Li’l Abner (1975)

Elm Street Auditorium
May 9-11, 1975

Original Musical Comedy by Norman Panama and Melvin Frank

Based on Characters created by AL CAPP


Chuck Stein
Maguerite Roberts
Robert Daigle

Michael Daly
Irene Archambeault
Joel Levesque
Al Bedard

Directed by Richard Fontaine
Music Director & Conductor Kathy Cooney
Choreography by Laura Winslow
Production Coordinated by Diane LaFrance
Scenic Design by Joan Marchie
Costumes by Irene Batch
Lighting Designed by Harry Strickland
Sound by Ray Gual
Accompanist Susan Prindiville

Li’l Abner is presented by arrangement with Tams-Witmark Music Library Inc.


(In Order of Appearance)

Lonesome Polecat Roger Foote

Hairless Joe George Griffin

Romeo Scragg Raymond Mahoney

Clem Scragg Stephen Robinson

Alf Scragg John Keller

Moonbeam McSwine Sally Trombley

Marryin’ Sam Robert Daigle

Earthquake McGoon Joel Levesque

Daisy Mae Marguerite Roberts

Pappy Yokum Michael Daly

Mammy Yokum Irene Archambault

Li’l Abner Chuck Stein

Mayor Dawgmeat Joel Fletcher

Senator Jack S. Phogbound Peter K. Butler

Dr. Rasmussen T. Finsdale John Baird

Government Man Jim Frost

Available Jones Robert Andrews

Stupefyin’ Jones Jean Serino

Army Colonels Kevin Mercier, Kevin Decoteau

President’s Voice Norm Chapdelaine

General Bullmoose Albert Bedard

Secretaries Mimi Crowley,
Kathie Marshall,
Terry Bernard,
Margot Long

Appassionata von Climax Pat Miller

Evil Eye Fleagle Daniel Pelletier

Wives Kim Thibeault,
Louise Butler,
Susan Dumont,
Maggie Clark

Husbands John Fortier,
Jocelyn Croteau,
Peter Bedard

Scientists Fernand Croteau,
Sue Daigle,
Sara Gual

Government Person Penny Tamulonis

Creighton Frank Brunelle

Specialty Dancers Anne Marie Marcella,
Michele Cacace,
Pat Allard,
Linnea Strickland,
James Frost,
Stephen Robinson,
Roger Foote,
Marc Bouchard

Chorus Terry Bernard,
Louise Butler,
Betty Callahan,
Maggie Clark,
Fernand Croteau,
Mimi Crowley,
Susan Daigle,
Donna Davids,
Susan Dumont,
Carol Goss,
Sara Gual,
Margot Long,
Kathie Marshall,
Douglas Moffitt,
William Saltzer,
Kim Thibault,
Elizabeth Torres,
Millie Wright,
Jay Zoller

Converted Men Bill Ernst,
John Fortier,
Jocelyn Croteau


Violin Anne Egan, Audrey Setterlund

Cello Rowena Carr

Bass Dick Wharton

Flute, Clarinet, Alto Sax Bernie Prindiville

Clarinet, Tenor Sax Mike Noyes, Mike Michaud

Clarinet, Baritone Sax Reed Alexander

Trumpet Jeryl Allen, Cheryl O’Toole

Trombone Don Wallin

Percussion Jack Butler

Piano Susan Prindiville

Conductor Kathy Cooney


Nashua Glass Co.

Welcome Wagon

Noyes Tire Co.

Sears Roebuck & Co.

Nashua Public Library

Indian Head National Bank

Nashua Gun Shop

Irwin Toys Inc.

Rice’s Tire Center

Production Staff

Production Coordinator Diane LaFrance

Director Richard Fontaine

Musical Director Kathy Cooney

Pianist Susan Prindiville

Choreographer Laura Winslow

Set Design Joan Marchie

Set Construction Justin Crowley,
Ray Gual,
Maurice Jennings,
John Keller,
Ted Jennings,
Senior Consultant: Robert Daigle

Set Painters John Prendergast,
Nancy Parker,
Millie Wright,
David Brunelle,
Jane Thiboutot,
Michael Davids,
Gisele LaFrance,
Diane Levesque,
Roger Memos,
Diane LaFrance

Lighting Harry Strickland

Spot Elaine Duhamel

Sound Ray Gual assisted by Joel Saren

Stage Manager John Liljeberg

Stage Crew Justin Crowley,
Maurice Jennings,
Walter Marcella,
John Prendergast,
Eric Derrickson,
Irene Batch,
Frank Brunelle,
Warren Tomasian,
David Gidge,
George Marineau

Costumes Irene D. Batch assisted by
Raelene Liljeberg and
Carolyn Marineau,
Dianne Albright,
Susan Dumont

Properties Cathy Andruskevich and Jane Thiboutot assisted by
Nancy Parker,
David Brunelle,
Roger Memos

Makeup Janice Rockwell

Character Makeup Pearl Ware

Makeup Committee Jill Gidge,
Louise Thiboutot,
Betty Badeau,
Giselle LaFrance,
Carol Nadeau,
Carolyn Marineau,
Trudy Deihl,
Sue Bouchard

Hair Stylist Ellen Johnston assisted by
Rita Ziacconi,
Lucy Ouellette,
Rosemary Pitarys

Program Lorraine Graham

Ads Dan Pelletier assisted by Joel Saren

Patrons Richard Connor assisted by Al Tamulonis

Tickets Christine Brunelle assisted by
Jewel Shanahan and
Angela Tomasian

Publicity Dan Pelletier assisted by Sue Dumont

Poster & Program Cover John Prendergast

Cast Photographers Joel Saren, Bill Martyn

House Chairman Carol Croatti

Ushers Joan Frey,
Diane Levesque,
Diane Lavoie,
Sandy Smeltzer,
Judy Bausha,
Susanne Wheat,
Elaine Cull,
Fran Bosowski,
Agnes Krol,
Kay Goranson,
Ed Goranson,
Peggy Mosiman,
Alan Marsh,
Betty Marsh,
Elizabeth Holland,
Louise King,
George King,
Lorraine Graham,
Elise Atkins,
Irene Levesque

Concessions Lois Brunelle assisted by
Cheryl Chapin,
Donna Sarson,
Francine Brunelle,
Beverly Bacon,
E. Badeau,
Margaret Mosiman,
Mike Shanahan,
Scott Shanahan

Membership Millie Wright

Bank Window Display Carol Goss

Afterglow Party Raelene Liljeberg

Auditions Elaine Duhamel assisted by
Richard Fontaine,
Kathy Cooney,
Laura Winslow,
Cathy Andruskevich,
Linda Saren


This year the Actorsingers, Inc. celebrates its 20th successful year
in bringing you musical shows. From the Mikado in June 1955 (we played
to a few hundred of you) to this weekend (an audience of about 3,000);
we could not have existed without your faithful and persistent support.
This has enabled us to bring and share musical culture and living art
with the Nashua community without ever conducting a financial assistance
drive and at the same time keep the ticket cost to a very minimum.
The budget for a typical musical is currently running between $6,000 and
$10,000. As a non-profit organization making ends meet in no easy matter,
and the financial success of each show is vital to our very existence.
Inflation has hurt, and we are therefore in need of a new home.
We urge all our faithful friends and patrons who wish to see us continue,
to please notify us if you are aware of a possible headquarters for our
operation. We require approximately 7,500 square feet and are willing
to pay a fair rental. Other details can be furnished. Please interest
your friends in becoming patrons, thereby lending much needed support
in our financial fight to preserve Actorsingers. Do think about this,
and let us hear from you soon. Help us to provide good musical
entertainment and serve as an outlet for many talented amateurs, young
and old. Please feel free to contact any Board Member.

Time: Recently

Place: Dogpatch, U.S.A.


Scene I Dogpatch, U.S.A.

“A Typical Day in Dogpatch, U.S.A. Dogpatchers

Scene II The Yokum Cabin

Scene III The Fishing Hole

“If I Had My Druthers” Li’l Abner & Cronies

Scene IV Cornpone Square

“Jubilation T. Cornpone” Marryin’ Sam & Dogpatchers

Scene V Dogpatch Road

“Namely You” Daisy and Li’l Abner

Scene VI Cornpone Square

“Unnecessary Town” Li’l Abner, Daisy & Dogpatchers

Scene VII Washington, D. C.

Scene VIII General Bullmoose’s Office

“What’s Good For General Bullmoose” Secretaries

Scene IX Dogpatch Road

Scene X Dogpatch

“There’s Room Enough For Us” Dogpatchers

“The Country’s In The Very Best Of Hands” Li’l Abner & Marryin’ Sam

Scene XI Dogpatch Road

Scene XII “Sadie Hawkins Day (Ballet)” Dogpatchers


Scene I Government Testing Laboratory, Washington

“Oh, Happy Day” Doctors Finsdale, Smithborn, Krogmeyer and Schleiftz

Scene II The Yokum Cabin

“I’m Past My Prime” Daisy and Marryin’ Sam

Scene III General Bullmoose’s Office

“Love In A Home” Li’l Abner and Daisy

Scene IV Corridor in Bullmoose Mansion

“Progress Is The Root Of All Evil” General Bullmoose

Scene V Ballroom in Bullmoose Mansion

Society Party Guests and Dogpatchers

Scene VI Corridor in Bullmoose Mansion

Reprise: “Progress Is The Root Of All Evil” General Bullmoose

Scene VII The Government Testing Laboratory

“Put ‘Em Back” The Wives

Reprise: “Namely You” Daisy

Scene VIII Cornpone Square

“The Matrimonial Stomp” Marryin’ Sam & Dogpatchers

Finale Entire Company

Coming This Fall

Actorsingers presents

Meredith Willson’s


Join us for auditions to be held at Thayer Court (off Railroad Square)
June 15th and 16th. New talent and enthusiasm always welcome. See you
here on November 14, 15 and 16, 1975