baird & Sue Dumont,
Assisted by Carol Goss & Mark Bouchard

Makeup Chairman Marilyn Jean Arseneau, Assisted by
Janice Rockwell

Committee Donna Wolfe,
Carolyn Marineau,
Pat Florio,
Missy Daniels,
Lisa Anderson,
Jeanne Serino,
Diane Levesque,
Dorothy Fontaine,
Betty Badeau

Character Makeup Pearl Ware & Janice Rockwell

Hair Design Ellen Johnston, Assisted by
Rita Zaccone &
Dorothy Bureau

Programs David Gidge

Program Advertising Elaine Duhamel,
Irene Levesque,
Dan Pelletier,
Margot Long,
Joel Saren

Tickets Christine Brunelle, Assisted by
Jewel Shanahan &
Angela Tomasian

Publicity Dan Pelletier, Assisted by
Sue Dumont &
Cathy Andruskevich

Posters John Prendergast & Joan Rearick

Cast Photographer Bill Martin

Bank Window Display Sue Dumont & Tom Gamache

House Chairman Irene Archambault

Ushers Lois Brunelle,
Francine Brunelle,
Elaine Archambault,
Judy Bausha,
Sue Bouchard,
Jocelyn Croteau,
Doreen Carafella,
Fernand Croteau,
Elaine Cull,
Jody Folk,
Diane Lavoie,
Anne Marie Marcella,
Joanne Moody,
Ernest Peterson,
Joel Saren,
Linda Saren,
Dorothea Shakra,
Kim Thibault,
Louise Thiboutot,
Cindy Fisher

Concessions Fortunat Leblanc, Assisted by
Sue Chacos,
Denise Sakelaris,
Mary Gardiner,
Shawn Shanahan &
Mary Jane Eleksiak

Orchestra Coordination Jill Gidge

Refreshments at Rehearsals Dan Pelletier

Membership Chairman Millie Wright

Patron Chairman Al Tamulonis

Afterglow Millie Wright,
Gisele LaFrance, Assisted by
Kathy Cooney,
Sara Gual,
James Murphy,
Alan Gorman,
Jean Gorman,
Diane Levesque,
Pat McDaniel,
Harry McDaniel

Auditions Ray Gual, Chairman;
Robert Narkunas,
Anne Marie Marcella,
Carol Goss,
Lorraine Graham,
Kay Goranson,
Richard Fontaine

Set Primers – Moving & Cleaning Crews Michael Shanahan,
Scott Shanahan,
David Brunelle,
Steve Robinson,
Doris Brouillette,
Sally Trombley,
Diane Levesque,
Terry Bernard,
David Pierce,
Maggie Clark,
Sue Daigle,
Elaine Duhamel,
James Martel,
Irene Batch,
Ray Mahoney,
William Saltzer,
Dan Pelletier,
Diane LaFrance,
Justin Crowley,
Maurice Jennings,
Warren Tomasian,
Ray Gual,
Richard Fontaine,
David Gidge,
John Prendergast,
Bill Martin and
Christopher Goss,
Shawn Shanahan,
Jim Murphy


The lights dim – the music fades – the curtain falls.

Harry joined the Actorsingers in “Yeomen of the Guard” in November, 1959.
After a few appearances on stage, it was apparent that he had two left feet,
and his vocalizing would not insure his ever being a romantic lead,
so he decided to lend his considerable talents to the technical end of our productions.

Thus, he became one of the “unsung heroes” of the theater,
and with the assistance of good crews created the true magic of show
business—reversible sets for split second changes, waterfalls
with real cascading water, ghosts that floated overhead, dream sequences,
blackouts, special effects. With earphones, microphone and dangling wires
making him look like a creature from outer space, he manipulated the balky
switchboard backstage like a virtuoso with a fine musical instrument and
evoked fantasia against what seemed like impossible odds.

The Actoringers have lost a life-time member, a devoted worker, a good friend.

It is with deep affection that The Actorsingers dedicate this production
of “MUSIC MAN” to the bright memory of Harry Strickland.

After years of wandering from place to place for rehearsals, set building
and the storing of costumes, props and equipment, the Nashua Actorsingers
are proud to announce that plans are now in the making to acquire land and
erect a permanent building.

We are certainly grateful for all the support we have received in the past
from our patrons, advertisers, and you the audience who have helped Actorsingers
to where we are today.

However, now that we have launched our building fund drive, we need your support
more than ever. All contributions, no matter how small, will help us reach our
goal of $50,000. Your donations, should be sent to Actorsingers, P.O. Box 91,
Nashua, N. H.

Irene D. Batch

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers

Act One

Scene I Morning, July 4, 1912 — A Railway Coach

Rock Island Charlie Cowell & Salemen

Scene II Center of Town — River City, Iowa (Immediately Following)

Iowa Stubborn Townspeople

Trouble Harold & Townspeople

Scene III That Evening — The Paroo’s House

Piano Lesson Marian, Mrs. Paroo, Amaryllis

Goodnight, My Someone Marian

Scene IV Thirty Minutes Later — Madison Gymnasium

Seventy-Six Trombones Harold, Boys & Girls

Sincere Olin, Oliver, Ewart, Jacey

Scene V Immediately Following — Exterior of Madison Library

The Sadder-But Wiser Girl Harold & Marcellus

Pick-a-Little Eulalie, Maude, Ethel, Alma, Mrs. Squires, Ladies of River City

Scene VI Immediately Following — Interior of Madison Library

Marian the Librarian Harold, Boys & Girls

Scene VII Following Sat. Noon — A Street

Scene VIII That Evening — The Paroo’s Porch

My White Knight Marian

Scene IX Following Sat. Noon — Center of Town

Wells Fargo Wagon Winthrop & Townspeople

Act Two

Scene I Following Tues. Eve. — Madison Gymnasium

It’s You Olin, Oliver, Ewart, Jacey, Eulalie, Alma, Maude, Ethel, & Mrs. Squires

Shipoopi Marcellus, Harold, Marian, Tommy, Zaneeta, & Kids

Pick-a-Little Reprise Eulalie, Maude, Ethel, Alma, Mrs. Squires, & Ladies

Scene II Immediately Following — The Hotel Porch

Lida Rose Olin, Oliver, Ewart, Jacey

Will I Ever Tell You Marian

Scene III Immediately Following — The Paroo’s Porch

Gary Indiana Winthrop

Scene IV Fifteen Minutes Later — The Footbridge

It’s You Reprise Townspeople, Boys & Girls

Till There Was You Marian & Harold

Scene V Immediately Following — A Street

Seventy-Six Trombones Marian & Harold

Goodnight, My Someone Marian & Harold

Scene VI A Few Minutes Later — Madison Park

Till There Was You Reprise Harold

Scene VII Immediately Following — River City High School Assembly Room

Finale Entire Company