How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (1974)

Elm Street Auditorium
May 17-19, 1974


J. Pierrpont Finch Tim Myette

Rosemary Pilkington Diane LaFrance

Bud Frump John Baird

Mr. Biggley Robert Daigle

Mr. Bratt Phil Barney

Smitty Joan Frey

Miss Jones Dianne Albright

Hedy Laura Cartier

Mr. Womper Al Bedard

Miss Krumholtz Dorothea Shakra

Mr. Twimble Al Bedard

Mr. Gatch Denis Reindeau

Book Voice Norman Chapdelaine

Policeman William Saltzer

T.V. Announcer Norman Chapdelaine

Scrubwomen Penny Tamulonis, Millie Wright

Mr. Ovington Dan Pelletier

Mr. Toynbee Denis Reindeau

Chorus Linda Annis,
John Ayer,
Beverly Bacon,
Steve Ducharme,
Gisele Lafrance,
Phil Manikas,
Jim Murphy,
John V. Parker,
Denise Pelletier

Dancers W. Peter Chaput,
Steve Ducharme,
Susan Dumont,
Pat Florio,
Jim Frost,
Connie Hayward,
Roger Mailloux,
Anne Marie Marcella,
Missy Roberts,
Linnea Strickland


Piano Bob Narkunas

Violins Anne Egan, Audrey Setterlund

Cello Rowena Carr

Flute Kathy Cooney

Clarinet Steve Corieia, Scott Thomson, Gary Toussaint

Baritone Sax Steve Corieia

Alto Sax Steve Thomson

Baritone Sax Steve Corieia

Oboe & English Horn Brian Ventera

Trombone Don Wallin

Percussion Paul Gross

Bass [name missing from program book]

Trumpet [no names here either]


New England Telephone Company

Tyngsboro High School

Crescent Custom Laundry

Henderson and Tully

Woodland Publishing



Indian Head Millwork

Atomic Letter Service, Inc.

Production Staff

Production Coordinator Irene D. Batch

Production Secretary Linda Annis

Dramatics Director Richard Fontaine

Musical Director Dorothy Lindon Fontaine

Choreographer W. Peter Chaput

Assistant to the Director Elaine Duhamel

Stage Manager John T. Liljeberg

Assistant Stage Manager Warren Tomasian

Lighting Harry Strickland, Joel Saren

Sound George King

Stage Crew Ray Gual,
Al Tamulonis,
George Marineau,
John Prendergast,
Frank Brunelle,
Betty Callahan,
Irene Batch,
Steve Norris,
Russell Clemons,
Frank Harvey,
Dave Gidge

Props Millie Wright,
Elaine Duhamel,
Geri Lescard,
Diane Levesque,
Jewel Shanahan

Scenic Design Denis Reindeau

Set Construction Harry Strickland, Dan Pelletier

Scenic Painters Nancy Parker,
Diane Levesque,
Diane LaFrance,
Millie Wright,
Irene D. Batch,
Geri Lescard,
Denis Reindeau,
John Prendergast,
Laura Cartier

Costumes Raelene Liljeberg,
Carolyn Marineau,
Trudy Deihle,
Judy Bausha,
Irene D. Batch

Make-up Betty Badeau,
Marilyn Arseneau,
Janice Rockwell,
Trudy Deihle,
Cathy Andruskevich

Hair Stylist Ellen Johnson

Programs Joel Saren

House Chairman Chris Brunelle assisted by
Jill Gidge,
Lorraine Laroche,
Diane Dabana,
Lois Brunelle,
Anne Harvey,
Irene Archambault,
Laura Winslow,
Eliese Atkins,
Cathy Andruskevich,
Pat Allard,
Cheryl Powers,
Michelle Cacace,
Nancy Parker,
Jeanne Wright

Tickets Sara Gual,
Arlene Annis,
Linda Annis,
Eddie Badeau,
Judy Bausha,
Frank Bolen,
Grace Bolen,
Rosemary Bolen,
Irene D. Batch,
Chris Brunelle,
Betty Callahan,
Mimi Crowley,
Dan Pelletier

Publicity Lorraine Graham

Posters Carol Goss

Photographer Joel Saren

Ushers Judy Chaput

Auditions David A. Gidge,
Tom Gill,
Janice Rockwell,
Betty Callahan,
Dick Fontaine,
Dot Fontaine,
W. Peter Chaput

Patrons Richard Connor

Membership Chairman Millie Wright

Cast Party Carolyn Marineau

Bank Window Display Jill Gidge

Act I

Scene I Exterior of the World Wide Wicket Company

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying Finch

Scene II A Corridor of the World Wide Wicket Company

Happy to Keep His Dinner Warm Rosemary

Scene III An outer Office of World Wide Wicket

Coffe Break Frump, Smitty, Chorus and Dancers

Scene IV The Mail Room

The Company Way Finch and Twimble

The Company Way (reprise) Finch, Twimble, Chorus and Dancers

Scene V J. B. Biggley’s Office

Scene VI A Corridor of the World Wide Wicket Company

A Secretary is Not A Toy Bratt, Chorus and Dancers

Scene VII The Elevator Landing

Been a Long Day Smitty, Finch and Rosemary

Been a Long Day (reprise) Biggley, Hedy and Bud

Scene VIII The Outer Office

Old Ivy Biggley and Finch

Scene IX Finch’s First Office

Scene X Plans and Systems Office

Scene XI A Corridor of the World Wide Wicket Company

Paris Original Rosemary

Scene XII The Roof

Paris Original (reprise) Rosemary and Female Chorus

Scene XIII The Elevator Landing

Scene XIV J. B. Biggley’s Office

Rosemary Finch and Rosemary

Rosemary (reprise) Finch, Rosemary and Bud

Act II

Scene I The Outer Office

Cinderella, Darling Smitty and Female Chorus

Scene II Finch’s New Advertising Office

Happy to Keep His Dinner Warm (reprise) Rosemary

Scene III J. B. Biggley’s Office

Heart of Gold Biggley and Hedy

Scene IV Men’s Washroom

I Believe in You Finch and Male Chorus

Scene V The Boardroom

Scene VI Television Show

The Pirate Dance Yo Ho Ho

Scene VII The Wrecked Outer Office

I Believe in You (reprise) Rosemary

Scene VIII The Elevator Landing

Scene IX J. B. Biggley’s Office

Brotherhood of Man Finch, Miss Jones, Male Chorus & Dancers

Scene IX A Traveller

Scene X The Outer Office

Finale — “The Company Way” Ensemble